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Frisk amp Chara Undertale and my ship t Frisk Undertale

Frisk amp Chara Undertale and my ship t Frisk Undertale


Chara x Asriel by Cleanne-chan ...

Last of Sans army. 5/5 ;w; if you have any Undertale

Chara is not the Villain? [UNDERTALE THEORY]

Frisk X chara

Asriel: Soy yo, tu mejor amigo... Frisk: Aw, que lindo... Chara: Azzy?... Asriel: ASRIEL DREMMUR :V Chara y Frisk: OH NO ES SEXY XD


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Asriel was expecting a tiny baby sneeze, but! Twas I!&nbsp

You might now be asking: But Syyyylvieeeee doesn't Chara posses you by the End of the Genocide Route? She said herself that since when where you do one in ...

Muffet x Frisk [Undertale] [ IMG]

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Mettaton Frisk Undertale. See more. Chasriel / Chariel / chara X asriel / asriel X chara / undertale

A bit of an old comment you're replying too, so I don'

Frisk and Chara · Undertale ...

Forget the Past (undertale fanfiction Chasriel! Lemon) - The final battle - Wattpad

Asriel and Frisk

This pic is slightly confusing, Frisk isn't the bad one < <

Undertale sans, frisk (male), chara, monster kid I frikkin ADORE male frisk

I don't ship Sans and Frisk, but I love Blueberry's reaction.

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GET ON THE FUCKING SHIP by CNeko-chan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

... Sans x Chara, Paps x Frisk, Paps x Sans, Paps x Chara, Paps x Mtt ect. So just comment what ship pare is the best and yeah so have fun!!!

this game finally got to me>>>Secondhand Fandom strikes again?

Anime Undertale Sans/Chara/Muffet Unisex T-shirt Cosplay Tee Short Sleeve#16DY94

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It's no problemo, I didn't mind. (>' ')

0 RotoDisk Undertale pink cartoon fictional character purple art

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UT- Frisk and Chara by christon-clivef

I couldn't see Chara as evil. Traumatized, sure, and probably has

Anime Undertale Sans/Chara Unisex T-shirt Casual Tee Costume Tops#13-EC28

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Practicing ^_^

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[UNDERTALE STRONGER THAN YOU] ~Chara/Frisk/Sans/Player~ {

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This is my favorite ship and most of time time I imagine myself as Frisk cuz I'm just in love with sans WAY too much XD.

Undertale Collectors Edition Heart Shaped Musical Locket

It's not really lewd, but I ship Frisk & Asriel in a fluff relationship

... Sans x Chara, Paps x Frisk, Paps x Sans, Paps x Chara, Paps x Mtt ect. So just comment what ship pare is the best and yeah so have fun!!!

THE ONE THAT KILLED EVERY MONSTER WAS YOU!!! Yes. Believe it or not the player has been the murderer. Undertale ...

It makes a hell of a lot more sense that saying that she can destroy the timeline without having any proof.

Fav ship?

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Undertale - A Game of Tag :. by GamingGoru .

I think it's either as Frisk falls, or after Flowey, since we don'

Even though Frisk is "Eh" about them, they sure know how to

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I just HAD to add this or I knew people would start yelling at me XD. I can just imagine Alphys, Undyne, and Papyrus having a threesome.




Undertale - Stronger Than You (French Trio - Sans ; Frisk ; Chara)

[ IMG]


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I kind of count 100% complention as everything, rather than just one part of

In this post I take a more in-depth look at the design of Undertale. If you haven't played the game yet I'd strongly recommend doing so before reading, ...

Anime Undertale Sans/Chara/Frisk Home Decor Poster Wall Scroll 40cm*55cm#

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Sans and Frisk - comic < <

But Syyyyyylvieeeeee what about what happens after the Post Genocide-True Pacifist ending? Chara kills them all. Right? Why did she do that?

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cropped frisk undertale knife legeh undertale wallpaper background 736x578

Tranquil [Inktober Day 2] by Shimmer-Shy

Huh? You do know you can save them in Pacifist, though. Chara tells

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Undertale Chara Frisk Blue Green Hoodie Healthy Fabric Sweater Custom-made

Undertale - The Last Human: Limited Edition

[FR] Undertale - Stronger than you (Original French Frisk Version)

Me and frisk... Hi • • • • Link to original https:

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Undertale · download Undertale image


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Undertale Toriel Clothing Cave Story Costume - undyne

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ZaxymmTheZaroro 2 0 Mettaton and Frisk (Undertale Pagedolls?) F2U by YandereForNarwhal

Fusiontale au undyne mettaton sans chara frisk jpg 752x1063 Papyrus frisk undertale shyren anime pictures

undertale frisk undertale knife sasucchi95 undertale wallpaper 736x488

I LOVE THESE SO MUCH ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ There's a few

Undertale Sans Frisk Chara Papyrus Acrylic Keychain Keyring Strap Figure 6cm

Stabby strawberry, get yours today by Channydraws ...

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