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This is RF consultant Dr Jena Kravitz You may have seen her on

This is RF consultant Dr Jena Kravitz You may have seen her on


This is R+F consultant Dr. Jena Kravitz. You may have seen her

Meet Dr. Jena Kravitz, a clinical neuropsychologist, a professor at Pepperdine University, a clinical researcher, and a media expert contributor for ...

Jena's business pushes her to dream bigger and has shown her that she is even stronger with support.

Introduction to Rodan+Fields with Jena Kravitz

Think you're “Too Busy” or “Too Educated” for Rodan +

Jena and her mom, Annette.

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If she can make time, trust me, so can you. Meet Jena Kravitz

Jena with some of the women on her team at Convention in Atlanta.

Lori Bush and Jena at the RF Center for Leadership.

Jena with her mentor, Miriam Steketee.

R+F Consultant Carrie Landau headshot

Julie Bukowski Rodan and Fields Consultant

Rodan + Fields by Jill Meggers

A fellow consultant Brandi shared her results and her transformation is fabulous!!! "OK... So I am totally going to put myself out there... I have been ...

Young or old...female or male...anyone can benefit from

Emily Garcia, R+F Executive Consultant

Marmar Binley Headshot

Marmar at an R+F event with her sponsor, Jena Kravitz, and teammate, Kristyn Farrell.

Kravitz2. Jena and her ...

Check out our fellow RF consultant, LaurenJay Silvestre's, beautiful results with Rodan + Fields products! 4 months of consistency, doesn't her skin look ...

Consultant Cheryl Thiele now has clear, glowing skin- courtesy of Unblemish and Reverse!

She and her partner recorded this informational call, so you can listen when it fits into your day. Find out how Rodan+Fields is changing skin and changing ...

R+F Consultant Netanya Dennis headshot

Curious about what I do and how I earn? 🤔Jena Kravitz explains the business

Calling Out: Neuropsychologist Dr. Jena Kravitz w/ co-host Psychic Rebel Colby

Think you are "too educated"..."too busy".

Angie Morrison Rodan + Fields Consultant

Netanya after her Nordstrom shopping spree courtesy of Rodan + Fields

Younique by Jocelyne


Look what 2 months consistence use of a premium skincare can do for you. You ready to take care of your skincare needs. Then maintain your beautiful skin ...

Guilty of tanning??Remember the days of baby oil and iodine as "sunscreen

GlamBam Beauty updated their cover photo.

Wendy Poteat, Level V Independent Consultant

Suzanne Candello, Premier Level V Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields Opportunity Call

Aging in Reverse?! : Proof that sticking with the right products, in the

Wendy Poteat, Level V Independent Consultant shared

Christy Jones, Independent Consultant - Rodan + Fields

Heidi Wissmiller shared

Macomb Oakland Real Estate by The Garrick Group

#jenakravitz Instagram Photos & Videos

See the difference?

Netanya with her beloved family.

R+F Lexus Achievers Rebecca Traverso & Jena Kravitz

This is a True Story…..A few years ago, she had $39

Catherine Schmidt – The Time to Conquer More

What if you can achieve amazing results like fellow Rodan + Fields Consultant, Su Buehler Canning. In her before pic, she's wearing FULL MAKEUP.

Fall in love with your skin and gain the confidence to be makeup-free. Fix uneven skin tone. Brighten your complexion. Make your skin glow.

If you've been watching my posts and are thinking about joining me and starting

Jeff Reed. "

Julie with her team members, Gail Correa and Chantal Mooore, at the R+

Netanya with her old high school cheerleading girlfriend and sponsor, Jena

Bleu Hollow Photography

A New You Rodan + Fields Skincare shared a post.

... Major from a small town in Kentucky could create financial freedom in a small amount of time, with NO sales experience! If I can do it, anyone can!”

Rodan + Fields - Jennifer Gross

Rodan + Fields IS changing peoples lives, not only because of their skin, but their future. Let me tell you how you can be a part of redefining your future ...

Rodan + Fields, Cassandra Sines - Independent Consultant


You can improve acne AND dark spots. Let's make it happen.

Amy Chavez shared

As summer comes to an end and the sun tan begins to fades, are you

It really is THAT good! 👍🏼 When a top NY Beauty Blogger with 277K

Think you are too busy, too qualified or don't know much about starting

✓️young ✓️cute ✓️tan 🙅🏻 don't need good skincare ARE YOU

Shawna Whitsett

... may know someone who could be helped.... this is about so much more than just a product... can you imagine the sense of relief ???

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Jenna Kravitz shares her RF story

Beachside Training - Carlsbad, California

RFx Trip Welcome Reception - Cannes, France

I'm looking for anyone who has been watching

December 10, 2014


Introduction to Rodan+Fields with Jena Kravitz

Check out what Jena Kravitz had to say about our NEW product: WANNA SEE ...


W O W check out this before and after showing the results of our NEW PRODUCTS!!!!!! This is what Charla had to say: “ Zoom in on those puffy eyes from this ...

Dr. Joe Janes just brought on a new consultant Dr. Tom Arnold to Rodan


Start that one project that you've been putting off because.

2 DAYS LEFT to take advantage of Corporate's 50 FREE SAMPLES offer when you join my

Look what came in the mail today!! I am SO SO SO excited to share these NEW products with you! ☺ I am having an open house next Tuesday where you can ...

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention ❤

sitting here in the school car pool line, chatting with a girl friend about this

Judy L Mason, Independent Consultant, Rodan and Fields Premium Skin Care

Welcome to the "Movember" edition of my R+F Newsletter featuring:

My ladies see you at be there or be disappointed ! # tampafitness A photo posted by Khloé ( on Feb at PST. Nothing could be further from the truth, it can ...

Y'all this is my beautiful RFx Leader Jena Kravitz. I love her so

I will never get tired of showing you these amazing results! Especially with the #1 acne regimen...UNBLEMISH!! The overall texture of her skin has improved ...

I am loving this new Radiant Defense. I really love that you can't

I will also provide fun goodies for my guests at this event so let me know if you plan ...

It's Not About You!

... Dull, sun damaged skin - it makes us look older than we are. And

Media by bgvis115: #ReverseBrightenRegimen #BarbaraR+F #FightDullSkin #4-StepEasyRegimen

Did you know that there is no such thing as a silly question!???⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And #trustme I have lots of experience answering questions ‼