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Poem of the Week: Jamila Woods

Marc A. Drexler

Born in Istanbul to Iranian parents, Solmaz Sharif holds degrees from New York University and the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied and ...

the house of mirth original illustration 2

Sophie Hannah

maxresdefault4. David Hofmann – David and Sophia ...

Peter Montgomery ...

ACTOR: John Garfield, BODY AND SOUL (2nd: William Powell, Life With Father, followed by: Charles Chaplin, Monsuier Verdoux; Tyrone Power, Nightmare Alley; ...

Image ...

Titled "Second Honeymoon," it stars Swanberg and Sophia Takal as a troubled couple out ...

J-Money " ...

1982: Meryl Streep, SOPHIE'S CHOICE (2nd: Diane Keaton, Shoot the Moon, followed by: Mary Beth Hurt, Chilly Scenes of Winter; Barbara Hershey, The Entity; ...

Michelle Paver

Black and white image of people holding up candles and lit cell phones at a vigil


Poem of the Week: Joshua Bennett

Poem of the Week: Elmaz Abinader

Poem of the Week: Yvette Neisser Moreno

Don't sit there and tell me this is a big nothing when it totally moved me to honest tears with its tuneful emotion, its superb lead ...

That's not to suggest I didn't enjoy the dramatised elements too – I did, very much. The young cast were largely unknown to me, since I don't watch much TV ...

Hawkwind have released a new concept album based on the story

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: SCOTT WALKER: 30 CENTURY MAN (UK, Stephen Kijack) (2nd: The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (UK/Austria/Netherlands, Sophie Fiennes), ...

China Miéville

Split This Rock: "Here I Am" - New Poem for José Gouveia by Martín Espada - Please Help

Poem of the Week: Patricia Monaghan

Great stuff!

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Hosts

Michael Innes

But the suspects each contend they were each drunk at the time of their supposed crime, and thus cannot remember where they buried the body, or if they even ...

Jose Padua

Anthony Berkeley

Colm Tóibín

Serhii Plokhy

Anthony Pagden

Emily St John Mandel

Carol O'Connell

The fabulous face of Angela Lansbury 2.

Description: The flowing skirt of this dress depicts the black & blue dancing night sky of the north, the aura borealis. The fully beaded lace top in black ...

It's in the gothic tradition of walled-up bodies and corpses that simply will not stay dead! But it has an original scare factor, which I must admit I found ...

jesse 14

A definite lefty!

The young Stalin Credit: Photo by Sovfoto/Universal Images Group/REX (3827290a

William Wilkie Collins Portrait by Rudolph Lehmann


Scandinavian Fairy Tale illustration by Theodore Kittlesen 1857-1914

Dmitri Shostakovich

Harriet Walter

And although we now know that pro wrestling is a rehearsed sport with scripts and trained athletes, we still can't stop watching it!

Lebo explains how the newspapers were produced and translated inot various languages, with 'real

C- Ice Station Zebra, Horrible Bosses, Super 8, The Scenesters, Smokey and the Bandit II, Hammer, Battle Royale, Into the Night, The Selling, ...

...but clearly that can't be right as we can tell from …

The top winners with the most likes respectively under each hashtag are:

Lemon GreenTea

Tarfia Faizullah Brittany Fonte



Robert Glenister

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle …

The first French Championships took place in 1891 (long before it was 'open'). Only 5 people took part in the tournament, and the winner was an Englishman, ...

I've removed the names of the three worst ones, because this post isn't about slamming them – it's about slamming the time-wasting publishers who put them ...

William McIlvanney


Nanny McPhee...or Miss Taylor?

Reviews of books…and occasional other stuff.

robert burns

Marcel Marlier – Jean-Lou et Sophie en Bretagne (2002)

andy dalziel

Steve ...

The Empire State Series: A Week in New York, Autumn in New York, Summer in Manhattan by Louise Bay

As if that weren't enough, he'll continue putting time into his own businesses (he's a renowned real-estate developer, mail-order businessman, ...

Some animals are more equal than others… Starving Russian children in the Volga region circa 1921 to 1922

2010-11-23 20.57.23

Prince Edward's visit to India in 1921 – he's the small one in the middle who looks like he's doing a Charlie Chaplin impersonation while wearing a ...

Most of the extracts are fairly short – no more than a couple of pages, and to be honest I didn't find them quite as mouth-watering on the whole as I was ...

Like it or not the summer heat is back and seems to be hotter than ever. You don't just need a drink, but an ice cold drink.

Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris

I bet she wouldn't look half so beautiful without the hat…

20 GREAT MOVIE HATS The greatest hat of all time: Indiana Jones' fedora in Raiders of the Lost Ark The shoe hat Katherine Helmond dons in Brazil

Autumn, Krista & Cory Miller - I was Here (April 20, 2012)

As I grow older, I have been buying detective and suspense thriller books, then transitioned to Chic Lit Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella for light ...

Julia McKenzie - great actress and a fine Miss Marple, but oh, how they


Category A grand champin Sofia Madriaga with her artwork

Book 1 of my 20 Books of Summer

From the James Whale film adaptation of 1933. It's Claude Rains, of course – didn't you recognise him?

... between the Chechen separatists and Chernomyrdin during the hospital hostage crisis in 1995. For me, this story didn't work as well as the others, ...

Body and Soul (James Wong Howe, 46) The brutal life of the boxer, inspected for the first time on film by the invincible, Japanese-born James Wong Howe

45th European Muscle Conference in Montpellier, France

13 ) Holy Motors (France. Leos Carax) Cloud Atlas gets canned by many critics, while this equally wild mess of a movie about the connections we all share ...