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Still 80 off XCOM titles over at GMG go quick before you miss out

Still 80 off XCOM titles over at GMG go quick before you miss out



[Humble] XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack - $9.99 (50%) ($8.99 for monthly subscribers) : GameDeals

[WinGameStore] XCOM 2 Collection ($24.99/75% off) : GameDeals

Successfully redeemed on steam as well

Guys and gals, there's a mahoosive sale over at #GMG right now on a selection of #Rockstar games!! GTA, L.A. Noire, Max Payne etc. ...

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Humble Bundle Steam Alternatives

Up to 75% Off #Bethesda titles this weekend! #Sale #GMG http

Green Man Gaming Sale: Square Enix

Up to 75% Off #Bethesda titles this weekend! #Sale #GMG http://www.greenmangaming.com/bethesda-titles/ | Green Man Deals | Pinterest | Cheap games, ...

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Top picks from our Action and Adventure Sale

Project Cars is coming soon to #GMG Pre-purchase it NOW! http://www.greenmangaming.com/#link3

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Green Man Gaming Summer Sale Flash Deals 21st July 2017. It's here!

EXPIRED: Green Man Gaming: VR Sale

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Bundle Teaser for Build Your Own 2K Bundle

50% Off Fallout 4 and Season Pass in GMG Spring Sale

As aforementioned this game is a very deep squad-based turn-based strategy game; it's more akin to chess than XCOM, but still a worthwhile strategy game if ...

The optional Iron Man mode prevents reliance on savegames, so when someone dies that's it. It's horrible, to the ...

WOTC - Compatible Mods Master List (Please submit any/all working/updated mods!) : Xcom

Green Man Gaming 2K Multibuy: 3 Games For 80% Off

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Up to 75% Off #Bethesda titles this weekend! #Sale #GMG http://www.greenmangaming.com/bethesda-titles/ | Green Man Deals | Pinterest | Cheap games, ...

I do, though, really miss free aim, which seems to me to be a sacrifice made for a console-friendly, jump to target interface. It's frustrating to not be ...

Wot I Think - XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Singleplayer)

Worth bookmarking because you're going to need it. A lot.

RPS Asks: Why Are We Sad About Pre-Ordering?

This time we're seeing games from Capcom, Sega, and 2K Games. With it comes new low pricing on lots of noteworthy titles, ...

Angelic Alf. Giving the gift of encore deals during the 666 Sale last year.

Steam Curators: Paid Endorsements Must Be Disclosed

Didn't really have time this week to post much, here are the Weekend Deals and some of them are really good!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown should have been a disaster. It's a turn-based strategy title, a style of game its publisher said only last year was "just not ...

XCOM 2: War of the chosen SPARK poster

87KiB, 1200x675 ...

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You're a Song of Ice and Fire fan when. you can no longer trust joy.

Up to 75% Off #Bethesda titles this weekend! #Sale #GMG http://www.greenmangaming.com/bethesda-titles/ | Green Man Deals | Pinterest | Cheap games, ...

XCOM War of the Chosen Hands-On Impressions: Boldy Going.: Find out what Star Trek: The Next Generation has to do with the new XCOM

Xbox Live Deals: Call of Duty: WW2, XCOM 2, Destiny 2, Hitman, Rocket League, more

XCOM in a nutshell. http://ift.tt/2uz9fzn

It works. It better than works. XCOM is muscular, tense, thoughtful, mutable turn-based strategy with the dramatic, explosive presentation of a contemporary ...

20% off at Green Man Gaming right now! Just enter voucher code SAVE20-

Green Man Gaming is having a summer sale guys, you gotta go here to check the games out!

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[Steam] (Game) XCOM: Enemy Unknown : FreeGameFindings

Building on the epic XCOM: Enemy Unknown XCOM 2 adds new features and combat to the already immersive turn based gameplay. Will you help humanity take back ...

Happy Birthday to Green Man Gaming! They are almost as old as we are :-)


Space sim Kerbal Space Program gets its first PC expansion on 13th March 2018.

XCOM 2 €19.99 / £16.99 / $21.46. Update: Totally forgot that this is still ...

... bad guys with your lightsaber (or join the dark side even) check out the sale right here. The sale ends on May 5th so hurry up if you want something.

BundleStars' latest sale features up to 80% off 2K Games titles

XCOM is more like X-COM than any game save Terror For the Deep has ever been. It unashamedly wears an enormous, pulsing heart for its predecessor and ...

Updated: Happy Birthday To Us! It's our 8th Birthday ...

... have to worry about regional price hikes, Green Man Gaming has recently raised prices on 2K published titles Borderlands 2 and XCOM from $49.99 to a ...

Logo of Green Man Gaming. "

If you feel the nostalgia of Theme Hospital you gotta buy this one – Fanatical is offering a special coupon at the moment: TPH25. See the store page here!

It isn't the end of the world, of course. The end of the world is very much on the horizon and approaching fast, but you have a great many tools to try ...

There's a huge sale on Fanatical (formerly known as Bundle Stars) – go here to check it out!

If You're Going To Rip Off Australian Gamers, At Least Hide Your Tracks.

A big round of applause to:

XCOM: Enemy Within [Online Game Code]

Green Man Gaming offers exclusive discount to UK emergency service and NHS staff

Just to remind you, those weapons are:

It takes only two years to save money on a more powerful gaming PC than a next generation console. $50 over PS4, $170 over Xbox One.

[Fanatical] 2K Games Sale – Includes Sid Meier's Civilization VI – Digital Deluxe (60% off), Bioshock The Collection (73% off w/ MAY10) Borderlands: The ...

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Frightening Deals on GMG

... on lower difficulties, and sometimes even just one can “Desyncronize” you before you can blink. The first thing I want to discuss is level and how ...

Free PC games this week XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Payday: The Heist, AVP

Here you go! Summer Sale D2D

Welcome back Puppies,

If you are inclined to feel that there is simply no good reason to not replicate all that made X-COM great, I am inclined to believe that you simply will ...

Even more deals on GMG plus 20% off voucher!

Steam Allows Publishers To Disable Cross-Region Gifting

Early Access Summer Sale is Live

We are happy to announce that Trine Enchanted Edition has now officially been released for Mac and Linux on Steam!


I settled a 'Dracula vs. Frankenstein' debate the other day by referring to the authority on power rankings: Top Trumps cards, where Dracula trounces ...

Green Man Gaming sale means you can get great PC games for peanuts if you're quick

Ah, GMG. This site offers deals that boggle the mind on a regular basis: not only does it run regular sales on a wide variety of games, but it offers ...

Anecdotes aside, spread out, flank and stay out of that cloud. Here's a link[i.imgur.com] to the life-form report, Commander.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam currently on sale (various editions)


How A $833 PC After 3 Years Is Actually Cheaper Than An Xbox One and PS4 ...

Head over to Green Man Gaming – one of the oldest Steam alternatives online – and check out their Summer Sale.

... Celebrating the long defeat in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen ...

Dealzon: We Find Hot Deals for Gamers

Make America polluted again: Trump returns EPA to Reagan-era staffing levels