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When you break it down, it's clear that Purge Mods' latest Enforcer 20700 | 21700 Mech Mod is clearly one of the trophy mods of all 2018 mods to date!

🔥Update!! Just got word that our portion of the Batch 2 Slam Piece

EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "New Purge Mods Gear! Check out the Skull "Blood Stain" Mech Mod & Maelstrom RDA at https://t.co/vofULtDWO4 #purgemods #mechmod ...

The Knurled Brass Truck Mech Mod by Purge Mods is now available at EVCigarettes! You

Got the urge to Purge? Pick up one of the most highly sought after mods in the Suicide King 20700 Mech Mod by Purge Mods! Only 500 will be made when all ...

The new Sugar Skull 20700 Mech Mod by Purge Mods designed by

Automatically applies in your cart. http://www.evcigarettes .com/enforcer-20700-21700-mech-by-purge-mods/ … #vape #vapedeals #purgemods #mechmod ...

EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "That Twiztid Mod by Purge Mods is sexy, no #covfefe about it! #vape #twiztid #purgemods #vapelife #vapelyfe ...

See all the new gear at: http://www.evcigarettes.com/purge-mods/ pic.twitter.com/uJ4u1PIyou

EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "The highly anticipated Squonk Mods by Purge Mods are here! https://t.co/11Bq6THbLp Get the Rampage or Rebellion Edition while ...

Get this hard-hitting mod at: http://www.evcigarettes .com/pandora-blue-20700-mech-mod-by-purge-mods/ …pic.twitter.com/V9lZ7jqM7K

The Murdered Out Suicide King 20700 Mech Mod by Purge Mods is now in stock at EVCigarettes.com in limited quantities! Grab one of the hardest hitting mods ...

Purge Mods Bag or Rag Schwag! Purchase any Purge Mods RDA | Mech Mod | or Extension Tube at EVCigarettes.com and take your pick from one of these Free ...

Purge Comp Mods are killin' it in the vape game! If you aren't about that Purge life yet, the entry level Back To Basic V3 20700 Mech Mod in Black is ...

🔥The Money Shot RDA by Purge Mods is now available at EVCigarettes.com!Now that you've had a taste of how amazing Purge's new side-fire Slam-Piece Mech Mod ...

Will you unite the two mods in your vape collection? The time is now, before we are all out!pic.twitter.com/uggOyakwk5

Pre-order now to claim yours before they're sold out again: http://www. evcigarettes.com/suicide-king-squonk-box-by-purge-mods/ …

Purge Mods' outstanding mechanical mods and RDA hardware boost your competitive advantage while retaining incredible ease of use for everyday vaping.

Most other Purge Tube Mechs will be priced up to 15% Off and up to 32% Off Purge Squonk Mods!

How could you not love the signature Purge Tungsten Green Splatter colorway on the Slam Piece

If you haven't heard yet, Purge Mods is vaulting & discontinuing all current mod models to make way for the awesome new Slam-Piece Side-Fire Mech Mod and ...

Which new finish of The King Mech Mod by Purge Mods looks the best to you? http://www.evcigarettes.com/purge-mods/ #purgemodspic.twitter.com/IsGUdsS0hg

Are You Ready For The Purge? Prepare by gearing up at EVCigarettes.com, where we proudly maintain one of the largest collections of Purge Mods, ...

EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "New Purge Mods Gear! Check out the Skull "Blood Stain" Mech Mod & Maelstrom RDA at https://t.co/vofULtDWO4 #purgemods #mechmod ...

Purge Mods Enforcer Mech Mod Review & Breakdown

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EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "On a scale of 1-10, How sexy is this setup? This is from our high end Purge Mods inventory at https://t.co/vofULtmlpu!

Don't lie, you know you wanna push it! We've got this & alot more Purge Mods available at EVCigarettes.com!


... Purge Squonk Mod, and new Rebellion Squonk colorways! Come get 'em: http://www.evcigarettes.com/new-products/?sort=newest …pic.twitter.com/rKrGwyZVlu

More 🔥🔥 on the way to EVCigarettes.com next week! We just opened

Don't get it twisted, get it Twiztid! Stop by EVCigarettes and check out this high end collector's piece by Purge Mods.

EVCigarettes.com on Twitter: "The PRG-25 RDA by Purge Mods has arrived to the pages of https://t.co/vofULtDWO4! #vape #purgemods #prg25 #rda #atty ...


They won't last long, so come get 'em fam! http://www.evcigarettes.com/purge -mods/ pic.twitter.com/GcU9EK684V

P|U|R|G|E B2BV4.

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Coming soon to EVCigarettes.com! Customize your Legacy Collection of Purge Mods with these

We have 3 rare Hagermann Executioner Mech Mods by Purge Mods

Profile cover photo

Purge Mods Carnage RDA - WHAT THE F#@K??? - VapnFagan

Back To Basics V4 21700 / 20700 Mech MOD by Purge Mods

Thanks to my amazing wife for getting me the new B2B V4 by Purge Mods!

The good people of Purge Mods will be blessing us with the Batch 3 Slam Piece

And If That Wasn't Enough, Here's More!

... Get Ready, The Purge Is Coming! Pre-order the Murdered Out (

Who doesn't love a little stack porn? Enforcers & Trucks! I can

Ready to get #infected ? How about Infected & Deathtrapped?!?! We

#EVCigarettes · I'm on this Taffy Splash Blue Raspberry today. Purge King is getting the

Credit to @shopevc : It's Giveaway Time Vape Fam & we're doing it

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Today Is The Last Day To Save 10% Off Site-Wide at EVCigarettes.

If you haven't stopped by our Summer Sales Event at EVCigarettes.com then

Instant 10% Off other select products. Bundles and BOGO Deals like getting a. Free Model 41 RDA w/ Purchase Of A Select Descendant Mod!


Rep what you love & add a bit of utility at the same time with the

EVCigarettes ( @shopevc )


The Headshot RDA By Purge Mods, But More Importantly… The Purge Deck | PLUS! BuildPorn!

Select Products like the Brizo Mod by priced up to 15% Off for a limited time! (RDA sold separately)

EVCigarettes ( @shopevc )

Don't adjust your eyes, you're seeing that correctly.

Money Shot RDAs are back in full stock in brass and ultem! This is the

The Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape & Heathen are now available at EVCigarettes

Media by shopevc: When life brings you twists and turns, you gotta hold strong

Sliding into the weekend with the new Black Plague Slam Piece Mech Mod by Purge Mods

EVCigarettes ( @shopevc )

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Purge Button Assembly by Purge Mods

Good News: It's Game Day! Bad News: It's also the final day of

What's your favorite color combination? I'm feeling the black & red on this

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Everyone likes that new new, righ? We got 2 new colorways for the Delrin

Purge Mods' signature Tungsten Green Splatter colorway now graces the Slam Piece Mech Mod Batch

There's a Tungsten Splatter Slam Piece in the wild! ...I'm

Here she is folks! We sold out of the first Anodized Aluminum Back To Basic

The Murdered Out Slam Piece Batch 3 Mech Mod by Purge Mods is almost here!

The Stacked Piece 20700 | 21700 Mech Mod by Purge

In celebration of your hard work this year, we've included the brand new

... Looking for rare or hard to find mods? Check us out at EVCigarettes.com

Last Call! These sales are expiring in mere hours, so be sure to take

#Repost @shopevc (@get_repost) ・・・ The Doctor Is In!

The Tungsten Green Splatter Slam Piece Mech Mod Batch 3 by Purge Mods is now available for pre-order at EVCigarettes.com! Pre-orders will get a FREE 100mL ...

We've got the Brizo Mod by in White Brass

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EVCigarettes Coupons

... muscle on full flex 💪🏼 Suicide King X King X Judge & Jury X Executioner X Enforcer X Sugar Skull 💨😤🤘🏼 @purgemods @shopevc #EVCigs # EVCigarettes