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Gracy Gimp shapes t Dark art and Drawings

Gracy Gimp shapes t Dark art and Drawings


Gracy Gimp

Placing a modelsheet character in space part 2

Cynthia (Brown skin and green background plus contrast added using Gimp 2.8 software)

Loice Epetiru (Arua)

by Benoit Feroumont : Gracy Gimp is the nickname used by Benoit

Image titled Draw Clouds Step 8

Finding the correct Vanishing point

Enlarging a character using vanishing points

Screenshot of brush strokes on a new sub-layer

This is an LGBTQ T-shirt design made for some friends. I can't decide whether I like it or not.

I had some fun drawing this character. I don't know who she is supposed to be, but I like her.

How to Draw a Wolf's Eye- Art Lesson

PLUS tutorial- colouring with pens! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to draw

Look at this drawing by JasonTN. Particularly the images on the right and his lamp post tool. You can see the flame explodes and takes shapes of different ...

Screenshot of a JPG opened in Illustrator


Watery Cages1 by trybalwings

Creating and using a grid (5)

outline ink drawing of Davy Jones

I apologize for variously rotated pictures. Most of these are taken with my phone camera and I haven't gone over them since.

Uploaded 3 years ago

It now costs $19.99 a month to get access to Adobe Illustrator CC. That's $240 per year! Most graphic designers can't afford a price like this.

Creating and using a grid (8)

Image titled Draw Clouds Step 3

Boromir's arm guard

Uploaded 1 year ago

Using Modelsheet characters .

Overlapping shapes 01


Portriat of the radioactive human zombie girl with a head open and full of slime goo

One point perspective town

Beginning a drawing rough pass

I'll be sharing some of my drawings that I'm proud of, along with a short description :D

Uploaded 1 year ago

mypaint deevad v4 brushkit exemple 04

No automatic alt text available.

pencil drawing

Moon crescent turning into black sun full of slime goo. Decadence eclipse. Creepy sci

mypaint deevad v4 brushkit exemple 05


Uploaded 2 years ago

Image titled Draw Clouds Step 1

Doctor Devil- im progress by Graceotter01

First the beginnings of the full sized rough.

... drawing A1EL-Id; 10.

... 12.

... 15.

Create animated digital comics

SUPPORTIVE SATURDAY'S: Buy @thedeancollection pieces from the homie @creole_art because his .

third Rough Pass of characters

Shapes and colors by Graceotter01

mypaint deevad v4 brushkit exemple 07

Lady of Sand by Graceotter01

Look to Exploring art, craft and design: Media, materials, art forms and artists for information on different drawing media and artists.

how to draw satin silk fabric step bystep tutorial

A little sketch of my favorite Disney character, who I personally see as a reminder to just let myself be me. That it's okay to be loud or angry or make my ...

Image titled Draw Clouds Step 4

Chalk Brush / Blending Brush - PS brush by Pearlpencil ...

Image may contain: indoor

lower decks Page 1 by trybalwings

third Rough Pass of characters clearer

Portriat of the surreal human girl with a head open and full of goo and night

High horizon line characters moving characters in space

mypaint deevad v4 brushkit exemple 08

dear friend by Cynthi-art

Spartan Camp #252 - 50 gestures + Optional "Negative Space Drawing" study

WIN-2 reduced sIPSC frequency and amplitude. (A) WIN-2 altered

... her from basic shapes, boxes, cones, cylinders, etc, and get to work on the pose, defining things a bit more. I work the tilt of her face/head, ...


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Insert Word Art

“There he goes—my great white whale.”

Start your Experience by drawing a few simple shapes.

surrounded by blessings

"It was a hard task."

Vector illustrations of a dynamic flying swallow birds set. Modern splashing ink sketchy painting artwork