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Snake ook duh Nostalgia t Nostalgia

Snake ook duh Nostalgia t Nostalgia


Snake (ook duh)

Luckily with the moving queues we get into coach number seven at 8am. Phewks, it would be embarrassing to call our travel agent and explain how we got late ...


Nostalgia Overload #2

Yeah, I know those are six words not four. Just as we were played. We get to the station in the nick of time which we realize was a gamble since they ...

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This was a simple, basic but totally bad ass cover that showcased how cool the character was-proving you just can't ever go wrong with a god damn ninja!!

Hoe tof was het om deze te bouwen?

Deze oranje doos met K'nex móést je hebben

I remember the horrible noise it made during the dialling progress and if you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time!

The Glorious Koopa Kingdom

Klittenband was nog nooit zo leuk met deze scatch-vangset

bassie en adriaan

What A Wonderful Kind of Saturday!!! Nostalgia Post ft Arthur , Fresh Prince, + Boyfriends. '

Nokia 3310 and NES Classic: Nostalgia is the new black

papel de carta

Nostalgia Hitting Me Hard

Rainbow fish!

Sowieso dat je tandarts of dokter deze had staan in de wachtkamer


LIZ: Aim ...

En deze gekke dingen met gel, glitters en soms vissen.

LIZ: No, the worst was the scene at NIMH showing the rats getting injected and tortured, and all the sad caged monkeys and rabbits and, ugh.

7 Early '00s Pop Star Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Nostalgia-Loving Soul

Find this Pin and more on Nostalgia! by Inge van den Heuvel.


G.I. Joe: A Real American Stroke of Genius

About the game


Hallo Eindhoven... toen het Catharinaplein nog een straat was!

Of course, when one thinks of a business that both entertains and educates, one can't help but think of The Science Zone.

greg phone

I couldn't pull everything out of there because it was just so full of random stuff. If you enlarge the photo you can spot the open box with ...

Cover artwork: Robert Nixon

... simplistic and nostalgic. THEN, when you add my fun fact on top the glove is comprised of an M and a B because of baseball, it puts the hat on another ...

NCBI ROFL: Real men prefer curvy cakes and straight snakes.

Men's V-Neck T-Shirt by Canvas

Channel Awful - Epic Take-Down rebuttal of Channel Awesome BvS review by Wildcard Comics (R-RATED)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

... than heavy-handed comic strips from over thirty years ago? Join the table, for a big helping of nostalgia, extra cringes, and unintentional laughs!

It's interesting that both of these ...

Before video games and computers and smart phones swallowed childhood whole, kids played board games. And since it was the free-wheeling '90s, ...


An Excerpt from Ottessa Moshfegh's Upcoming Novel, 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' - VICE


Republicans Won't Win Unless They Start Electing Cannibal Dictators - Reason.com

Nintendo Nostalgia...: tetsugaku ?

Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser

... American Rugged Masculinity Sweepstakes, in an outfit that so clearly gives the middle finger to American ideals of what a Rugged Man Hero would wear, ...

This is the bi-weekly visible open thread (there are also hidden open threads twice a week you can reach through the Open Thread tab on the top of the page) ...

You Might Think This is a Snake, But It's Actually An Unbelievable Miracle of Nature - Just Some Normal Snakes... | Memes

Pokemon Ponies: Present Hype and Past Nostalgia written by Shadowed Rainbow

Do any of those look familiar? Probs. Here are 37 CDs you and I had/still have at our parent's house in order of release date. Happy nostalgia!

Aliens Xray Movie Film Fan Unisex T-Shirt, Alien, Prometheus, Horror Movie T -Shirts

And lest we forget: Harrison ...

futurama commercial

Ladies Halloween Costume White Baggy Unisex T-Shirt I'm A Ghost DUH!

1. The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

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Parseltongue fandom womens tshirt slytherin inspired tee


Spiders and penises are two things most people want to keep far, far apart. Until now. New research suggests that the venom of one aggressive arachnid could ...

Too Much Nostalgia

KATE: There used to be this Goth bar in the French Quarter called the Whirling Dervish, and I'd get my The Cure on and go do ...

Media Source. A snake?

Duh, it's obviously meant for inverted lesbian kisses!

... and today we look at the games that may end up being Game of the Year Contenders this holiday season. Click to read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


I feel like it was not too long ago, that I read that Hot Snakes are in the studio. While I was very excited I was also a bit weary.


I've just uploaded that cover to this post while listening to Forgotten Eighties on Absolute 80s radio and I'm feeling all nostalgic. I still love 80s music ...

“Honestly, Darius, you can't be thinking of wearing that to an audience with the queen,” I said. For myself, I'd chosen a somewhat faded pink gossamer gown ...


... franchise into the ground, the soundtrack to the first installment is great for a road trip with delicate ears. It's also a hefty dose of nostalgia for ...

Nokia Milks Nostalgia By Bringing Back Its 'The Matrix' Banana Phone


Which brings us to another surprising realization, which was how long it had been since either Liz or I had actually seen Raiders. I had been laboring under ...


Fair warning: You're about to enter a place of extreme '90s nostalgia. But we're not going to talk about Kurt Cobain or Friends or get wistful about the ...

After the performance, Cuoco posted a few Instagram snaps to give us some behind-the-scenes scoop. Like this one, proving she is all of us when confronted ...

I'm feeling so nostalgic right now hahaha Sesshoumaru is my favorite character, I loved every episode he was in, and I always wanted to know more about his ...

Geek Sheets - Second Week of October

A close up of a Catesby's snail eating snake (Dipsas catesbyi) a pretty but

The caterpillar not only looks like a snake, but has also evolved to mimic a snake's movements. This video will give you an idea of just how uncanny (and ...

You have to scrub the nuts really hard. Get rid of all of the glued on gangrenous avocado corpse entrails. You really don't need anything to smell any more ...

But “people don't understand when they talk about Father Time, and they look at my injuries. They're equating that to others who have ...

All Images: Carlos Zahumenszky/Gizmodo en Español

WIN the Iconic Nokia Matrix Banana Phone (That Comes Pre-Loaded with Snake)

Although the caterpillar looks like it has the head of a snake, its actual head is the small bump at the tip of the snake's head. That way the caterpillar's ...