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Mad Max amp his Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dogs Rule My

Mad Max amp his Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dogs Rule My


Dog, Mad Max's Blue Heeler

Gypsy being cool.

My Australian Cattle Dog - Pele - there is no better breed!

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Dog. See more. Mmm puppy smell. Nothing better

Got my blue heelers to sit still for half a second ...

Australian Cattle Dog pup. I like medium size dogs. This breed can go the distance

Cattle Dog waiting for command.

blue heeler when we got her she had pneumonia, we have the best veterinarian ever, he fell in love with her while she was in the hospital, ...

Truly one of the bestest friends you'll ever have. Find this Pin and more on Australian Cattle Dogs / Red & Blue Heelers ...

Father teaching Son....this is the Cattle Dog stare my boy.

Brutus - Australian Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler - Queensland Heeler

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Reminds me of my beautiful Lizzie

An Australian Cattle Dog pup named Maddie enjoys a romp in the grass. She could be a Steiff! Look for Maddie all grown up elsewhere on this board.

Mad Max & his Blue Heeler!

Blue Cattle dog with a black spot over its eye

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Coolest looking dog I've seen in a while.

My 2 month old Australian Blue Heeler, Jackson

That dog(upper left corner) looks like smile dog from creepypasta

A Blue Cattle dog with a bandage on its right hind-leg

My last girl.

A puppy whose red hair has not yet developed

A cattle dog herding sheep in a pen. Australian ...

Cattle Dog head with an alert expression

Two Australian Cattle Dogs one of which is red and the other blue

Blue heeler - photo#3

Mad Max 2 '70's Dog Food Commercial: " 'Don't you feel better that finally your dog is getting enough cheese?' "

[ IMG]

Elderly red Cattle Dog walking in the bush

Mad Max 2 '

A Cattle Dog jumps over a hurdle. The ...

Smartest breed I ever met was the Blue Heeler.

[ IMG]

Check out my Beagle/cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dog puppy being dried after his bath

They are cool looking, and outstanding in their field. ...

Of course you can Blue Heeler Puppies

Edit: another more recent ...

We lost Beefy the day after he finished his championship. He ran out in the road! Goodbye sweet prince!

Aww here's my 1-year-old, ...



My last girl.

Her mom looked pretty much straight up cattle dog. Dad was probably part BC and part pitty or boxer, as Bonnie has some brindling visible in the sunlight.

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My Red Heeler mixed with who knows what (mom was a blue heeler): ...

Lovey litter 5-17-02


Go for it.

Australian Cattle Dog Naava.jpg

Mad Max 7 weeks old


Lovey litter 5-17-02

AKC Champion Timber Takn Care Of Business

Clooney 2012

Blue heeler - photo#14

[ IMG]

Shayna at 7 weeks old on 5-27-00

Cattle dog walking beside a plough drawn by two horses

[ IMG]

Red Heeler FTW!!!

Clooney 2010

Blue Cattle Dog walking down a driveway ahead of two boys with a toy wagon,

[ IMG]

In the United States. soldier with Cattle Dog 1940


Blue heeler - photo#9

Mad Max 2 '70's Dog Food Commercial: " 'Don't you feel better that finally your dog is getting enough cheese?' "

[ IMG]

I also occasionally receive emails from clients and friends after these events, the owners worried this means their dog is dangerous.

Bernese Mountain Dogs And Puppies

Clooney puppy pics



Puppy playing too rough with other dog

I Put My Dog Down Yesterday

Loyal as hell...Good with family in most cases... Strong fast smart easy upkeep with minimal grooming. Current pup at 20 weeks old

Breed Characteristics:

Australian healers are of two colors: blue and red in speckles. In blue, black and white hair is arranged so that the dog appears blue. They may have marks, ...

and as for the dog....Sheila Monster the blue heeler loves to pose for the camera...in fact i had a tough time keeping her out of those pictures.

Buck - a loving companion (April ...

Also a good dog to have for when the SHTF.

He wishes to run and play with his siblings, but is always stopped by a fit of coughing, or the need ...


The Doghouse Rumor | A Compendium for Dog Owners Living in the Omaha Area | Page 4

In 1890, a group of breeders and amateurs organized the Cattle Dog Club. They focus on breeding these dogs, calling the breed an Australian healer or an ...

Red Heeler FTW!!!

Oh and I'd probably put a frickin bell on him

Here's Willie last night, right after his pre-surgical exam at the vet school. The harness is so that I could lift him out of the car without him having to ...

Blue heeler - photo#8



I met someone today who had this breed of dog...Queensland Blue Heeler