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Ok like I always loved the theory of twins Keith and Acxa BUT THE

Ok like I always loved the theory of twins Keith and Acxa BUT THE


Ok like I always loved the theory of twins Keith and Acxa BUT THE SIDE COMPARISONS

Ok like I always loved the theory of twins Keith and Acxa BUT THE SIDE COMPARISONS BASICALLY CONFIRM IT THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE | Anime | Pinterest | Twins, ...

It isn't exactly the same but there are some similarities, such as the colour. Finally the pupils of their eyes are both quite similar, with that stunning ...

Keith and Acxa the Blade of Marmora Twins in twin brother and sister theory from Voltron

Galra-Keith | Tumblr

I sketched me a queen. #acxa #voltron #baddiespic.twitter.com/U1Tzs3Se3o

Have some more Keith and Krolia art #voltron

acxa isn't related to keith in any way though... for now BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS THEY ARE TWINS/SIBLINGS . :)))

Keith and Acxa Swap AU anyone? I was bored and did this edit until 6am in the morning. I really liked how it turned out!

They're beautiful

cherryandsisters: i don't buy too much into the “acxa and keith are twins” theory but GOD is it a cute concept

I don't have anything to say about this #voltronseason5

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#acxa hashtag on Twitter

Lance edits for the soul :3

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If Shiro does indeed die Keith will need someone like Acxa to be with him. Imagine the Kogane siblings (maybe twins) against the Holt siblings against ...

Find this Pin and more on Voltron by piperwhitsitt.

this meme is so funny especially for this fandom

Find this Pin and more on Voltron! by ravensketch2002.

Find this Pin and more on Voltron: Legendary Defender by littlemonkey260.

Acxa looks so pretty in this style!

Just meme it!

“more than one character” I have a feeling Keith and Lance are going to. “

Casual #Acxa cuz....idk man #Voltron #fanart #galra

Pin by Foxeta Bridgewell on Klance | Pinterest | Fandoms, Fandom and Anime

Acxa-llent!- Acxa the Female Galra from Voltron Legendary Defender

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Praying keith

So it has already been said a lot that Keith and Acxa have a lot of physical similarities, as we can see :

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Krolia, Keith's Galra Mother from Voltron Legendary Defender

#voltron #acxa pic.twitter.com/J3IcZoyRvF

Krolia, Axca and Keith are related

We now have definitely-four-and-most-likely-five mixed-race galra in the cast to compare Keith to and what this would tell us is that galra genetics are ...


Look at these fools


... if this makes sense, but let me know what you think? If you think I'm wrong, or if I missed something, or if this was painfully obvious, let me know!

Which was the best? 1、Krolia 2、 Acxa Voltron cosplay by @khyvacraft

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Voltron ruined me.

WoW thanK Y oU... i ow e yOu My lIFe #Voltron #acxa pic.twitter.com/OSgzjg5bVT

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Bonus: Shiro falls in love with (short hair) Katie all over again ( as if he didn't already have a massive crush on her before they left anyways)


So, if the producers wanted to tell us that Axca and Keith are twins this would be some insane symbolism.


this is just a theory that happens to have keith lance and kuron in it | Tumblr

She's come a long way

WoW thanK Y oU... i ow e yOu My lIFe #Voltron #acxa pic.twitter.com/OSgzjg5bVT

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Okay but for real y'all,,,,, them

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Next up we have their fighting styles. Both of them act on instinct during battles, attacking their foes directly. Another small point is that they were ...

Looking at the girl in love with you:

Not the Red & Blue ships the fandom wants, but ones it Deserves

That's all that matters.” “Not all of us.”

led me to you

per aspera ad astra — Im the anon who asked about Dorma - do you think.

Despite the early belief that Acxa and Keith would run rampant out of Ulaz's control, he still insisted on being the one to teach them their letters and ...

Stanford Pines reflects on some details about his twin brother.

This character. While he may be new to some, he's actually a familiar face— the design is identical to a character from the 80′s Voltron:

The Voltron Theory Lab — paunchsalazar: Theory is… Keith and Acxa are.

Keith will protect Keith :)


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I personally believe s7 did Acxa dirty, but I still love her. - -

Translation: "I hate them because if kacxa and allurance happen my gay ship won


Caitlyn S ( @caitlyns_draws )

[ Art by @alattecrap ] - Acxa 💜 • Comment or DM me if I

What other flashbacks/forwards do you think Keith and Krolia saw? 🛸 I

has posted . . . ⠀ ⠀⠀☼ 🍃; Warrior OTP bro's 😩

by Dave Trumbore October 14, 2017

Klance/Fake Love

It's not it,, #voltron #vld #voltronlegendarydefender #keith #shiro #

I balled my eyes out in this scene when they were fighting. I love their

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•is typing• Okay so I agree with @keithcomplain (from whom I stole

I've heard of some theories that they'll be the new paladins, what are your thoughts? . . . . #voltron #shiro #lance #keith #pidge #klance #allura #coran ...

Which is your favourite? 💞💞 .

Alien gf Acxa 👽 Varför måste man förstöra bildkvalitén för att lägga upp saker #voltron

La @daellara me lo tradujo porque soy un asco en inglés ;; ,muchas

So RoMaNTic😍😍❤ 💕💕💘 - #keith #voltron #vld