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Sora and Vanitas KHFF t Vanitas Video games and

Sora and Vanitas KHFF t Vanitas Video games and


Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen (I don't know why I ship this, its just one of those thing I just, do. :p -Shailene)

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

Kingdom Heart Kairi and Sora/ Roxas and Xinon

Kingdom Hearts - Ventus and Vanitas

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

His eyes are still blue, so it's not Vanitas! < <

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen. Kindom HeartsVanitasSoraFinal FantasyVideoGamesWonderful ...

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

Sora, Roxas, Ventus and Vanitas artwork.

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

Kingdom Hearts - Vanitas x Ventus - VanVen

Sora. Vanitas ...

Friends by nicegal1 on DeviantArt · Final Fantasy 3VanitasKingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts - Terra x Ventus - TerraVen

sora roxas ventus vanitas - Google Search


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Kingdom Hearts - Sora, Roxas, Ventus and Vanitas

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Vanitas - Have we figured out yet why he looks like dark Sora? Or did

Kingdom Hearts Credits to the artist

Sora: I let the dreams consume me I wasn't good enough I'

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KH:BbS- Slumber by *meru-chan on deviantART

since i draw Ventus and Vanitas from Birth by Sleep. Ta-dah~ Two pwecious cinnamon rolls

Momma Aqua ain't having it.

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Vanitas Fan art - Kingdom hearts birth by sleep by *MCAshe on deviantART

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Kingdom Hearts poor Donald, Sora gotten taller over the years.

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4/6 I just have a lot of feelings about Vanitas. there are more parts in the future probably?? I'm sorry is so long, i don't have the energy to figure out ...

Vanitas and Ventus

Kingdom Hearts: The shards turning into birds is one of my favorite details in this game.

Goth girl and Vanitas share the same sentiments

Or i will put an end to you Vanitas!" -Riku ← I would actually really like to see that happening

I love how much of a hometown boy Sora is. It's a defining part of his character.

headcanon: ven can't sleep without terra cos' he's his personal ...

Commission - Aqua by charlestanart

“If has a mission where Only Sora and Kairi get to go, and then they have to fight but if one of them is low in hp the other gets a massive ...

Kingdom Hearts Namine, Kairi, and Xion

stephaniepriscillart: “ Kairi, Kingdom Hearts. ”


Sora, Kingdom Hearts I. Our first video game.

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Those are literally my favourite outfits in Unchained

Birth By Sleep

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Mmm :3

Monster Sora by Kiwibon <

Kingdom Hearts Roxas and maybe Axel or Xion, or just a regular shadow heartless

Little Kairi Sora Riku and Namine

Sora in his forms

Vanitas by XLEHX on DeviantArt

kingdom hearts riku kairi and sora

Pray for Riku as he gets rained on by the masters of Monolopy, Roxas and Axel. Also, Vanitas is in the baby jail for whiny babies.- Lol this is soooo funny!

The best foreshadowing in any kingdom hearts game is Tinkerbell mistaking Roxas for Ven.

Kairi & lion cub Sora. Where's my Namine with lion cub ...

Sora, Riku -Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts ~ Sora and Roxas

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Kingdom Hearts -Sora, Roxas, Xion, Vanitas, and Ventus clockwise from the top

Kingdom Hearts -Sora and Roxas

Tron Riku- YES


New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD screenshots and character renders - NeoGAF

"Ventus" Single color palette by Thank Your Lucky Stars ☆ Character Ventus from Birth

Young Sora and Ven // Art by

Kingdom Hearts Sora and Kairi

Kingdom Hearts

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Sora and Kairi--hug

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kingdom hearts | Tumblr

Zerochan has 9 Dream Eater anime images, and many more in its gallery. Dream Eater is a character from Kingdom Hearts.

And you have an Organization XIII cloak on >:)

(Kingdom Hearts) Sora and Riku

I don't know who the girl is

One Sky One Destiny Holy moley, this is an adorable illustration! *.*

Kingdom Hearts 3 Im so proud of this edit! Follow me on IG at Kingdom_Hearts_Forever

A fateful meeting.

Sora dressed as a Shadow

'Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep' Opening Cinematic Reunites Aqua, Terra, and Ven

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Kingdom Hearts - Riku, Sora, and Kairi

fuck yeah ff boys

Kingdom Hearts - Nobodys, Namine and Roxas

Vanitas and Ventus

Psyche and Major lol. °•*. *•☆° (@lexharu) | Twitter

Kingdom Hearts - Halloween Town - Don't forget the red trinity while in Oogie's Manor!


Summer time Sora c;

Ventus will always be remembered.

The boy in the mask(Vanitas x Reader KH fanfic)

Terra gets possessed by Xehanort ,Ventus falls asleep and some of his heart gets placed