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Nothing better than the 1st season Literally Skins UK t

Nothing better than the 1st season Literally Skins UK t


She's got nothing on Jal

You don't have to be "party boy" Corey to decide to throw the mother of all parties. Find this Pin and more on Skins UK ...

9 of the most CONTROVERSIAL moments from Skins series one

SkinsSeason 1

nothing better than the 1st season. Literally.

James looks back over the final series of E4's teen series Skins and sees how the third generation measured up to the first two.

Skins - Effy and Panda Effy Stonem, Skins Uk, Drugs, All About Time

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Skins (UK) vs. Skins (US)

Hannah Murray (Cassie) and Mike Bailey (Sid) from the 1st season of


The cast of Skins in 2008 (left to right) Aimee-Ffion Edwards,

Here we look back on the collection of troublesome youths who have enjoyed themselves far too much on television for our enjoyment. After all, no other show ...

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skins season 3

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Hannah Murray as Cassie in Skins. Photograph: James Edwin Bettney

Skins | first generation | Cassie & Tony Cassie Skins, British Actors, Skins

Cook & Freddie. Find this Pin and more on Skins UK ...

Cassie Ainsworth Aesthetic made by me. #skinsuk #cassieainsworth Netflix Series, Series Movies

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heatworld's definitive ranking of Skins characters | Entertainment | Heat

Naomi & Emily in ...

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Skins 1st generation

Jal would have been better off sticking to her clarinet. E4.

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Now we've seen the final full series of E4's often-divisive Skins, Caroline salutes its thirty best moments.

Series 6

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SkinsSeason 1

SkinsSeason 1. Lead

Jal aka Larissa Wilson

#Skins (E4) series 7 poster

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Effy Stonem "There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing. Skins Quotes, Skins Uk ...

Killing a character in the second series of each generation has become something of a Skins tradition. Chris died of a brain haemorrhage in series two, ...

Beautiful Chaos (Draco Malfoy Love Story)(completed)

skins UK. TV SeriesSkins ...

'I stop eating until they take me to the hospital'

Franky's Characterisation

I love Skins the way one does a sibling, with all their prominent flaws. We've gone through much together, and it is an imprint on my soul I don't wish to ...

But it's not just Franky who's fallen out of favor this year, it's everybody! Last season, Nick made me wanna take a nap and this year he makes me wanna ...

Skins: Emily Fitch

Free skins with ps plus ...

Don't get me wrong, Skins can be excellent television when it's not trying to be too light. Series two was on the borderline of being too dark, ...

Skins Cast Then and Now Nicholas Hoult

17 - Michelle Richardson (first generation)

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Yeah, me too. How did we go from this…

But she was undoubtedly the most iconic Skins character and deserves a place in the top three.

Skins Cast Then and Now Mitch Hewer

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Chris started off the series as comic relief, but quickly revealed himself to be so

Although he wasn't as deliberately comedic as previous gangsters Mad Twatter and Johnny White, including Russian gangster The Doctor as a character was a ...

New Daily Shop! Ski Skins ...

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Skins always has been and always will be an ensemble piece. The characters' interaction makes the programme as strong as it is. Yet this series frequently ...

Photo: Courtesy of Channel 4

Photo: Courtesy of Channel 4

How the 'Skins' Soundtrack Captured British Youth Culture in the 2000s - Noisey

Skins: Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch

Season Five

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... Skins in its first season. Smiles ...

Liv Malone (series 6).jpg


Poppy dressed as pixie at a Peter Pan themed rave. E4.

Skins Cast Then and Now Kaya Scodelario

2. When Cassie openly struggled with her eating disorder:

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Skins: Where are the cast now? Dev Patel, Daniel Kaluuya, Nicholas Hoult & more... - Radio Times

Did you gasp? Did you say, “Emily Fitch!” right out loud to the TV, because I did.

Daily/Weekly Outfits & Skins

Skinheads performing Nazi salutes. The skinhead craze emerged on the council estates of East London

The US version of Skins was cancelled after one 10 episode season on MTV and now the UK original has been axed as well, after seven seasons.

14 – Cassie Ainsworth (first generation)

The new noir: how teen TV went over to the dark side | Television & radio | The Guardian

17 - Michelle Richardson (first generation)

Book three in the hugely enjoyable Skins Series and without doubt my favourite in the series.There's nothing I didn't love about this and Rhys and Jevon are ...

5. When Jal delivered her final words for Chris:

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The Winter of Our Lesbian Content: This is a Glee, Skins & Pretty Little

Pandora and boyfriend Thomas. Cheating was an issue, not race. E4.

Cassie ...

the cast of season six

Yesterday, Anwar from Skins literally got nominated for an Oscar. Which we actually shed a tear over because WE LOVE ANWAR SO MUCH AND HE'S ALL GROWN UP AND ...