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Heroine Shin childhood protecting friends Amnesia Memories

Heroine Shin childhood protecting friends Amnesia Memories


Heroine, Shin, childhood, protecting, friends; Amnesia Memories

(I'm keeping to the tradition of having pinning scenes up at the top, haha).



[Otome Game Review] Amnesia: Memories

Shin is the heroine's childhood friend. He's a year younger than her, currently a third year high school student. Despite being mature and calm for his age, ...

Heroine, Shin, Toma, sleeping, sitting together, cute; Amnesia Memories

My Thoughts: Shin was my favorite guy from the anime, and I think he's the most attractive, so I knew I would play him first. In reality, I think I wouldn't ...

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Shin, Heroine | Amnesia World #otomegame

Amnesia shin and heroine / shin x heroine / amnesia memories / amnesia crowd / amnesia fanart / shin blush / shin blushing View full-size (900x900 228 kb)

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Idea Factory International has released new screenshots for the upcoming Amnesia: Memories. The screenshots introduce Shin, a childhood friend of the ...

Well, Ikki will be next. Toma and Ukyo are crazies, but I think Ikki was my least favorite guy…Hard to judge from just the anime though.

Orion's excited because we can go get more memories. Toma checks our mail for us, but Orion raises a good point:

Heroine Visual Novel

Toma is both the childhood friend and the older brother figure in the heroine's life. He's been watching over her ever since they were small, ...

Shin x Heroine. Shin x Heroine Amnesia Anime ...

Shin's route is the Heart World. As the heroine unravels her memories, the story mostly revolves around a mystery of whether the heroine accidentally fell ...

Always surrounded by a swarm of fangirls, Ikki is as popular as an idol. He always wears a sunglasses wherever he goes, since his eyes instantly charm any ...


Amnesia visual novel cover.jpg

Heroine x Shin

Kissing is okay but hand holding? UNACCEPTABLE.

The Childhood Friends shin,heroine,toma

(Does this count as a pinning scene? Haha, actually I had another one in mind but I figured it was too much of a spoiler. It'll be featured later on in this ...

Shin and Toma, Childhood Friends, Amnesia

Amnesia (Memories): Premium Art Book Textless CoverTime to shift gears for a bit! Although I am not a fan of Shin and would have loved seeing a.


Childhood friends

amnesia memories f ...

Amnesia - The Heroine

Ikki has matured since the original game and he isn't shy about showing his affections towards the heroine who has finally decided to move in with him.

"You awaken to find your memories gone. To learn the truth behind your amnesia, you'll choose from five romantic paths, each its own world.

Shin is one of Yayoi's childhood friends. Although younger, he's really calm and reliable. He often says harsh things to Yayoi and refuses to lose except to ...

As the story goes on, Shin shows he is a very impressive guy. I like how hard he tries, and how much he studies to try to turn his life around.

Mai Hanamura Mangaka Idea Factory Studio Amnesia Series,Visual Novel Shin ( Amnesia) Character Heroine (Amnesia) Character The work not belong to me Belo.

Meet Shin – One Of The Bachelors From Amnesia: Memories

... memories trying to amnesia Heroine_Orion


... amnesia memories a ...

Amnesia: Memories Review

Amnesia - Shin

Meet Shin – One Of The Bachelors From Amnesia: Memories

Mine ...

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AMNESIA CROWD - Toma Suspense Bad End 4 ☆Play PSP アムネシア クラウド トーマ - YouTube

Ukyo is the mysterious green-haired man that the Heroine meets throughout her travels through the various alternate dimensions. He can be hard to understand ...

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Ikki Visual Novel


AMNESIA CROWD - Toma Suspense THE END 3/3 ☆Play PSP アムネシア クラウド トーマ - YouTube

New Amnesia: Memories Screenshots Introduce Childhood Friend Toma | Handheld Players


... Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition screenshot ...

Amnesia: Memories Review ...

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Amnesia: Memories

By that, I mean you need to look at what options there are to choose from and predict the response that won't raise any suspicion on the Heroine.

Los mundos disponibles son: Shin en el mundo de corazón, Kent en el mundo de trébol, Toma es el diamante, Ikki el mundo de espada y Ukyo en el mundo del ...

Amnesia: Memories Review

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Amnesia: Memories Announced for Spartphones, Ukyo Introduced ...

Thank Nhil

... Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition screenshot

TomaXHeroine Fanfiction: Love or Hate?


list of favourite characters: 4/?? -> Shin

'Amnesia: Memories' Review - Pick A Card, Any Card. '

... Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition screenshot ...

Shin expressing his fear and nervousness in protecting the heroine

Meet Shin – One Of The Bachelors From Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia (Fanfiction)

I really liked the design interface and system of Amnesia: Memories. It was clean, crisp, easy to navigate and suited the theme of the game.

That guy in the corners got something to do when he gets home

Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition screenshot ...

... amnesia memories b ...

Amnesia – not to be mistaken with Amnesia: The Dark Descent – is a visual novel with dating simulator elements made by Idea Factory. As the title implies, ...

... Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition screenshot ...


Amnesia: Memories Review

Kind of an early holiday gift to Toma and Shin fans out there, I decided to share my scans of the cover illustration and inside illustrations of the Amnesia ...

Since she lost her memory, we don't really know who she is; however, from what I've seen from her without memory, the heroine is very accepting of quite a ...

... #locked #loss #lost #love #lovecute #memory #murder #obsessed #obsession #promises #protective #protectiveness #revenge #rivalry #sad #secret #shin ...

Amnesia: Memories Gameplay Trailer and Mini-Games Introduced ...

Amnesia: Memories Review

Amnesia: Memories Review

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AMNESIA CROWD - Toma Suspense Bad End 1 ☆Play PSP アムネシア クラウド トーマ - YouTube

Amnesia: Memories Review – Which Card Will You Choose?