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Seriously Sakura Haters Get a life get a brain and stop saying

Seriously Sakura Haters Get a life get a brain and stop saying


Seriously, Sakura Haters, Get a life, get a brain, and stop saying

Even in many years, we will still be looking for Hinata's personality.

I see a lot of memes, making fun of Sakura because of this sentence, as if she said she was as strong as Naruto and Sasuke. Thus I had to make that ...

Seriously, haters... Sakura wasn't born with any special skills, she isn't from a famous and powerful clan, but she still ended up being one of the best ...

Did I say that Sakura is awesome? Not enough, in my opinion 🤔😍

[Sidenote: this picture here clearly shows what I've been telling you, that being a ninja is also a deal of great intellect. Haters being shut up, again, ...

Really, haters?

... she's pretty insecure about her looks and as a normal pre-teen girl she has a crush. People always hate her for that, but really now, who didn't have ...

Say something bad about Sakura, everyone finds that normal and funny. Say something bad about Hinata, everyone loses his mind and start being…

And some haters say that Hinata is more useful than Sakura... Tsss... Hinata is a useles and weak bitch. #HinataMemes

... a man with a certain age behind him and Kakashi with a vast experience tell him to stop acting that way, but yet, somehow, only Sakura gets the hate.

Say something bad about Sakura, everyone finds that normal and funny. Say something bad about Hinata, everyone loses his mind and start being f*cking ...

A normal conversation with Hinatards

While acting full of themselves, they try to engage her in order to get past to Sasuke, Sakura being the smart one that she is, already had planned another ...

Resumindo: Sakura disse para Hinata ter sua própria personalidade

I must admit that at the beginning, I didn't hate Hinata that much, I just found her annoying and boring, but that's all. It's really her fanbase which ...

Contrary to the popular belief that all she did in part 1 was freeze and do nothing, when not even Sasuke could react because of the fear and wanting to ...

As Kakashi and Zabuza start fighting throughout these two fighting, Kishi introduces to us the concept of the what a true Shinobi meant at that time, ...

Or I should say "the most annoying, pointless and useless character ever" . < < < Okay I don't like her, she's not as strong as Sakura, but she's not that bad

At that time, Naruto doesn't understand too good what Haku exactly meant, he just has some flashbacks about him protecting Iruka, Kakashi protecting them ...

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Ino should get the hate, no. I am saying that no one should get the hate because the author is bringing some comedic ...


After the team's assemble, the next scene is Naruto (disguised as Sasuke) meeting with Sakura. We learn here about her inner self, about her insecurities, ...

Now, let's get continued with this. After the team's assemble, the next scene is Naruto (disguised as Sasuke) meeting with Sakura.

Haruno Sakura:the character, the meaning, the hate by ChatteArt on DeviantArt

She is a bit superficial here, once again, but it was part of her character, the character that makes mistakes and will further learn from those mistakes.

look if she was

But how fair is comparing her to them? They are god like characters. Looking at just her, she is an equal to tsunade, the legendary sannin, or maybe better, ...

... she's a member of Team 7, and above everything else, she's a fictional character. Do the fandom a favor and get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

because 1:shes a bitch 2:she always hits naruto 3:she never

They hate her for being a normal teenage girl. Honestly, I don't

#antisakura #sakura #anime #naruto #sakurahaters #アニメ

Sakura White

do you Sakura fans know why some people hate Sakura?

Sakura - it's kind of funny the way her expression gets progressively less determined.

( @cherry_blossom_impact )

everyone in naruto has a special ability that they use and relay on A LOT


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I actually really like Sakura. (As

They call Sakura "weak" because she cries... But they call Hinata

Why do you hate Sakura?

さくら はるの🌸 (sakura Haruno) ( @sakura._.116 )

Deu até medo

( @cherry_blossom_impact )

like the f*ck Kishimoto

Dear Studio Pierrot, I hate you so much, that even my hatred towards you

Heck, even Naruto was afraid of her

Many people have whined about it. "OMG, why was Sakura introduced in that team, she serves for nothing!" The general misconception, of course. Why Sakura ...

It's always very difficult for Hinata's fanboys to realize that Hinata has lost all of her

Accurately deduces the mechanics of Kamui.

Naruto SAO AOT FMA TG ( @anime_naruto_others )

How to buy your dream home in Japan

Crucial in getting Sasuke out of the Desert Dimension.

Well personally I hate because she couldn't help naruto before in the original Naruto

Some try to justify it with evidence from the series but come on, just say you hate Sakura and go.

Become mindful and adopt meditative and somatic approaches in life:

I believe Sakura was made small chested to make her different from other main female protagonists; hot body and the main character's love.

oh sasuke lost his sword

There are a lot of people selecting Hinata but nobody cares. Sakura wants to be more beautiful than Ino while Hinata just wants to be with Naruto.

“Produce 48” Rumored Center Trainee Causes Netizens To Frown Upon Her Past

see, this is where future development can come in, bakugou has been through a lot of character developments, like i said in the bakudeku writing, ...

Happy Life


Impressions of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – A New Season after 18 Years

Sakura Is Not Useless 2k18

What did you just HATE about Street Fighter 4?

( @cherry_blossom_impact ). Get ur exclusive sakura hater ...

What did she make of her own? She got strong yes but she was literary fed everything from a Sannin with no deviation or anything new of her own.

Naruto was down, Sasuke was down, It was upto Sakura. Although she didn't win she held on till help arrived. She did cut her precious hair as well (Sasuke ...

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Just in case. Just in case someone doesn't know you can block anons. Stay safe. Don't listen to anonymous hate. Hate anons aren't worth your time.

( @cherry_blossom_impact ). Get ...

Top 5 strongest kunoichi in Naruto #Kaguya #Sakura #Tsunade #Mei #Konan

#boruto #canon #fandom #hinata #hyuuga #naruhina #narusasu #naruto #neji #novel #rant #sakura #sasukarin #sasuke #sasunaru #sasunarusasu #sasusaku #uchiha ...

Shinobi Rule 101: Duct tape thy breasts. Or at least wear a sports bra.

Back to Sasuke, because we all know her character sits on his dick. At the end, Sakura ...

questions ( @anti__sakura )

NO. Hinata is not like Kushina, and she's definitely not scary when she's angry

Sakura Is Useless

[Sorry Sakura fans but I just hate her, even when she got stronger in

#missyou #whateveryouwere #whoeveryouwere #HansLouis #nostslgic #funnymemories #sakurahaters #AkatsukiLords

Once again, shounen Sakura was annoying with her constant fangirling over Sasuke and absolute ignorance to Naruto. But she changed, true she still didn't ...

Sakura- Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto manga

To be fair, he has a horridly, disturbing giant butt.

Sakura at her fastest is able to evade Kaguya's hand. As Naruto would say:

She is a medical ninja, so this is perhaps the ultimate boost she can get. And it's not really cool when compared to the boosts the other two got.

Can I just say I will forever be amazed at the amount of development this little


She actually even starts to study the drugs Sasuke is dosing on.

And then we get to her biggest moments in Part 1, being useless. I know, big surprise. She went to Naruto crying asking for him to do something.

Hiyo, while I planned to make my Angie and Iruma analysis along with the ships post first, I wanted to get this out of the way celebrating Ouma's birthday.

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Karin Uchiha - sakura is ugly and useless as fuck.