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Screenshot 42 di DRAMAtical Murder Awesome Anime t

Screenshot 42 di DRAMAtical Murder Awesome Anime t


Aoba cosplaying Clear | Dramatical Murder

Aoba and Sei

Aoba Seragaki // I'm guessing Trip and/or Virus gave him this outfit? Or maybe it's Sly.


< Aoba x Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)

Clear Dramatical murder

Aoba | Dramatical Murder

Clear DMMD


Clear | Dramatical Murder

I ship Virus and Trip as well as Aoba with everyone else from DRAMAtical Murder. < < XD Aoba joined the ranks of ultimate ukes

Nice anime image from DRAMAtical Murder uploaded by SatanLove - Aoba and Ren Dog Ears




Aoba x Mink. Aoba & Mink. Dramatical Murder

DRAMatical Murder

Noiz x Sei

goodbye everyone CUTE ANDROID B Y E FOREVER. Murder 3DRAMAtical ...

Dmmd - Aoba

More hot threesome/Aoba,Trip,Virus/DRAMAtical murder

Honya Lala, Nitro+CHiRAL, DRAMAtical Murder, Koujaku, Seragaki Aoba

Hand-painted anime wallpaper with trees

Dramatical Murder. Evil robot Clear. This is totally awesome

Screenshot 42 di DRAMAtical Murder

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Noiz Dmmd, Nitro Chiral, Dramatical Murder

#anime #Otaku. Bl GamesDRAMAtical MurderAnime ...

Aoba DRAMAtical murder I love his hair

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Dmmd - Ren and Aoba. DRAMAtical MurderConfessionsOtp

This is also ren but in a different body!

Aoba - DRAMAtical Murder re:connect [DMMdre]

Clear my baby!

DRAMAtical Murder, Clear, I cried like a baby when he was in Aoba's arms.

"Fem Clear from DRAMATical Murder (I kinda don't like the braids :/)" - (cr: the owner)

Dramatical Murder

Mink Aoba Ren Tori dmmd. Bl GamesDRAMAtical MurderAWESOME ANIME MinkAppreciation

Dramatical Murder

Mink x Aoba~DRAMAtical Murder

Dmmd - Aoba

Noijaku, kounoi, whatever you call it, is awesome!

(DRAMAtical Murder)

Aoba x Virus (BL Game: Dramatical Murder)

Chibi Edition : DRAMAtical Murder Chibis (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・

Koujaku x Aoba // Dramatical murder

dramatical murder, sei, and dmmd image

Noiz & Koujaku · DRAMAtical MurderYuriANIME ...

beautiful Clear - DRAMAtical Murder Others


Clear ~ DRAMAtical Murder ~~~ oh sweetheart ♥♥♥

Mink x Aoba dmmd. Bl GamesDRAMAtical MurderAWESOME ANIMEMink

Aoba you are the biggest uke around the universe wtf man? Akdj That part was so funny XD Aoba pls XD

Aoba x Virus&Trip (BL Game: Dramatical Murder)

Dmmd · DRAMAtical MurderDurarara!!KuroshitsujiDeath NoteManga & gamesAWESOME ANIMEChibiNARUTOAnimated Cartoons

Browse DRAMAtical Murder aoba Drammatical Murder collected by Jovanie Mendo Pacaldo and make your own Anime album.

Pixiv Id 3555899, Nitro+CHiRAL, DRAMAtical Murder, Seragaki Aoba, Ren (

Mink x Aoba. MinkAWESOME ANIMEDRAMAtical ...

Dramatical murders watch this anime it's so damn cool

Aoba · Murder 3DRAMAtical MurderAnime ...

DRAMATICAL MURDER by mangOKappu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Dramatical Murder ~ Aoba x Koujaku

Dramatical murder, Aoba x clear, I feel like crying. Such a great ship! I feel sad about clear when he almost died, and crap but.

Nice reference for my OC!

Noiz x Clear

recently finished playing dramatical murder >//// < DRAMAtical Murder (c) Nitro+chiral Aoba

DRAMAtical Murder, Clear (DMMd), Gas Mask, Jellyfish, Android

Koujaku, Ren, Aoba · Anime's To WatchDRAMAtical MurderAWESOME ...

Find this Pin and more on DRAMAtical murder by Wonha.

DRAMAtical Murder || Episode One - Aoba x Kojaku

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DRAMAtical Murder


Dramatical Murder

Dramatical Murder | Koujaku | Noiz

Manga Blood Bank - Chapter 42 - Page 03

Dramatical Murder, I think?

minao nsfw doodles dmmd mink what u gonna do about it mink i can draw you doing whatever i want deal with it edit: i like the sketch better lmao

Why does he always look so hot - DRAMAtical Murder ~ DarksideAnime

Mink with Aoba Allmate dmmd

I don't watch DRAMAtical murder. But I get

Pinshe Onodera mi kokoro >:'v

dramatical murder, anime, and boy image

No larger size available

DRAMAtical Murder

Fcking sexy puppy) - DRAMAtical Murder

koujaku and noiz · DRAMAtical MurderI Ship ItAWESOME ANIMEOtpMangaManga ...

Aoba and Ren ^_^ (DRAMAtical Murder). Murder 3Best anime ...

Virus is so good looking...if only he wasn't a sadistic. DRAMAtical MurderAWESOME ANIMEHot ...

Haha, Koujaku didn't expected that. (cr:the owner) · DRAMAtical Murder YuriOtpGlass

(Aoba x Noiz) (Dramatical Murder) - Chapter "Clear, otro rival mas"

Aoba x Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder)

Noiz - DRAMAtical Murder

Dramatical Murder: ᎪᎤᏴᎪ

Mink x Aoba (my least favorite) < < i don't hate it, it's just not my favorite but they do have beautiful fanart sometimes

Ciel Fanart <3

Dramatical Murder: Koujaku