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Macodes petola jewel orchid a ground orchid Orchids t

Macodes petola jewel orchid a ground orchid Orchids t


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macodes petola (jewel orchid) a ground orchid

Macodes petola - jewel orchid

Macodes petola (Jewel Orchid)span class=cross/span

Macodes petola - a jewel orchid (Le Boyfriend favourite plant) I adore him and his interest.

Ludisia discolor alba, or the Alba Jewel Orchid from Vietnam i…

Jewel Orchid - Ludisia discolor. terrestrial orchid with amazing pink striped…

jewel orchid macodes petola -

Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid, live potted plant. Jewel orchidMiniature orchids

Orchid: Anoectochilus formosanus

Macodes petola, The Diamond of the Jewel Orchids

It all started with Macodes petola. The tiny orchid ...

How to grow different Jewel orchids. | ORCHIDS ; Jewel | Pinterest | Jewel orchid, Orchid and Jewel

Macodes petola.

Macodes petola --I want one so bad.

Macodes Petola Jewel Orchid A RARE Terrarium Plant | eBay

Macodes Petola

Lightning Bolt Jewel Orchid (Macodes petola)

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Macodes petola. Jewel Orchid Lightning bolts in leaves that sparkle in the light

... Jewel Orchid, Ludisia discolor. webgrow32410.jpg

Macodes lowii. Yeah, Macodes is basically the best genus of jewel orchids. The. Jewel orchidOrchid ...

Anoectochilus sikkimensis

The Jewel Orchid has dark green leaves with white pin stripes.

Ludisia discolor, Orquídea-jóia

Jewel Orchid Care repotme.com-Ludisia discolor

Jewel Orchid Information: How To Care For Ludisia Jewel Orchids

Orchid · Macodes petola (Blume) accepted species 1840 (Kew) syn. Anoectochilus petola (

Hawaiian jewel-orchid stem and leaves - View amazing Hawaiian jewel-orchid photos - Anoectochilus sandvicensis - on Arkive

How to grow different Jewel orchids. | ORCHIDS ; Jewel | Pinterest | Jewel orchid, Orchid and Jewel

Haemaria discolor, Ludisia discolor, Anoectochilus dawsonianus, Myoda rufescens, Jeweled Ludisia, Jewel Orchid, Goodyera

Macodes petola, one of my two all-time favorite jewel orchids (the other. Jewel orchidOrchidsOrchidaceaeUnusual ...

【Jewel orchid anoectochilus formosanus】movement - YouTube

Macodes petola (Jewel Orchid)

How to grow different Jewel orchids. | ORCHIDS ; Jewel | Pinterest | Jewel orchid, Orchid and Jewel

Jewel Orchid: Leaf of Macodes petola

Macodes petola · Jewel orchidOrchidsSpiritualNatureLiliesSpiritualityOrchid Flowers

Ludisia discolor...a jewel orchid that looks similar to one in the Macodes

20110830 Ludisia discolor var alba Jewel Orchid, Orchid Flowers, House Plants, Gardens,

Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata 1914 · Jewel orchidOrchid flowersOrchidsWild ...

The Fern and Mossery: Orchids for Terrariums: Black Velvet Jewel Orchid

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Macodes petola Jewel Orchid #Orchids

Macodes petola

Finally pulled the trigger and got an orchid. Got this beast for 8,99€ at the supermarket (Lidl in Germany)

Orchid Terrarium w/ Ludisia bicolor (dark leaved orchid on the right), Macodes petola (light leaves jewel orchid in back) & a tropical Anthurium bakeri ...

Phal. (Ya-Yi Qin x LD's Bear Queen)

Ric Rac zigzag orchid fishbone Cactus cutting. More information. More information. Macodes petola - jewel orchid

Jewel Orchid 'Ludisia Discolor' RARE plant

Anoectochilus formosanus · Jewel orchidOrchid ...

Sedirea japonica daruma. Quite fragrant.

Jewel Orchid, Florida Plants, Zen Gardens, Houseplants, Herb Garden, Indoor Plants, Dahlia, Succulents, Flora

Epidendrum orbiculatum - OrchidWeb. Orchids

My new mini Phalaenopsis, my first orchid, usually succulent collector

Heh! Surprise blossom on Dendrobium kingianum, after bringing it back from a summer outside!

My beautiful Bpl. Golden Peacock. The orange will become more intense over the next few days. A very easy orchid that thrives on neglect.

Rare Ludisia discolor Jewel Orchid

New orchid day! Phal Star's Handlebar Mustache from Hausermann

Jewel Orchid, Macodes Petola

Andinia longiserpens

Svetoslav Ivanov has shared 1 photo with you!

Macodes petola Jewel Orchid #Orchids

Orchid: Anoectochilus brevilabris - Found in the eastern Himalayas and Assam, India, at elevations of 900 to 1500 meters as a small-sized, ...

Dendrobium Nano Chip in bloom


Anoectochilus setaceus 1844 Anoectochilus is a genus of about 50 orchids sometimes called "Jewel orchids" because of their attractive foliar venation.



Lc. Angel Heart 'Leslie Ann' One of my favorite catts. Very fragrant.

This peachy-pink beauty just opened up! Rlc. Kaoru Suzuki 'Volcano Queen'

Jewel Orchid duo to brighten your world! 🌎🌍🌏 . . Photo shoot with

Wet Leaves are not the downfall of orchids – but stagnant air is

Aliceara (Beallara) Marfinch, Dec 2017

First time poster and orchid owner! Did I do okay?

What a difference a week makes! Richard Mueller hybrid

Trying to save my orchid but I'm not sure what to do. Do the roots look healthy? A couple of leaves are yellowing/browning. What do I need to do to save ...

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I like the orchids that prefers to be somewhat neglected.

Ett. Hsiang Yu Gold Coast 'Sunkiss' (Ctt. Oliver X Epi. stamfordianum) - Album on Imgur

Been doing water culture (2 in/5 out) and see banding on new root growths. Good or bad? Tips? This is my first orchid.

Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid, live potted plant

Phal. (Mituo Kaiulani Eagle X KS Happy Eagle)

Macodes petola, Jewel Orchid, live potted plant

Fragrant Renanthera Monachica Orchid Blooming Size 413 1 of 3 See More

This orchid came to me 3 weeks ago with every kind of rot. I've re-potted and treated it and just noticed it was growing a ...

Zygopetalum Jumpin Jack (Clone) in Bloom

A jewel orchid is any type of orchid that is grown for its foliage rather than flowers.

Cattleya peaches n cream 'sorbet'

Sale: Anoectochilus chapaensis 'Erotica' jewel orchid, brown leaves copper veins

Rare Ludisia Discolor Jewel Orchids 3-7 inch plants, healthy, PRICE DROP BLOWOUT

Little Laelia alaorii blooming again - Love this little bugger so much!

Zygo! Happy blooms on a happy day.

Aliceara (Beallara) Marfinch, Dec 2017

Can anyone ID this masdevallia?

Picture of an Anoechtochilus in situ taken by my friend Amos.