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What if the second reich and AustriaHungary United alternate

What if the second reich and AustriaHungary United alternate


What if the second reich and Austria-Hungary United? Alternate History, Fantasy Map

Reichsbund 1956 -alternate Europe- by Arminius1871 ...

Location of Germany

Austrian-United Greater Germany (1916) by HouseOfHesse ...

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Alternate history map in case of a German victory during World War 2.

Third Reich

Greater Hungary by Arminius1871

Greater Germanic Empire by Arminius1871 ...

Kaiserreich-The Former Empire of Austria-Hungary by WewLad11.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Hitler's Map of the planned “Greater German Reich”. Historical Maps, European History

What if the US turned communist at some point in history. Here is my guess at how the national flag of the United Socialist Council Republics of America.

Third Reich

Greater Austria althis by lamnay Alternate History, Historical Maps, Fantasy Map, Austria,

ImageApparently, as Austria-Hungary if you defeat the German Empire - You Become the German Empire ...

Flag Thread IV | Page 19 | Alternate History Discussion

I didn't do any research for this so don't be too drastic with the critique. If you have any advice, let it be how to make the idea more plausible, not .

German EmpireMap of the northern part of the German Empire (c. 1900) from the 10th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Third Reich; World War II

The Foreign Policy of the Third Reich (Campus 105): Amazon.co.uk: Klaus Hildebrand: 9780520025288: Books

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Osterreich Reich - What if Austria unified Germany? | Hearts of Iron IV Spotlight

What is FOURTH REICH? What does FOURTH REICH mean? FOURTH REICH meaning, definition & explanation

Kohner - Kaiser Wilhelm II

Diercke Karte Europe before World War Two (1939)

... have been prepared to accept a constitutional monarchy in Germany, with Wilhelm reduced to a purely titular role - rendered 'impotent', as he put it. If ...

Austria-Hungary (also known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Dual Monarchy) was a state in Central Europe ruled by the House of Hapsburg.

The Foreign Policy of the Third Reich (Campus 105): Amazon.co.uk: Klaus Hildebrand: 9780520025288: Books

Video Game / Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

Useful Notes / Imperial Germany

The German Empire (Second Reich)

Partitioning Austria-Hungary by Lehnaru ...

M-Soldiers-3 4C-Feb08

Gray Tide In The East: An alternate history of the First World War: Andrew J. Heller: 9781980348429: Amazon.com: Books

Deutsches Reich 1871-1918


D.S.A.america The United States is ...

4.A. The Program of the Pan-German League (1898).

Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

TERMS German nationalists celebrated the birth of the ______ in January First Reich. Second Reich

When on 15 June 2016 Polonia Warsaw sealed their promotion to the II Liga, the third tier of the domestic football pyramid, following a 2-1 aggregate defeat ...

... [ IMG]

#Austria #History #Hungary

The Unification of Germany: Summary, Timeline & Events - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Austria-Hungary 1914, physical

A Brief History of the Third Reich - Martyn Whittock | Weimar Republic | Nazi Party

In June, the United Nations Political Office in Somalia was replaced by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia. At year's end, 15 peacekeeping ...

Coronation of William II, 1888.

NF tree Germany.jpg

Religions in Austria-Hungary, from the 1881 edition of Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas. Catholics (both Roman and Uniate) are blue, Protestants purple, ...

Incorporation of the relatively large Congress Kingdom would add an unacceptable number of Poles and Jews. Germans were considering an alternative approach: ...

The Foreign Policy of the Third Reich (Campus 105): Amazon.co.uk: Klaus Hildebrand: 9780520025288: Books

By Andrea Pitzer. “

Post-WWI borders on an ethnic map)

Map of German Empire in 1914.

Germano-american empire 2

An Alternate History of the Third Reich: Vol. 1: Empire Ascendant, 1940

A century ago, World War I transformed Europe. Today, it's still changing. See how Europe looks different from back then.

... 4. and ...


During the First World War, initially Russia advanced, then retreated. Poland ended up on the German/Austrian side of the front.

Congress of Vienna

6 ...

MAP: Imperialism & Colonization, 1914

Literacy in Austria-Hungary (census 1880)

Die Proklamation des Deutschen Kaiserreiches by Anton von Werner (1877), depicting the proclamation of the foundation of the German Reich (18 January 1871, ...

Railway network of Kingdom of Hungary in 1913, Red lines represents the Hungarian State Railways, blue, green and yellow lines were owned by private ...

Canadian war

5 The ...

Second World War (1939–45)[edit]

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The difference between "Reich" and "Empire"[edit]

Austria-Hungary and the First World War

Meyers Konversations-Lexikon map of Austria-Hungary, 1885

If the Germans had a strong central government which had successfully crushed the Socialist uprisings which broke out in their country 1918, then this was ...

Politics of the Third French Republic, Victorian England & the Second Reich

The Third Reich ▻ Hitler called his government the Third Reich or the third German empire

Languages in Europe

Prussia would then turn against Austria-Hungary and starts the Seven Weeks War The loss

Impact of the Past: The Second Reich


Diplomacy of World War One: Secret Agreements & Diplomatic Arrangements - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

1812 War of 1812: The War of 1812 begins as the United States declares war on Great Britain and Ireland. The Frigate USS Constitution gets underway from ...

MAP: Ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary, 1910


Großdeutschland (Greater Germany)

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Impact of the Past: The Second Reich