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Results after 2 day with Victor Chil on my leg sleeve-img_9044.jpg

Just finished 2 days with Victor Portugal and ecstatic with the results!

Few healed pics from Tony Mancia 1/2 sleeve-img_0462.jpg ...

Attachment 37748

Session 1:


Rework of poor tattoo-dsc_0004.jpg ...

Collection from the past yearish-img_20171221_235445_030.jpg

But i have this

First tattoo not straight :(-tempimageforsave.jpg ...

Bad tattoos getting lasered thread.-image.jpg

White walker piece - Ash Lewis-night-king.jpg

Inspiration for rib extension tattoo-image.jpeg

Re worked rose tattoo-image.jpeg

Had another piece added to my leg yesterday by Phil, Really great day (Despite sitting in traffic for ages both there and back)

... Few healed pics from Tony Mancia 1/2 sleeve-img_0463.jpg ...

Fudo Back Piece in progress by Elliott Wells-15311479_10207560557083992_195613137_o.jpg

The rose is lacking details and layers but the good thing it has a lot of negatives and light shading except for the 2 parts where its heavily saturated.


My new tattoo-leg-tattoo.jpg ...

how expensive-tattoo-sleeve-ideas-8.jpg

Tattoo scabbing-image.jpg

Tattoo suggestion-12516162_1131364053593715_929660716_n.jpg

Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

Cupcake cover up!-image.jpg

Finished Full Chest w/ Thom Bulman-fullsizerender-2-.jpg ...

3rd sitting results, just an hour left woohoo-dscf1097.jpg

... soreness was minimal (I'm sure Victor's skill was a big factor too, barely any leaky plasma and ink afterwards. Didn't stick to clothing or bedsheets.).

Start of a new one from Dmitry Visions-img_20170310_223216_525.jpg

Japanese (Modern?) Advice-foo-dog-2.jpg

second tattoo on a real human-chris-rose-july-13.jpg

Im really leaning towards the idea of owl, forest themed as a possible cover up or even tie it in with something possible. Take a look and let me know what ...

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Please help!!!!-snapchat-3951080943772507448.jpg ...

Tattoo ideas please-1002770_10151549262636728_1750812499_n.jpg


Help with my owl background-owl.jpg

I've had this tattoo for a couple years and honestly I've never been to fond of it. The actual simple concept of a watercolor compass/arrow is still ...

Let me know any thoughts

Got this done by evilkolors earlier today. Dude is fucking brutal, worst session ever lol. But he is super fast and one of the nicest people ever.

Traditional with japanese background-image.jpg

another crappy pic from two weeks ago .

Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

Picture doesn't really do justice to how good or big it is, hopefully Edgar posts a clearer one at some point.

Here ya go, some fresh pics, yep he worked around the nipple again, why not?

... 3rd degree burn tattoo cover up-100_1934.jpg ...

He added the candle and touched up the face here and there. He also gave me a custom frame that he made! Love him, his shop, Odessa.

I used to have a pretty ordinary looking back, similar to other backs you might see at the beach or in the men's locker room at the gym.

Fresh v healed-image.jpg


I put this in the Flash Day thread last night but figured it deserved it's own thread. My first bit of work in 13 years!

Here's one I did today which I'm quite proud of .


Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

Some of you may have already seen this on Instagram, anyway as said done by the incredibly talented Joe Frost on Friday. I love it - the picture doesn't do ...

I now have Dominic Cooper forever etched into my skin, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Left is what it is now, right is what I photoshopped.

Japanese Woodblock style recos?-mpxplp1uc0pulhojv5ei_gakkinx13.jpg

Beginning of an infection?-img_20130605_181647.jpg

... come away with our pizza tattoos. and Phil and Shone ended the day with 'pizza' tattooed on their bottom lips. so heres neatys pin up of me with pizza

It is incorporating two other tattoos but luckily when re-worked they should blend nicely! Will be full colour!

Very Bad Tattoo Work Done Locally To Us-dsc03070.jpg ...

Depth in comparison with practice skin-img_1619.jpg ...


Bad tattoos getting lasered thread. - Page 85 - Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

New Kelly Violet tattoo - having a panic - Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

I'm super happy with the result, been wanting this character on my body for a while now. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the character!

Why is it so hard to take a picture of your own arm lol

some proper solid tattooing by John Treharne. the young mans first tattoos too(not Johns)

... Few healed pics from Tony Mancia 1/2 sleeve-img_0464.jpg ...

Italian tattooist looking for a Job in London area ora reasonable distance. - Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

an artist from the shop had his full back done by akos and this is the healed results. super impressive had to post it.

Zoom in to see the funky little details

Newest addition-photo.jpg

Healed Side Piece ... so far-346a7c1d-b354-464b-b41d

Yep, really looks like a Shige rip to me. But hey, you also think a certain B&G artist is good.

Skull, Swallows & Roses Tattoo (Opinions) - Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

Healed (over 7 weeks) shots are in

1 Session

Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

This one was done by Chris Crooks

... Rework of poor tattoo-dsc_0003.jpg ...

Help with tattoo fix design-watership-down.jpg

image hosting websites

Google Homepage-google.jpg. "

Wifes latest piece!

First three pics are from my latest session and i threw in the last one for those who hadn't seen the Godzilla half yet.

=http ://s34.photobucket.com/user/henrythehippo/media/44E51602-204C-4CA5-92C6-6AC8563A0F6F_zpsoi2adbsq.jpg.html]