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Slope Doodle Notes Cool Math Stuff t Algebra Math

Slope Doodle Notes Cool Math Stuff t Algebra Math


Slope Doodle Notes | Cool Math Stuff!!! | Pinterest | Math, Algebra and Notes

Slope "Doodle Notes" for Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 - integrating the right and left brain hemispheres

Slope Doodle Notes Math Tutor, Teaching Math, Algebra Activities, Maths Resources, Classroom

Doodle Notes for types of slope - Algebra 1

Math Classroom · Slope Doodle Notes

Doodle Notes for Algebra! Slope- Intercept Form Algebra Interactive Notebooks, Maths Algebra,

Doodle Notes - Multiplication Facts - So EASY to Use! PPT Included!

Perfect for Algebra INB. Finding Slope Student Notes with examples for various methods. Math

Slope Doodle Notes

All About Slope Doodle Notes | Geometry | Pinterest | Algebra, Math and Teaching math

Slope Doodle Notes

Slope-Intercept Form Doodle Notes

... Doodle Notes - 3rd Grade Math Strategies for Solving Multiplication & Division

Math Activities · Graphing in Slope Intercept Form Doodle Notes

Complete, Free Guide to Teaching Slope

... Ratios, Unit Rates Doodle Notes

Football Math Activities for this Week

... BUNDLE Unit: Decimals - Math Doodle Note Brochures for Interactive Notebooks

... Algebra 1 - Graphing and Calculating Slope (All 4 kinds) - Foldable

Math Doodle - Multiplying Decimals by Decimals - So EASY to Use! PPT Included!

... RATIOS AND RATES Doodle Notes - Interactive Math Notebooks ( Study Guides )

Slope Doodle Notes Slope Doodle Notes

... 5th Math Doodle Note Study Guides

Adding Integers Doodle Notes Adding Integers Doodle Notes

... Identifying & Calculating Slopes from a Graph

Doodle Notes - 6th Grade Math ALL the DOODLE NOTES ~ So Fun and Engaging!

Build Algebraic Reasoning Skills by Explicitly Teaching What so Many Textbooks Neglect: Substitution vs.

My recent doodling.

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Free Teaching Guide for Algebra: Slope of a Line

free doodle desk cards for algebra, geometry, and pre-algebra

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Math Doodle Notes Math Doodle Notes


Image titled Take Perfect Math Notes Step 13

Three Rules for Tackling a World-Famous Math Problem – Math with Bad Drawings

Pretty cool, right?

Despite reading and responding to ...


Teaching Slope Through a

So this year, I decided to expand on that idea with these doodle notes! I had already introduced variables with symbols on the first day of school, ...

Free Inquiry-Based Discovery Lesson for Slope - Algebra

Free Quiz - Slope of a Line

So I decided to use this as a chance to test some online math programs in the meantime. Prodigy Game being one of them. Read on for my Prodigy Math Game ...



(This one feels like an instant classic to me.)

Lovin' Literal Equations

Art Coloring Page

By ...

Who needs Pythagoras' theorem?


Students battle using their math skills to attack their opponents ships. Correct space and solution

Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School

iStep is a great way for students to verbally communicate math concepts.

It's fun to see them take pride in their work. I was very proud of my Algebra INBs last year, but this year's are already better!

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School geometric pattern. Drawing background with measuring tools for kids, school textile, covers

I got 39 replies, 39 tributes to math's ...

How my students discovered the distance formula

Eight students started at (7,4) and used the slope to fill out a table or list of points until they reached the point (13,0).

Thinkster Math offers a broad and varied curriculum

The kids enjoyed learning about how math can be useful and how it can solve problems. They also loved hearing how Thales fell in the well!

I love games in general, but also in math class. We play many games as a family and love to bring in others to play. I had the good fortune to go ...

Going back to the four quadrants, here are a few examples of champions who've stayed within their boxes. Illaoi has been niche for a while, whereas Annie ...

…as part of a series of Halloween math candy blogposts that also included candy corn Sierpinski triangles (which showed up as a video some number of ...

I think this is a really cool piece of student work. Some background: it came from a 3rd Grader, and this was the second (or third?) day in our visual ...

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Ensure you review the papers with a mark scheme and take the time to understand why your answer might be wrong instead of marking your work without looking ...


No question that this was not as effective as a worked example or something else more carefully designed for learning. But I wasn't aiming ...

All of these shapes have the same height — 4 — but they otherwise differ. The first is a rectangle that has area 8. Next was a parallelogram: also area 8.

Teaching the Pythagorean Theorem with doodle notes from Math Giraffe. Check out all 13 engaging

Following my post on How to Make Notes on a Laptop, I received another lovely ask to describe how I make notes for subjects that have lots of workings and ...

As you can see, I did not write a ton to each student, what was important is that I wrote something. What was important is every day I spent 1-2 minutes ...

#1 Friend Of Mine's Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test


Pythagorean Theorem task cards get students the practice they need. Task cards are versatile additions

Click on the picture to try the applet.

This doodle note page on subject and predicate has students color-code in the practice area as they identify the parts of the sentences.


I asked him to complete as many of the problems as he could during the next 10 minutes or so. Then we'd chat about what he got right, what he got wrong, ...