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Pin uivatele Tang Yang na nstnce Hmong t

Pin uivatele Tang Yang na nstnce Hmong t


Fujian Famous Folk Religion


The Golden Peaches of Samarkand: A Study of T'ang Exotics

The Mother Tree

By Kevin Short

Farmers harvest cannibis at a licensed farm in Tochigi Prefecture

Country ...

Mañjuśrī crossing the sea. Japan

Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan, late 16th century, Muromachi



A ...

Rethinking schooling for the 21st century: the state of education for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship in A

One of Japan's Three Sacred Treasures seen here in a box behind the emperor and empress

Ainu cloud motif and their creation myth of deity's descent on five-colored cloud

Eos and the slain Memnon on an Attic red-figure cup, ca. 490

Husa na Rádle (David)

Tanzaku hung on bamboo

Noro priestess of Ryukyu. Meiji and Taisho eras(1868-1926) source:

The embracing Sky Father and Mother Earth and the Heavenly Ropevine

A bear that Yoshikawa has been rearing since catching it as a cub after he shot

Maneki neko beckons to you

Ohaguro ...

Red jasper tit amulet of Nefer

Daibutsu statue on Nokogiri Mountain in Chiba, Japan. Jingorō Eirei Ōno and his apprentices

Layout of cosmically heaven-aligned city, Changan of the Tang Dynasty, Shaanxi History

Tannhäuser: Anja Harteros (Elisabeth) | Cyperpunk | Pinterest | Presents, Opera and Orchestra

World Music A Global Journey - Terry E. Miller_ Andrew Shahriari.pdf | Absconder Dream - Academia.edu


The more compact and popular form of kadomatsu that is ubiquitous in front of stores Japan

Flyways ...

Nageire do

The ...

A Tibetan wall painting in Sumtseling monastery depicting Yama, the Lord of Death who holds

Kagamijishi – possession of spirit masks, the lion dance spirit and lion guardians | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

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Study notes: Niuheliang relics – Mother goddess figurines and temple | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE


Notes: Gardens and mausoleums of early Japan were influenced by the Persian concepts of paradise…


Docked dragon boat during the Hari in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan.

Saidaji Eyo naked festival

This wood carving depicting two griffins was also found in the grave. It was.

Nagasaki Kunchi

There is a shrine dedicated to Kanayago Photo credits: Hitachi Metals Yasugi factory.

View of Karatsu Bay from top of Kagamiyama mountain, where Sayohiko is said to have been waving to Sadehiko from.

Kanashibari (金縛り) – sleep demons

NINGYO mer-creatures and the Yao Bikuni folktale

Cultural heroes named Taro/Taru and agricultural gods in elderly garb

Notes: A study of circles, triangles and “keyhole” motifs — Tanit-Astarte-Asherah symbols | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

Iwafune Shrine (Image: Wikipedia)

Gojinto, Ryosenji, Kamakura

Noro, the virgin fire custodian and the legend of ancestral fire from the Dragon's Palace | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

Pottery ...

clock cogs

Oshirasama and Sacrifices to the Silk gods | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

Worldly ...

Source: JTB Publishing Inc.

Bamboo Skewers 6"

The Conference of the Birds

Aptamil Junior Gold+ 4 Formula (From 2 Years)

Anthropology of Globalization: A Reader Edited by Jonathan Xavier lnda and Renato Rosaldo | Map | Anthropology

Bamboo Shoots Sliced


... el deporte en la escuela. Todo ha estado gestionado por la empresa AdE. Los monitores/as prepararon actividades para finalizar el curso.

Notes: Comparing musubi binding deities and the meaning of the binding power | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

36cm Steel Skewers 12pcs

Red Vinegar

Study notes: Slavic Sun deities and cosmology | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

The twin fish, state symbol of Uttar Pradesh and commonly found on ancient buildings of Ayodhya, is the biggest clue to the link and the route undertaken by ...

Notes: Ahura Mazda, the Iranian and Proto-Indo-European supreme sky god … possibly related to Amaterasu? | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

Kopiko Cappuccino

Pork Dumplings with Watercress

Notes on the cock's role in the underworld and on Jizo's Central Asian origins | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE

Fantasy Asian Golden Metallic goddess Queen by MIMSYCROWNS on Etsy Floral Headdress, Fantasy Princess,

Lime Chutney (Sweet)



A Grade White Bowl 5" ...

Green Tea

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture pp 46- | Serena Malerba - Academia.edu

Myoren and the stories of flying rice bowls and granaries | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE


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Korean Hot Pepper Paste

AHP 48 GREAT LORDS OF THE SKY: BURMA'S SHAN ARISTOCRACY by Sao Sanda Simms | Asian Highlands Perspectives JOURNAL and Sao Sanda Simms - Academia.edu

Crispy Anchovy Snack & Wasabi Peas

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'Pair of Gilt-Bronze Dragon Head Ornaments,' China (sixth century)


A twin fish motif is seen adorning a shrine of The fishing deity Ebisu in Miyako