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Cute chibi Steven Universe characters I love all of them but my

Cute chibi Steven Universe characters I love all of them but my


cute chibi Steven Universe characters I love all of them but my favorite is pink Lars. Comment what is your favorite one

birduyen: gems stickers!! available here :): | @birduyen | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Steven universe gem

This is the cutest fan made fusion I've ever seen!

Steven universe lapis and peridot cute comic. Lapidot. Don't ship it but it was too cute to not not pin

omg look at all these gemsonas! Steven universe lapis and ...

Aww omg it's such a good chibi also it's so kawaii it has all the steven universe characters like comment and watch cute steven universe chibi

Peridot is soooo cute!!

Todas las cristal gems | Steven Universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Steven universe gem

Gem Fusion: Cherry Quartz Steven Universe. Mrhaliboot

... but I love it. Gem Fusion Covellite (Lapis & Amy) - Steven Universe. Mrhaliboot

Steven Universe

Steven Universe Fan Art! — trufflesmushroom: It's cute to imagine Amethyst like this and still finding all that she needs

Steven Universe Chibi set Speedpaint


UCH Let GO of me, OU But so CUTE core! 5 Flick! lick

Cartoon Network

steven universe | Tumblr garnet art fanart cute awesome cool kawaii pink blue third eye ruby sapphire crytal gems the answer love otp ship

Peridot has become my favorite crystal gem. It was garnet but peridot is so cute

I yelled at the TV and said Whyyyy! Couldn't you have waited till they left!

How I came to Like Steven Universe Part 2: Why Peridot is my New Favorite Character

Rubies are RedSapphires are BlueI love youDo you love me too?I ship these two they are so cute .If you haven't yet go watch Steven Universe, it's just the ...

Steven Universe Button Set by xxMiniPandaxx ...

0 labillusratian tumblr Stevonnie Pearl mammal vertebrate purple fictional character cartoon horse like mammal

cartoon mammal fictional character vertebrate art mythical creature fiction

STEVEN UNIVERSE OC REF- Pink Diamond by GhostfaceNikol ...

... it wasn't really a chibi, more like a thin and small body ;w; but I decided to make something out of it and so I drew the cute cotton candy garnet!

... Classroom Gem Smoky Quartz[Redbubble] by Imaplatypus

... the other characters would look like (i.redd.it)

Steven Universe S2 Short - What are Gems?

These are the fucking cutest like holy fuck eep um omigosh~ . Find this Pin and more on Steven universe ...

Твиты, лайкнутые Машушка (@art_mashusha) | Твиттер Steven Universe Lapidot, Lapis Lazuli

How to draw Garnet from Steven Universe step by step drawing lesson

I can't show the real stone is the same colors but the brown is lighter, like a light caramel brown. I show some information about her later.

Mouthchart for Steven Universe Drawn by Lead Character Designer Danny Hynes and Supervising Director Ian Jones

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar on animation and the power of empathy - The Verge

Steven Universe Ocs by YingYangHeart ...

~Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe~ Which Steven Universe character should I draw next?

~Garnet from Steven Universe~

steven universe

Lapis was a request on the steven universe community on Google. I have a few

Steven Universe - Baby AU

References in Steven Universe | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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The Real Peridot By Sb99stuff - Adorable Steven Universe Peridot

Another background from Steven Universe. The backgrounds are so amazing it's crazy! Anyways, this is inside Lion's mane and there's the back of a tiny ...

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... to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, along with her personality of becoming more powerful than they need to be, a recurring problem for the protagonists, ...

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References in Steven Universe | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Lapidot Fusion May Not Be What You Expect! - Steven Universe Discussion

Still adding chibis to my Steven universe series. Next, on the list was yellow diamond and I think she came pretty perfect.

Alexandrite Base 3 By Twisted-bases - Fusion Steven Universe Characters

Sapphire and Ruby by ChibiWendy ...

after catching up on Steven Universe I created my own gem character blue topaz :D

why Steven Universe sucks balls by UndeadDoktor ...

... Steven Universe- Leggy X Padparadscha Sapphire by rosiepie15

Chibi Steven Universe by hatsukibambi ...

Peridot-deko - Steven Universe Character Peridot

Steven Universe Characters


TShirtGifter presents: Steven Universe Cast in Chibi Style | Unisex T-Shirt

My Steven Universe OC Crystal (rock crystal) My first try with my ink pen

Steven Universe Blind Bag Figural Key Chain, , hi-res

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is quietly exploding. What has it been like seeing the show grow into a bigger property?

Steven universe - Concrete by Abrigedfoamy Steven universe - Concrete by Abrigedfoamy

OfficialFirst look at SuperCute Plushies by Funko! credit to @anerdydad on instagram ...

Steven Universe is a defining example of artistic resistance in our time

The story is light and fun; the artwork is cute and Chibi-inspired. Manga fans will love it, as will adventure fans. Give this to your Adventure Time and ...

steven universe fan art

Started watching this show recently and omg I love it so much. Cutest show and

I'm finally back, the stress from school has calmed down and the year

「Music Box」Here Comes A Thought ( Steven Universe ) - YouTube

Cheeky Young Pearl

I LOVE STEVEN UNIVERSE SO MUCH! This is my second attempt at drawing yellow pearl cuz I didn't like my first one! Anyways I LOVE ALL THE NEW GEMS THEY ARE ...

Funko Pop Animation Steven Universe Garnet Vinyl Figure Action Figure

The Perfect Moment - A Few Great Moments Steven Had To Kiss Connie | Steven Universe Arts

Although the Gems describe Greg as “kind of a mess,” Steven loves him no less for ...

kawaii, lapis lazuli, and steven universe image

Gemsona - Jadeite, i really love steven universe so i though id join

Steven Universe Theory & Speculation - YouTube

And as any other part of your character, heads differ! Experiment with shapes and what fits your character. Remember - Softer = nicer, good ; Sharper = mean ...

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... Rose Quartz - Steven Universe Colored by Maiko-Girl

Pretty Fusion Dance

Still adding backgrounds to my chibi drawings and I just finished blue pearl and I love ...

adorable, chibi, and fan art image

ok so I do love all my active followers but I can only do so much to show you guys that and I wanted to do it now. so the first 4 ...

Steven Universe Perlers - Attack the Light Style by jrfromdallas ...

Steven Universe pictured on a scooter in Uncle Grandpa "Haunted RV".