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Pin by Skylar Night on DDLG t Daddy quotes

Pin by Skylar Night on DDLG t Daddy quotes



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this is me and my daddy

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Breakfast at Hannah's ♡ Baby Girl Princess, Daddys Little Princess, Daddy Dom Little

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Not all of this is appropriate for my baby, as she's new as my little. but some things I'll be doing frequently

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I love it when daddy gives me affirmation that he's jus my daddy :3

One you could add To names is love

Daddy will take care of you kitten very good

Daddy Dom Little Girl, Daddys Girl, Ddlg Quotes, Secret Secret, Kittens Playing

You didn't pin this one daddy *pout*

*tears slip down my face* Tank you, Daddy

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little Kitty of daddy, ddlg

This is definitely my nightmare and I had it before and I sobbed knowing my Daddy lives in a different country

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Ddlg - little space - little attack - Destiny Duplechain

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Minus the "daddy" parts

Things littles worry about Daddy Dom Little Girl, Daddys Girl, My Daddy, Ddlg

Teehee I say no all the time just to get a rise out of Mommy

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Daddy I'm wet

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I always feel bad whenever Daddy takes me it shopping because he always buys me candy and stuffies and nothing for himself

Ddlg Quotes, Little My, Kitten, Daddy, Cute Kittens, Kitty, Kittens

Connor y Foster

Duh-Damn~! Wish, daddy could do that in a public place~ #Ddlg #Tumblr #DirtyTalk

daddy, kitten, and little image Text Daddy, My Daddy, Daddys Little Girls

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"Ddlg ;) part 2" by pierce-the-chanchan-anons ❤

My daddy is 2 months younger than me

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Citation amour

UNDERAGE LITTLE @littlest.little goodnight everyone!!Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

*snuggles into Daddy*

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very true fellow littles Daddy Kitten, Baby Daddy, Daddys Little Girls, Daddy Bear

Daddy Dom Little Girl, Daddys Girl, My Daddy, Daddys Little Princess, Daddy

I don't have anyone ;^;


WHAT THE FUCKL Submissive, Daddy Dom Little Girl, My Daddy, Text Daddy,


Just simple ddlg scenarios Aléatoire

Can't wait until Daddy and I get our own place so we can have this every night ^^

Baby Quotes, Sex Quotes, Freaky Relationship, Relationship

Rules+Punishments For Dd/lg Couples


I say fight me a lot daddy #little #littlespace #littlecare #ddlgsupport…

Daddy's GirL.♪ƸӜƷ❣ ♛♪Sg33¡¡¡ ✿ ❀¸¸¸.•*´¯`❀ ✿ƸӜƷ Sooooo SweEts ¡¡¡ ✿ ❤❁¡ ✿ very funny 😁 mike? I'm impressed that you would explain it like that ...

#LittleAndProud Love Your Sister, Daddy Dom Little Girl, My

Bitch, Daddy Aesthetic, Pale Aesthetic, Aesthetic Quote, Pastel Pink, Pastel Grunge


Goals asf

In other words, the best night ever

I like dis one Ddlg Punishment, Daddy I Love You, Daddy Dom Little Girl

Things littles need to hear ☺️

Puss in Boots 😺. ✨ || иѕfω (@_.kxtten) • Instagram photos and videos featuring polyvore women's fashion clothing

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Ohmygods this is so brilliant!!! I'll never run out of stuffie names again!

Daddykink wallpaper

Bae Quotes

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Must play with my food. ✨ me with animal crackers

Oh is this not the best <3 I don't care what other girls say--it's sweet in a different kind of way

little, ddlg, littlespace, daddy, cute - iFunny :)

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It's true #ddlg #ddlglove #ddlglifestyle

Daddy, Even though your far faaar away you've made sure to give me all these things^.^ you've helped me become the person I am now and I'm so happy I have ...

I won't behave. So you'll have to spank me daddy

This is actually an eerily accurate depiction of me and my daughter.

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Just so you are aware as soon as that house comes through and we have are own space again, this will be happening.


Pin by Elle on *Little one* | Pinterest | Daddy, Daddy dom little girl and Daddy kitten

this explains why I love it when Daddy calls me Baby.

If someone ever gets the idea to pull this shit I'm finna beat their ass into a pULP

and mommies, and caregivers, but yes Ddlg Little, Little My, Daddys Princess

(I call it my nubbie for some reason, don't judge. Lol)