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Trey Parker in Newsies lt3 Kid Blink Newsies t Trey

Trey Parker in Newsies lt3 Kid Blink Newsies t Trey


Louis Ballatt | Kid Blink: Lead the Newsboys in the Strike of 1899.

The newsies always thought he was cute but cannot remember his real name.....his character though was Kid Blink who in real life led the newsie strike :D

Me After watching newsies. (Trey Parker as Kid Blink in Newsies)

... Trey started a band they called EYC, or Express Yourself Clearly. Just recently, the band got back together in 1999 to produce a third album called ' ...

Newsies: La Resistance

Kid Blink The real leader of the Newsboy strike of 1899. Unfortunately there aren't any actual photos of him. :-( Apparently he was short, but he was only ...

Matching Outfits for Him and Him: the Blush Manifesto by studentnumber24601

Promo pic of Kid Blink.

Kid Blink: I think Blink is a bit adorable except when he over reacts about stuff which is usually everytime when he speaks. Blink is played by Trey ...

If Kid Blink were to take his eye patch off, although he'd be missing an eye.

My favorite Newsie in the history of ever.

Blink/Mush [Newsies]: ship_manifesto ?

Blink and Swifty!

Joey Barreiro (Jack Kelly) in the Broadway Sacramento presentation of “ Newsies” at

Mush Meyers and Kid Blink from Newsies

Newsies Christian Bale

Newsies Never Say Die

Sideline: Favorite Newsie(s): Kid Blink (my absolute favorite), Racetrack (my second favorite), and Spot Conlon. Why? Kid Blink, or Trey Parker, ...


Behind the scenes of Newsies (1992) - Kid Blink and Racetrack Higgins.

Jack Kelly, David, Spot Colon, Boots, Kid Blink, Mush, Racetrack

In his one and only musical, Christian Bale does not disappoint. Sure everyone loves him now after American Psycho, Batman Begins, and 3:10 to Yuma among ...

Newsies Characters

Conceived of by several members of the film's cast (Michael Goorjian, Trey Parker*, Max Casella, & Ivan Dudynsky), the story concerns Don Knotts (portrayed ...

Christiian Bale, Newsies, and yes I saw it at least 10 times.

Max Casella rocks a fashionably large denim coat as one of the hosts of the 1992 ...

kid blink and mush. - try bottle alley or da harbor.

Disney's Newsies Then and Now | 1899 New York. My favorite - Bumlets - passed away from cancer :(

Trey Parker (Kid Blink)

Frist, I love this movie. Second, I adore the shorts on lil man third from the left along with the shirts and scarves

I believe all Newsies fans will agree that Sarah was the worst part of the movie, but she was in the movie so I had to allow her on my Newsies board


spot conlon and kid blink from the one scene in 1992 newsies when they get their pictures taken @officialnasa

Christian Bale as Jack Kelly from Newsies

Newsies cap. Suspenders. collared shirt, unbuttoned. Good Movies

David, Jack, and Sarah from Newsies. Inspiration for Rosa's housework outfit.

The Journal of Finn Reardon, A Newsie New York City, 1899 (My Name

CAST: (top left to right) Mush, Skittery, Jack, Specs (bottom left to right) Les, Spot, Snipeshooter, Kid Blink, David, Racetrack, Crutchy, Bumlets

Jack Kelly and Katherine Plumber, Newsies tour cast.

newsies 1992 crutchie - Google Search

david moscow - Newsies hehehe

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I <3 him and all the newsies

Max Casella Newsies | ... Max Casella would replay his role as Racetrack in Disney's Newsies on

Promotional Photos - scnet newsiesPROMO 021 - Movie N Screencaps

12 Reasons Why We Want To Be Newsies When We Grow Up | Oh My Disney

NEWSIES, Robert Feeney, Trey Parker, Dominic Lucero, Christian Bale, James Earl

Spot Conlon in Newsies. My absolute biggest childhood crush (other than Hanson).

Adam Kaplan <---- When I saw Newsies, my mom kept pointing him out to me during the show while whispering "Look at him, isn't he cute?" -Marcelle

racetrack skittery michael goorjian max casella newsies the newsies

Anthony with the man who played Les Jacobs in the Newsies movie!!!

Newsies. Racetrack is the coolest.

Christian Bale..Yes he is beautiful! "newsies" great movie!

My Newsie crush 💙

Christian Bale in Newsies 1992

Sarah, David, and Les Jacobs from Newsies. Inspiration for Rosa's housework outfit.

I'm excited to share that on TUESDAY JULY 10th IN WASHINGTON DC I WILL BE A NEWSIE from the BROADWAY MUSICAL NEWSIES. Not just any newsie but a Swiftie ...

Spot Conlons from both the movie and Broadway show: Gabriel Damon and Tommy Bracco

Newsboy Costume | Newsies costume | Pinterest | Costumes, Newsies costume and Halloween

Loving the 90s Bale and the little bit of behind the scenes Newsies cast members (I see you, Racetrack).

The Newsies

Sniper and the Delanceys!!

Spot Conlon in "Newsies" (Gabriel Damon)

Newsies Movie-these are the kind of people I'd hang out with if these kind of people were still around

Mush from Newsies (Aaron Lohr) <3. Oh my God! I had

"Newsies" (1992)

Jack Kelly - newsies Screencap

image (He's also considered one of the funny as hell Newsies with Trey Parker (Kid Blink) ...

I feel like this would be an accurate representation of Bumlets, Specs, Pie Eater, and Dutchy if Newsies was in a modern setting. :P

Gabriel Damon "Spot from Newsies all grown up" ;-} Portrait Photo,

Is it weird that I'm afraid of and yet attracted to a 13 year old? Yea I need help

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marty belafsky crutchy - Google Search

Trey Allen Cartwright

The Newsies. Young Christian Bale and David Moscow. One of the best movies of

Newsies! :D

Kenny Ortega (director/ choreographer) and the boys

Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography, Newsies is a high-energy explosion of song and dance you don't want to miss.

Newsies, early 1900s

Newsies Crutchy #funny


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Cropped out of the cast photo and pasted here for your viewing pleasure.

Rooftops are for Lovers (Newsies)

When someone wakes me up #newsies #funny

Newsies by Kenny Ortega |Christian Bale, David Moscow, Luke Edwards | 786936162783 | DVD | Barnes & Noble®

"Dave" Simons, the original leader of the newsies' strike. From the New York Tribune illustrated supplement, July 30, 1899.

Known For. Newsies. Newsies Kid Blink

Keep calm and never fear Brooklyn is here! - Newsies

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Spot Conlon from Newsies, I had the biggest crush on him.