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W Humer Portrait of Charles II King of Spain 16611700Carlos II

W Humer Portrait of Charles II King of Spain 16611700Carlos II


W Humer: Portrait of Charles II, King of Spain (1661-1700)Carlos II left his empire to the French Philip, which caused the other powers of Europe to fear a ...

The Emperor, Rudolph II (1552-1612) by Hans von Aachen (1552

"King Charles II, Spain" by Juan Carreno de Miranda (1650) | FAMSF Explore the Art. "

Juan Carreño de Miranda Portrait of King Charles II of Spain oil on canvas 21½ x 16½ in. 54.6 x 41.9 cm

"Carlos II con 12 años"

Rei D. Carlos II de Espanha.

"Portrait of Carlos II of Austria, King of Spain and the Indies" by Sebastián Herrera Barnuevo (1670)

Charles II of Spain (1661-1700) as a child, approx 9-10 years old. Portrait by Herrera Barnuevo c. 1670

Ferdinand I of Austria, 1840 - His only known quote was "I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings!"

Charles Ii, 1661-1700, King Of Spain, And His Wife, Adore

Maria of Aragon June 1482 – 7 March was a Spanish infanta and the second wife of Portuguese King Manuel I, thus queen consort of Portugal from her marriage ...

Carlos II of Spain

Maria Maddalena d'Austria was the daughter of Charles II, Archduke of Austria and his wife, Maria Anna of Bavaria. Wife of Cosimo II de' Medici (Justus ...

Queen of Spain from 1689 to

Joanna of Castile, older sister of K of A.

A double portrait of Charles II of Spain and his second wife, Maria Anna of Neuburg.

A 1520 portrait of Isabella of Spain.(Isabella I of Castile) Spain.Monarch of Spain with Ferdinand II of Aragon.Persecuted Jews and Muslims.

Felipe V y Luisa Gabriela de Saboya | Felipe V (1700-1746) | Pinterest | History


Carlos II de España

Philip II of Spain.

Portrait of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, artist unknown, 1614

Felipe V y Luisa Gabriela de Saboya

Portrait of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen (manner of), c.

Margarita de Austria, Queen of Spain

... Queen of Portugal - born 29 June 1482 - 7 March She was the third surviving daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon ...

Karl II. in Rüstung (Gemälde von Juan Carreño de Miranda, 1681)

Carlos II of Spain, - severly inbred!

Portrait of Charles V in 1548

Category:Portrait paintings of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor

Portrait of King Philip II of Spain, in Gold-Embroidered Costume with Order of

Portrait de Charles II, roi d'Espagne

Mariana de Neoburgo

the habsburg jaw | Leoni - King (Emperator) Phillip II of Spain - Hapsburgh

Phillip II of Spain, Husband of Mary lst Tudor. Grand Nephew of Queen Catherine of Aragon, son of Charles V and Isabelle of Portugal.

Portrait of Philip II King of Spain (1527-98) from "Memoirs of

Philip II, King of Spain, 1550-1600

The Inbreeding of Charles II of Spain family tree.

The Habsburg jaw, which is also known as the Habsburg lip, is one of

Carreño De Miranda, Disciple Of End

An engrossing and revolutionary biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who

Charles II of Spain wearing the robes of the Order of the Golden Fleece, in

King Charles II of Spain, Toward the end of his life Charles' fragile health

Barnuevo, Sebastian de Herrera (after). Charles II as a Child, around

Circa King Charles II of Spain, – King of Spain from Charles II of Spain's jaw was so deformed from inbreeding, he reportedly was unable to chew.

massimiliano d'asburgo

Baltasar Carlos Austria & Bourbon, Prínce of Asturias & the Beira (1629 - 1646

Massimiliano d'Asburgo

Uno de los últimos retratos de Carlos II de España

Kaiser Franz I

Retrato de Carlos II niño (rey de España de 1665 a

Charles II of Spain by Claudio Coello

The Queen's Vow: A Novel of Isabella of Castile: C. W. Gortner: 9780345523969:

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Plantagenet, Imperador Romano, Tudor, História Antiga,

Isabella I of Castilla

The King Charles II of Spain circa 1670 Sebastian Herrera Barnuevo

The Mad Monarchist: Monarch Profile: King Philip IV of Spain Personagens, Quadros,

Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen of Spain - Maria Luisa of Parma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

II of Spain as a child.

1789 Maria Luisa de Parma by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Prado)

Emperor Leopold I (Leopold Ignaz Joseph Balthasar Felician) Jun May Holy Roman Empire in costume as Acis in the play “La Galatea” painting in 1667 by Jan ...

Portrait of Emperor Charles V (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest). Unknown artist

Retrato equestre de Carlos II. Anonimo, 1679.

Carlos II a caballo. Luca Giordano

Holy Roman Empire, Napoleonic Wars, Austria, The Unit, Hungary

María Luisa de Parma, Queen of Spain. Francisco Goya, Família Real Espanhola,

Portrait of Archduchess Maria Leopoldina, later Empress consort of Brazil 1815 Família Real Brasileira,

6001: Spanisch, um 1670: Bildnis Karl II von Spanien on

massimiliano d'asburgo riceve l'offerta dell'impero

Portrait XVIIIe Nicolas Mesnager Diplomatie Rouen Paix d'Utrecht | Art, antiquités, Art

Larmessin 1679 Portrait Print. Charles 2eDu Nom Roy d'Espagne. Charles II Spain

Niederländisch - Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen (1490 Beverwijk bei Haarlem - 1559 Brüssel) Kaiser Ferdinand

Emperor Charles V (1500–1558) and his Son Philip II of Spain (1527–1598)

King of Spain as Philippe III and Portugal as Filipe II, Pedro Antonio Vidal Date 1617

Marie Louise d'Orléans, Porträt eines unbekannter Künstlers

Zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden

Portret van Bruno van der Dussen, Bernard Picart, 1718

The House of Habsburg has its typical characteristics of a prominent jaw and lower lip. Clockwise from the top: Philip IV of Spain, Philip II, Charles II ...

Gjøgler - Reisen til Julestjernen 1976

Denain Maréchal de Villars Guerre Succession d'Espagne Louis XIV Traité Utrecht

Commemorative stamp for Diamond Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, 1908, by Koloman

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Gjøgler - Reisen til Julestjernen 1976

The Dead Alchemist 1868 by Elihu Vedder. Painting analysis, large resolution images, user comments, slideshow and much more.

[Retrato de Carlos II]. Harrewijn, Jacobus (1660-1727) —

Image result for Salvator Rosa

A painter from Spoleto who moved to Paris during the Belle Epoque, Cesare Augusto Detti was an Italian artist, best known for his historical genre paintings ...

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1618-1682) Spanish, 'Paisaje' on ArtStack #


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Birigay | Carlos II a caballo

Image result for Salvator Rosa

Statiekoets van de hertog van Ossuna, 1713, Bernard Picart, 1714

Wapens van de gevolmachtigden van de Palts, Parma en Polen bij de vredesonderhandelingen te Utrecht

Wapens van de gevolmachtigden van de kardinaal van Boullion de Comp. de St. Pierre

Wapens van de gevolmachtigden van de paus en van Savoye bij de vredesonderhandelingen te Utrecht (

laurent de la hyre | LA HYRE Laurent de:Descente de croix.

Queen Isabella II of Castile and King Ferdinand I