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Ravenclaw House Crest on Pottermore my personal house

Ravenclaw House Crest on Pottermore my personal house


New Pottermore - Ravenclaw Crest by ChromoManiac on DeviantArt

... my House, which makes me feel that I belong there! Needless to mention that I do also like the eagle and it seems to be a really prestigious emblem to ...

Harry Potter House of Ravenclaw Hogwarts Crest Patch 4 3/4"

As you can see my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw which I am very happy with as I like how Ravenclaws are often slightly (or very) weird like me and that it is ...

Helga Hufflepuff Pottermore Ravenclaw House Hogwarts Drawing - crest

Fan-drawn Ravenclaw House crest

Hogwarts Houses · Pottermore Ravenclaw Crest (1024×768) Harry Potter Printables, Sorting Hat, Design

Sorting Hat Ravenclaw House Pottermore Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts - claw

The classic Hogwarts Houses.

After you complete the quiz, you'll see your own Hybrid Hogwarts House emblem. Then you can visit CrestCrossed's online store to buy your Hybrid House gear!

What House are you in on Pottermore.com?

What Your Hogwarts House Actually Says About You. This is so accurate, I'm a Ravenclaw and it's completely right!

Hogwarts house themed covers unveiled for Philosopher's Stone - Pottermore

Hogwarts Crest by the designers Mina Lima

The ravenclaw emblem is an eagle that soars where other can't climb and the house colours are blue and bronze that symbolise the sky and the wings of an ...

Hogwarts house themed covers unveiled for Philosopher's Stone - Pottermore

Congratulations to Ravenclaw again for winning the House Cup! Copyright of Pottermore


A picture of the four Pottermore house crests arranged in a square, with Slytherin in

Day Which house - Pottermore originally sorted me in Ravenclaw which is my house of choice. Because Pottermore changed though, I was resorted into ...

Ravenclaw House Crest.JPG

I took Pottermore and I got Ravenclaw, so I'm glad my friends and me don't have to die any time soon. I can find a solution!

A Pottermore help blog

Ravenclaw Print By Lost In Hogwarts - Ravenclaw House Crest Printable

Hogwarts house themed covers unveiled for Philosopher's Stone - Pottermore

Bloomsbury releases Chamber of Secrets house editions. The Pottermore News Team

My pottermore house is Hufflepuff... idk how I feel about that🤔 I

We would like to congratulate Slytherin on winning the third Pottermore House Cup. However, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff all deserve a mention, ...

... the new Pottermore House Cup has been awarded! Congratulations ...

Ravenclaw Scarf

The Inaugural Pottermore House Cup

... whim and not to be the clichéd hero or villain, then realized I actually been sorted the same house on Pottermore!! Yasss!!! #Ravenclaw #HogwartsMystery ...

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Helga Hufflepuff Pottermore Hogwarts - crest

With Harry Potter and The Cursed Child debuting in London, the ”Which House Are You In?” question has been making its way around. But while sorting quizzes ...

The Ravenclaws of Pottermore · Home

The fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room

#texasgaltreasures #etsy #ebay

Let's hear the Sorting Hat about Ravenclaw :

House Ravenclaw Poster by LiquidSoulDesign ...

MediaMy Pottermore House!

Hogwarts house themed covers unveiled for Philosopher's Stone's 20th anniversary

hogwarts crest

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Four words that are significant in the life of any Potter fan.

Harry reads the engraving on Gryffindor's Sword with Dumbledore.

Hogwarts Houses

yes! the ravenclaw, just where i want to be; but whatever house you're in actually doesn't matter, what matter most here is that you get to meet new friends ...

Hogwarts House Crests - sm

Hogwarts Ilvermorny

Ravenclaw Crest Adult Blue T-Shirt


As part of their reward for winning the Pottermore House Cup, Slytherin will be able to explore the new chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, ...

great hall Pottermore

Image of Beauxbatons Crest from the designers Mina Lima

... the Gryffindor one ...

If you went to Hogwarts, which House would you be in? Where did Pottermore sort you? Identifying with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin is one ...

I wanted to keep it preppy and smart, so a studious Ravenclaw can go straight from the library to lunch with the girls. Ravenclaw Crest ...

Today was a flurry of excitement as Pottermore was updated with the story of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, as well as the sorting process for ...

Free Printable Harry Potter Hogwarts House Bookmarks to save your spot with your favorite Hogwarts House

What Is Your Hybrid Hogwarts House?

But according to J.K. Rowling, and the Sorting Hat on Pottermore, my TRUE House is Slytherin

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_luluberyl on Twitter: "In game I picked my house based on a whim and not to be the clichéd hero or villain, then realized I actually been sorted the same ...

As you can see, the crest versions have all three colors - blue, bronze, and light blue, so you can probably be liberal about it.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Ravenclaw Edition - Livros na Amazon Brasil- 0642688062927

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone,Pottermore,Bloomsbury Publishing

SampleCards. Hybrid House crests ...

Fourth Pottermore House Cup

... your Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw crest courtesy of Pottermore.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Ravenclaw Edition - J. K. Rowling (Paperback)

The Forgotten Houses

hogwarts houses; gryffindor; hufflepuff; ravenclaw; slytherin; Harry Potter Houses, Harry


... Houses Crests 1440x900 wallpaper · Download · 1600x844 ... to expand it and find out if you're amongs the

Here's the thing: The comparisons between houses in Hogwarts and houses in Ilvermorny are going to come up for multiple reasons, but they're designed to.

Source: Pottermore

Helga Hufflepuff Harry Potter Hogwarts Ravenclaw House Slytherin House - Harry Potter

811x986 A Hogwarts Haiku Hilarity Is

Pottermore Ravenclaw Background

... perfectly represents the legacy of each house. Paperbacks | via Pottermore / Bloomsbury

theravennerd: “ This broke so many stereotypes. BUT WHY ARE THE HUFFLEPUFFS NOT THE

Let's Get This House Business Sorted Out (The Nerdiest Self-Reflection Ever)

Ravenclaw House Crest on Pottermore (my personal house) | Graphic .

Blue and Bronze are the Ravenclaw House colours.

Ravenclaw House Crest on Pottermore (my personal house .

... the Hogwarts houses and which attributes they best embody. harrypotter (Photo: Pottermore)

My Hogwarts Diploma: Pottermore Edition by joekabox ...

Fan Art Pottermore Ravenclaw Crest Wood Wall Decor Home

Also there's articles and people connected to your house so you can discover evereything about your house, like which famous people belonged to your house ...

604x800 Slytherin House Crest By Angfrank On Redbubble Harry Potter