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It all started with a sketch After 10 years of dreaming and a solid

It all started with a sketch After 10 years of dreaming and a solid


It all started with a sketch. After 10 years of dreaming and a solid year creating, CLARIS came to life today. To see more pics from the…

A child's drawing.


Illustration: Mahendra Singh/ A Field Guide to Dreaming

D. Genty (left)/V. Feruglio/D. Baffier (right)/CC BY 4.0

Doodle by Orangecrush, a member of our design community

Great Dream of Heaven: Stories: Sam Shepard: 9780375704529: Amazon.com: Books

Nude Figure (ca. 1913-14)



Illustration: Mahendra Singh/ A Field Guide to Dreaming

Live Your Legend | Join The Start-A-Blog Challenge! Free 7-day Dream Job Writing Course + Video Tutorial: Start Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes (with Zero ...

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

Chasing Matisse: A Year in France Living My Dream: James Morgan: 9781439167243: Amazon.com: Books

Created with Sketch. Field of dreams: A remarkable exhibition sheds new light on the dark history of the opium business

Late in the evening, one of his friends said to me: "It's a shame you never had kids. You love your wife but, boy, you really love your kids."

Indian Actress Sridevi Kapoor Arrives For the International Indian Film Academy (iifa) Awards Ceremony

Concepts on the App Store

How to Draw a House in 3D for Kids - Art for Kids - Easy Things to Draw | MAT - YouTube

And yet I managed to land my dream offer, and can today for the first time in my life say that I love my job. Here's how I did it — the long version.

An image of The sleep of reason produces monsters by Francisco de Goya Y Lucientes

ESIL Reflection: International Law, Universality, and the Dream of Disrupting from the Centre

Waynes World; Key and Peele


Illustration: Mahendra Singh/ A Field Guide to ...

What is Ideation – and How to Prepare for Ideation Sessions

Concept Sketches

A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A

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Motivational Quotes: "Give your dreams all you've got and you'll

Hand drawn dream catcher background

Cleansing My Mind

Ghosts are ghosts after all, the tried and true staple of an investigator's diet.


127 Morning Rituals – The Ultimate List to Customize Your Morning Routine

Image from Anarchitecture 1974

Don't even bother tightening your belts; you're about to get your pants scared off. Last week, we asked you to tell us your spookiest, freakiest, ...

Floor Plan Design TUTORIAL

She soon discovered that there was a name for the phenomenon surrounding her devastating grief and the toll it takes on those left behind

“Proud to be an American” by Caitlin Wagner, 5th grade, Tunkhannock Area Middle School. “

Some of the homework assignments for my first drawing class in college.

Iconic Album Covers web 1000 optimised

This allows it to lay flatter against the body instead of bumping up against your hip while walking. These sketches helped me think through the various ...

While Sketch can be used to create complex illustrations, that is not its main purpose. (Source: illustration made in Sketch by Mirko Santangelo) (View ...

100+ Alien Abduction Stories That Will Make You Believe

In the final Caprichos, however, Goya placed these witchcraft scenes after Capricho 43, 'The dream of reason ...

Motivational Quotes: "Don't take no for an answer. If you don

I can now work wherever I am, in a way that actually contributes in a meaningful way to my professional work. The iPad Pro also acts as a really great ...

In the dream I was on a European street and saw him sitting in a cafe. We welcomed me inside with his index finger. I had this strange feeling that if I ...

Image titled Design Your Own Home Step 9

Click here for the printable pattern .

Demon 1-24-11 (front on angle)

Best Supernatural Episodes Ranked: Season 1-11, From Worst to Best - Thrillist


When I was 10 years old, I would dream of Shadow Moses island. This

Drawing of the globe with tiny people in rainbow colors joining hands and circling it.

Every Sunday for the past few weekends, I have attended Durham-based Nina Be's yoga class that blends philosophy/physiology/spiritually all in one class at ...

Figure 103. The effect of improperly starting the cut as marked by the slope stake. Starting the cut too high results in excess excavation and side cast.


Includes unlimited streaming of Old Dreams, New Planets via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Grayson Perry: 'Just because you don't have a dress on doesn't stop you being a tranny' | Art and design | The Guardian

All about me craft. "I am..." Awesome results. The background was made from cutting colorful pictures from a magazine and then gluing them on.


Image titled Doodle Step 3

Although Jerad still prefers to work traditionally early in the design process, he now presents finished concepts to clients as KeyShot renders of ZBrush ...

Your Story

Akiane with Jesus paintings

lady of the light


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It's as if you open a Subway sandwich shop and then encourage your neighbor to open a Subway right next door—and everyone is already sick of sandwiches.

City of Dreams: The 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York by [

Background with a decorative hand drawn dream catcher

paint3d welcome screen

After years of drawing and painting, I was given an etching press. As an enthusiast of Western and Eastern ink drawing and painting styles, I find a natural ...

How To Draw A Robot


1236.10 tp

Lario Tus/Shutterstock

I modestly propose that my own paper with Joan Parks and Elaine Worcester has the prettiest published graphs of data from patients with PHPT.

200,000 brave and/or insane people have supposedly signed up for a one-way mission to Mars. But the truth about Mars One, the company behind the effort, ...

The ...

Illustration by Kevin Cornell.