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Hitsuzen Anime t Xxxholic and Anime

Hitsuzen Anime t Xxxholic and Anime


xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 204

xxxHolic Rou

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Doumeki asks if Watanuki should be wandering the streets at night, but Watanuki hasn't been bothered by spirits and stuff lately.


Manga; Anime

xxxHolic - Doumeki

Watanuki and Himawari on xxxHolic anime Season 4 cover

Yuuko Ichihara

Watanuki 2.jpg


Reflections of Hitsuzen by MoPotter ...

Manga Anime · Wonderland · Manga XXXHOLiC- Rei Capítulo 43 Página 11

xxxHolic ~~ Hitsuzen = The over-arching theme of CLAMP's entire repertoire is the inescapability of Fate. :: "Nothing in this world is coincidence." ~ Yuuko

XXXHolic - great supernatural social commentry anime from the amazing team Clamp.Mixes folklore and

This week's manga review will be Tsubasa's sister story, xxxHolic (pronounced Holic) by the manga group CLAMP.

yuko and watanuki kimihiro from xxxholic anime season 1


Manga Anime · One of my fav quote from XXXholic

The law of “hitsuzen“, which was first described by Clow Reed in Cardcaptor, is now often repeated by Yuuko as well. XXXHolic. The anime version isn't ...


xxxHOLiC, Yuuko Ishihara

Clow Reed

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XXXHolic: Hitsuzen

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Doumeki e Watanuki 2 - xxxHOLiC Photo (20256157) - Fanpop fanclubs · Xxxholic watanukiAll AnimeAnime ...


image …

xxxHOLiC Rei Volume 1 Manga Review

Cover of the first DVD compilation from xxxHolic released by Funimation Entertainment. The anime ...

xxxHolic (×××ホリック, Horikku), pronounced "holic", is a seinen manga series planned and presented by Clamp.

List of xxxHolic characters


Xxxholic ( Hitsuzen) We are not Chained By Faith ( We have Free Will). Genesispersonaltransformation. Genesispersonaltransformation

CLAMP Hitsuzen

The plot is wonderfully engrossing and at times brutally unapologetic, but it's my favorite adaption of Clamp's work, second favorite being CCS.


For starters I should first explain who CLAMP is, for those who call themselves anime fan and have not seen/read their works or heard of this group.

The Books

The Relationships

xxxHOLIC & Shinto

xxxHOLIC & Shinto Influences

... xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 190 Review

Yuko and Wata

Shizuka Domeki

xxxHolic Kei

Hitsuzen by yuzuhana ...

Hitsuzen by GossamerWing ...


developed a huge crush on him to the point of panicking and blushing in his presence. In the anime, Zashiki Warashi has more appearances and even finds ...

CLAMP, Production I.G, xxxHOLiC, Kimihiro Watanuki Wallpaper

xxxHOLIC & Shinto Title Page

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xxxHolic: only hitsuzen by 0Febris0 ...

Hitsuzen by redpennant ...

Anime: xxxHolic. Seiyuu: Oohara Sayaka

A female customer enters the story and after being seated at the table with Yuuko-san, starts to apologize. Yuuko-san says it is hitsuyou (necessity), ...


I am recently catching up with xxxHolic although it is not a new anime (anymore). As with most people, subconsciously I had linked this anime with Tsubasa ...

xxxHOLIC & Shinto Spirits

... of volume 10 of the manga. His name was given to him by Watanuki in volume 11. Tanpopo is unaffected by Himawari's unlucky jinx and thus can keep her in ...

Yuuko Ichihara

xxxHolic ~~ People are the most unusual of all. :: Yuuko Awesome Anime

... the anime was plagued by · quality ...

Manga Review: Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- | hitsuzen 『必然』 adventures of a demented CLAMP fangirl

CLAMP's supernatural series XXXHOLiC seems to be getting a bit of a revival, two years after the end of the original manga. Not only is it getting a sequel ...

xxxHOLiC, Himawari Kunogi

She rejects that but Watanuki says he's the same because he can't taste food or remember what he's eaten. That said, although it may be scary to know one's ...


1 (xxxHOLiC, #1) by CLAMP


Hitsuzen Dream by littlepolka ...

1 (xxxHOLiC, #1) by CLAMP


A promotional image of X, an example of CLAMP's drawing style.

Watanuki's Love for Yuuko


xxxHolic - Shizuka Doumeki x Kimihiro Watanuki - DouWata

xxxHOLiC ...

Yuuko's OMGWTFBBQ Mahjong hand


Holic edition Wallbook Anime

xxxHolic Anime Episode 1

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Manga; Anime; OVA

xxxHOLiC Poster

In being referred to by other characters in xxxHOLiC, Black Mokona takes offense to indirect references and pronouns, which are notably more informal or ...

Overall: 8.6/10

Another thing is that these two manga establish something important for CLAMP: a connected fictional multiverse, where all of the stories CLAMP has created ...

Amazon.com: xxxHOLiC, Vol. 2 (9780345471192): CLAMP, William Flanagan: Books