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Marvelbut mostly Tony Stark

Marvelbut mostly Tony Stark


Art by Sassygreninja on Tumblr.

Tony Stark (IronMan) in all his positions , by rngrn!

Tony knighting Peter as an Avenger Art belongs to @helensilivren @tumblr

He might not seem quiet, but no matter how much he says, he doesn't actually say much. Never explains himself.

Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark | Pinterest | Infinity war, Infinity and Marvel

Peter^2 by @vivalski | Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark | Pinterest | Marvel, Infinity war and Marvel dc

My beautiful rabbit fave. Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

I will, for sure, but not because some nasty grape killed him. Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

Strange Loki and Thor! Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

We knew even then that it was love.

Sounds exhausting "Shuri get this man an eye" fake obviously. Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

DUM-E and tony with mjlonir

But mostly, it was the demeanor. RDJ is Tony Stark on the screen.

It would be far more awesome if it was Korg between them. Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

EXCLUSIVE: Doom meets Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme in Infamous Iron Man #9

avengers infinity war avengers 4 tony stark pepper potts kid morgan stark

Peter shares his secret with Tony StarkComics ...

avengers infinity war pepper potts tony stark child avengers 4 fan theory

Comics, oh why, oh why

Tony Stark Is The True Villain Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe | HuffPost

... Rings" the group the Mandarin controls in Iron Man 3 (2013) is the same group that takes Tony Stark hostage in Iron Man (2008).

And as long as I'm talking about Tony and his attitude, I have to share this:


(Photo: Stefano Caselli/Marvel Entertainment)

Unexpected feels from the first Iron Man movie ...

A few set images from Avengers 4 have leaked, potentially revealing some major plot details.


Marvel Studios


Loki on Sakaar not my work, If you know the artist comment it. Find this Pin and more on Marvel-but mostly Tony Stark ...

Tony Stark

With “Iron Man 3” already collecting $711 million at the global box office in its first two weeks, the question everyone wants to know the answer to is not ...

At age 4 he built his first circuit board,

DiscussionBesides Infinity War, this is the movie I'm most looking forward to ...

Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Studios

shuri canonically saying she's smarter than tony tony only being brought up to make fun of

Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Studios

Avengers Aesthetics, and Other Obsessions

She's A Stark (Peter Parker/Spider-Man X Reader)


'The Avengers' Love to Kiss Each Other in 'Age of Ultron' Blooper Reel (Video)

Image: Marvel Studios

Invincible Iron Man #595 (Preview) THE SEARCH.

Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Cover

The Cinapse team will program films and contribute our best, most insightful, or most creative thoughts on each film ...

The final spread is of Tony crying and staring at Steve's dead body. He confesses, "It wasn't worth it."

by marvelous-m

Probably kind of strangely, at least compared to most people I suppose, I've never been strictly a Marvel or DC person, to the point that I prefer one to ...

Tony Stark vs. Steve Rogers? It's (Civil) war.

Now Michael Keaton as Batman another decision that wouldn't have happened without the director . Tim Burton obviously saw something in his actor - friend ...

Paul Dano Talks SWISS ARMY MAN, SPACE JAM 2, and More

DiscussionAge of Ultron catches a lot of flack (deservingly so), but this was my favorite version of Tony Stark.

Disney/Ringer illustration

Ultimately both the decisions paid off well but Batman as we know is the most popular comic book character out there and he's been on screen for decades ...

Avengers Imagines

and finally at age 21, he steps up as the CEO of Stark Industries,

On the Scene: Pros Wrestle with Tony Stark's Appeal in 'Iron Man at 50

Not Marvel but.. come on is Jake Gyllenhaal 😍

... Marvel, but not Disney Marvel (so it's with the X-Men, but not the Avengers), is more of the same as the first one. And honestly, that's a good thing.

... playboy and genius weapons developer Tony Stark. As of today, he is credited as the original Avenger, and has starred in the most films in the MCU.

avengers infinity war tony stark cosmic test

(Click on the above image to open it full-size in another tab.)

A couple new photos from Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 have been circulating around the interwebs. The above photo was released on Marvel, but flew off most ...

ony Stark Iron Man #1 Banner

There was conflict beetwen Nova Corps and Green Lanterns.This war resulted in thousands deaths,within both corps.Also the Guardians all died,which resulted ...

and at 17, he graduated suma cum laude from MIT,

The most recent one was the scene with Pepper Pots, where they discuss on Tony's dream about them having a child, this scene:

Captain America Infinity War

Marvel loses creator of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales to DC | Ars Technica

Invincible Iron Man #595 (Preview) THE SEARCH.

To publish the digital version of "Avengers: Infinity War", we look at Tony Stark's future in "Avengers 4" and wonder: does he make Peter Parker die again?

... http://i.imgur.com/AuIw7eG.jpg ...

All New All Different Avengers 7

... concerted efforts have been made to keep him out of the suit and his own man throughout most of film.

Black Panther and the Avengers in Infinity War.

Threat Level: Odds of survival look as bad as ...

avengers infinity war how this story ended in the infinity gauntlet comics story

Amazon.com: Civil War II - Vol. 1-8 ( Magazine and Comic Book) (9781302901561): Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez: Books

Nerdist News: Who Did Negan Kill on WALKING…

... a bunch of different comic characters in there. its mostly marvel but i do have some from the dr who comic and some power girl (which is a dc comic).

Infinity Wars #1 Page 19

International Iron Man #7 Review: Tony Stark's Parents Revealed!

here's a close up of night crawler, spider-man (again i like how the web is in the picture), deadpool and power girl. i like the night crawler and how it's ...

avengers infinity war thanos gamora soul stone red skull

Avengers, iron man, and tony stark image

Now unlike my competitors, who creatively add obscure characters, I used familiar characters, yet new to new readers because some were severely underused.

and finally at age 21, he steps up as the CEO of Stark Industries,

Is this Tony Stark's swan song? (Image: MARVEL STUDIOS)

And then Tony Stark, in front of millions of people, falls back to earth limp and apparently lifeless. This is the moment that shocked me when I saw the ...


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