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Pin by Trent Shaw on DRUMPF t

Pin by Trent Shaw on DRUMPF t


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These are some of the reasons why I wouldn't feel good about voting for Donald Trump. He's not interested in freedom for ALL. 5 Things That Prove Donald ...

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Donald Trump really isn't going to like his Newzoids puppet

Explore Donald O'connor, Donald Trump, and more!

Trump is not above the law, in fact, he should be held to a higher standard as he swore an oath to uphold and abide by the laws of the land.

Find this Pin and more on DRUMPF by Trent Shaw.

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Find this Pin and more on DRUMPF by Trent Shaw.

Trump Is an Inspiration –To Artists & Designers, Anyway…

Find this Pin and more on DRUMPF by Trent Shaw.

Find this Pin and more on DRUMPF by Trent Shaw.

The U.S. Justice Department made an unusual argument to a federal court last night, claiming that Obamacare's protections for people with pre-existing ...

Steve King, R-IA, wears his Heartbeat Bill pin during a Congressional hearing on the legislation Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews


Trump Administration Official Secretly Wrote NY Times Op-Ed Confirming He's TERRIBLE!

Palestinian young people face grim employment prospects | The Times of Israel

Captain Shotover (Miles Anderson) (photo: T. Charles Erickson)

James Wallert and Rachael Holmes in Shaw's “Widowers' Houses.” Credit Dixie Sheridan

Lindsey Graham may have had lunch with Trump, but he is not messing around. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump Is Mentally ILL! Lady GaGa Is Amy Winehouse! Ariana CANCELS! And… | Perez Hilton

Kim Kardashian Is 'Trying To Support' Kanye West After Trump Meeting – Hollywood Life

Michael Che Drops N-Word For Donald Trump Diss On Weekend Update – Hollywood Life

Donald & Melania Trump React To John McCain's Death & Send Prayers – Hollywood Life

Things have not been particularly sunny in Indianapolis under general manager Ryan Grigson.

Stephen Colbert Urges Donald Trump To Flee After Resistance Revealed In White House

Deadpool 2's Eddie Marsan joins the cast of Hobbs & Shaw

President Trump at a meeting monitoring Hurricane Harvey, August 27, 2017

Bailey Palmer


Trump Slams Taylor Swift After Her Political Endorsement of TN Democrat – Hollywood Life

Cantina Talk: Carrie Fisher Won't Star in Star Wars: Episode IX After

On Wednesday, President Trump revealed his plan to give our tax code a major overhaul. Nothing is set in stone yet, and there weren't many details, ...

See Twitter Reactions & Disses – Hollywood Life

Jon Huntsman ends his 2012 presidential bid in South Carolina. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Omarosa Says Brett Kavanaugh Testimony Showed Dark Side, Distraction Good for Trump

Rick Perry talks with Ted Cruz before being sworn in as the Energy secretary last week. (Erik S. Lesser/EPA)

Hugh Jackman on Ivanka Trump Friendship: 'We Don't Talk Politics'

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T HURS DAY , AP RI L 1 3 , 2 0 1 7 • $2 .0 0 • KC C h ro n ic l e .co m

Donald Trump Jr. Just Loves It When Daddy Attacks the Press

Taraji P Henson Leaving Person of Interest

Ben Affleck Dumps Shauna Sexton To Focus 'On His Sobriety, Family, And His Next Project'

Man, Donald Trump Would Make for a Great Chatbot

Very Smart Brothas How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother | Deadspin Why Your Team Su | Utter Buzz!

Dwayne Johnson


Elizabeth Banks, Elton John and Tim Robbins Join Michelle Obama's Turnaround Arts Program

Panel Charlie Hiett & John Bell - Outlander - The Land Con 2

Death of friend hits Wilfork hard

Ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman, who until Monday's in-person negotiations between President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un could ...

On Monday night, President Donald Trump announced his second Supreme Court nominee of his term: the DC Court of Appeals' Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Davy Appleton

Donald Trump made a show of humiliating Mitt Romney by pretending to consider him for secretary of state. He invited journalists to photograph them eating ...

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A guide to the sports figures speaking at the Republican National Convention

My Fantasy XI: Marauding Wingers, Sensational Strikers, Impervious Defence and more…


... Trump had more quotidian concerns bouncing back and forth across his tiny little brain. It was an apocalyptic year: 2012, end of the Mayan calendar and ...

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


Captain Shotover (Miles Anderson) (photo: T. Charles Erickson)

T-Mobile Fined $40 Million After Tricking Rural Customers With 'False Ring Tones'

... Secretary of State designate, and virulent homophobe Mike Pompeo on Tuesday. Taken together, they highlight a key fact of the Trump presidency: the old ...

The US Isn't Great at Meteorology. Under Trump, It May Get Worse

Ramazan Attasauov

Ivanka Trump talks with other guests at a luncheon in honor of International Women's Day. (Shawn Thew/EPA)

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Evan Goodall

John Krasinski God Particle

TIME CAPSULE Jason Shaw, Jason Smith & Jamie Kelly for Istante by Gianni Versace FallWinter

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Singer-songwriter Nate Martel plays acoustic roots rock music that doesn't skimp on soul. Martel is also a member of local psychedelic rock group, ...

A Vietnam War veteran receives a commemorative pin from Col. Jason Knight, 4th Mission


Instagram Probably Can't Predict Depression. GPS, Though…

MAIN-EVENT-min This Saturday Features 2 IMPACT Shows! One Night Only Night

Henry Cavill

Hollywood actors you may not know were conservative (NL)

Don't miss the touring production of The Color Purple, in which Alice Walker's emotional wringer about racism and female strength in Jim Crow-era Georgia ...

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... moviegoers and counting. Whether you're a casual viewer or a die hard fan, whether you checked ...

I don't know if Sharon is laughing or screaming about her fine for the Dragon Boat Banner in the Maritime Gig.


Panel Ian Somerhalder & Michael Malarkey - Vampire Diaries - Welcome to Mystic Falls 3

The 450 seat Norris Theatre was established in 1983 with state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and is managed by professionals. Jim Gruessing is the Artistic ...

Trent Alexander-Arnold (right) enjoys some down time with team-mates Kieran

TIME CAPSULE Jason Shaw, Jason Smith & Jamie Kelly for Istante by Gianni Versace FallWinter

IAM and Trump

Mueller is said to have told Trump he is not a target, but investigation continues

You won't believe how many ways oysters can be prepared. Fun to watch the shucking as well; they are unbelievably fast.

Panel Daniel Gillies - Welcome to Mystic Falls 3 - The Originals & Vampire Diaries

Thanksgiving American style: No, President Trump didn't reverse turkey pardons