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I also do want to want to say that the Earth beetles design is from the Art and Origins book, so the design isn't fully original nor did I come up with it

The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth Are The Smartest Gem Cut!? - Steven Universe Corruption Theory

Steven Universe Speculation: The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth - YouTube

The Heaven Beetle

Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ - The Heaven Beetle

The Heaven Beetle


Steven universe Soundtrack: Heaven beetle + Reprise ( Super mix )

Giant Woman Model Sheet (3).jpg

steven universe earth beetle like gem

Steven Universe - The Heaven Beetle (Instrumental)

50% Opacity: http://i.imgur.com/acoXf8H.jpg

ReversingMirror (jamesjeffers: The Geode Beetles of Heaven and...)

OfficialThe Earth Beetle ...

Steven universe - Uncorrupted by Abrigedfoamy ...

Steven Universe Theory - The Geode Beetles?

Steven Universe Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle by Skele-Frisk-20 ...

Garnet - The Heaven Beetle. Steven Universe ...

Heaven Beetle

Now think back to the heaven and earth Beatles what are they? Tiny! And what else are they? Corrupted! So I guess what ever gems they are, they are tiny.

You know, I wonder what the Geode Beetles are up too. I haven'

Sky Spire

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steven universe heaven beetle - Google Search

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Poor Peri, at least you have Pumpkin.

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Omg she's my new favorite gem! She's so small and beautiful ahhh I hope we'll see her in the show someday!!!

Healed Heaven and Earth Beetles - Prehnite by Ghostpaint1 ...

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I have drawn this fusion of a Sapphire and a uncorrupted Heaven Beetle gem trying stevens clothes. Also Steven (Who isn't in the drawing) tells her that ...

In this episode Steven, Amethyst and Pearl have to travel together to find the heaven beetle. On the way Steven tries to get Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into ...

'Steven Universe' Recap: 'Giant Woman'

Steven Universe Speculation The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth

black black and white cartoon text font fictional character design


Whatever happened to "The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth"? : stevenuniverse

Steven universe restored gem 4: Benitoite by Blazeingman ...

Finished sketch

(they look a bit psyched, I started listening to murder documentaries after the warm up's so that's why, thought of it first after heh)

Steven Universe Soundtrack - Reunion

Pixie gems aka heaven and earth-beetle uncorrupted. #stevenuniverse

Steven Universe, Gems


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Steven Universe Remix

The ruby ship had an option for super tiny gems, and the only super tiny

Lunar sea spire and heaven beetle mix up landscape from Steven universe

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The Answer

Happy Birthday Steven / 5750 Years Ago

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☆[Imagenes y Comics De Steven Universe]☆ - #Imagenes 16#

Heaven Beetle


honestly, i don't really like greg all that much. i hope pearl and greg can become friends.

Giant Woman

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Uncorrupted Heaven Beetle from Steven Universe #kamaladrawing # stevenuniverse #su #uncorrupted #heavenbeetle

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Mirror Gem/Aivi & Surasshu [Music Box] (Animation "Steven Universe"

Earth Beetle Steven Universe Enamel Pin

Heaven Beetle Steven Universe Enamel Pin

Photos and videos about HEAVENBEETLE

I tried drawing the Heaven and Earth Beetles from su because I'm animal trash and also love su!

The Art Book Might Have Just Proven That There Is No Cure For Corruption : stevenuniverse

Edit: I just realized that all rubies and all pearls have te same cut, this can support my theory further.yellow Pearl, Blue pearl, Pearl , Rubies

More Uncorrupted Gems by AriaTheMage ...


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Heaven and Earth Beetles

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Steven Universe Theories!

Heaven Beetle Steven Universe Enamel Pin

How to Draw Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe

Tiny Sapphire Hard Enamel Pin Steven Universe

The Ultimate Steven Universe Retrospective-Part 2

I really liked how the earth and heaven beetles resembled Japanese horned beetles so I thought

Heaven Beetle (Uncorrupted.) - Steven Universe. Minecraft Skin

The first introduction to fusion was in this episode, in which Amethyst, Pearl and Steven are sent on a mission to find the “Heaven Beetle.

nintendo lvr @sufactsdaily I can just imagine the heaven beetle casually chilling in his mini

It was also the central plot device in the original -never broadcast- Pilot Episode of Steven Universe. If you haven't seen it, try and find it on YouTube, ...

Steven Universe Corrupted Gem Stickers

Heaven and Earth Beetle Sticker by happy-yene