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Find this Pin and more on Worst Album Covers Ever by t

Find this Pin and more on Worst Album Covers Ever by t



More of the worst album covers ever! And lucky you, some of these album covers come with song samples to listen to! Find this Pin ...

I found the perfect album at a garage sale to celebrate the event with! Find this Pin and more on Funny Album Covers ...

24 More of the Worst Album Covers Ever. Funny, these Really Bad Album Covers are gonna make ya really miss vinyl records. Horrible what passes for album art

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The Monkees really haven't aged well.

[showads ad=InsidePost] Let us know if you find anymore funny album covers and we will add it to the list. Find this Pin and more ...

Again, what's worse - the clothes or the hair?? And, hey, isn't that Peter Sellers in drag on the right?!

More creepy than mere words can accurately convey..."Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me...thanks a lot for dressing me like Barbie Benton and making me fellate this ...

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Creepiest album cover ever

Explore Worst Album Covers, Hip Hop Albums, and more!

25 of the Best in Worst Album Covers

Norman Bates' first marriage didn't advance past the honeymoon suit… | Weird Album Covers | Pinterest | Norman bates, Album and Bad album

"I've got confidence" - well, obviously, or you wouldn't let someone snap that photo, in those dresses, let alone paste it on your album cover.

Find this Pin and more on Vintage 45 RPM by kelleyzinho.

If Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business, guess who just declared bankruptcy?

The record companies always felt free to co-op anything that happened to be popular in the culture at large, no matter how germaine the end product was to ...

The only way to get THIS spaced out was to take the brown acid at Woodstock -

bad album cover (2)

Censored Albums

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bad album cover (12)

... wine and cheese on a… table! The band members' faces are like… 'meh, this will look bad in the future'. They were prescient. But the music is very good.

3687 bagged and boarded

Jacklane & Mandabrasa, aka “Jacklane and Bad-Ass” (Folk duo)

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#10- The Braillettes- Our Hearts keep singing

Sing it again! Ten Master Versions

Find this Pin and more on listen by kentbarlow. worst album cover and album name ever?

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The 30 Best Punk Cover Songs


All the green grass in the world isn't gonna make this dork crew look any cooler - hey, in the lower right corner, isn't that "Newman" from Seinfeld?!

The 50 Best Alt-Country Albums of All Time

Covers that are laughable, but benefit from the 'cool factor'. I have only included covers that are laughable because they don't have a style.


Judy W. DeLatte - Satan Get Out of Here

The 50 Best Post-Punk Albums

Find this Pin and more on The Worst, Weirdest, and Funniest Album Covers of all Time.

With a cover THIS WTF, can you imagine how effed up below album itself is? Even if you LIKED ventriloquists, it's an ALBUM, you can't see if his lips ...

Pedro Pinho & Paulo Pontes, aka “Peter Pine & Paul Bridges” (Folk duo)

Tori Amos turns 50 - her albums ranked from worst to first - Metro Weekly

bad album cover (6)

... in the 1990s and plagued my early 20s with bad taste. I had to withstand listening to these bozos so I could go out and find girls to date and dance.

I had to scroll up the image to prevent seizures. Too bad you had to see these colours.

Yesterday And Today album cover · More Images

bad album cover (9)

Trio Record (Folk music group)

I guess, but I may be wrong, that the most adequate English translation would be 'dyke', but I prefer not to pin it down.

#9 Something Special From Jeff

'Kay, I'm down with rockabilly blasters 'bout sex, lust, fightin', Martians, more sex........but FROGS?


"Let's get that photo I took of the pervert stalker hiding in the bushes and make it our album cover...."

Eliza Doolittle's debut album uses bright colours to represent the youthful and happy mood, a die for playfulness and cats to make clear that she's cute and ...

era box1 5years cover 1000sq Ranking: Every David Bowie Album from Worst to Best

The Beatles' 'Butcher Cover' Album Fetches More Than $15,000

Judy W. DeLatte - Satan Get Out of Here

... guitars (the left one is a viola, the Brazilian folk guitar) and war spears. Don't flinch or they'll throw the spears at you for mocking their headgear.

U2 Albums From Worst To Best

bad album cover (11)

The 50 Best New Wave Albums

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What makes this album cover particularly nasty is that it was the greatest hit of the Summer of '85 in Brazil.

The RS 500 was assembled by the editors of Rolling Stone, based on the results of two extensive polls. In 2003, Rolling Stone asked a panel of 271 artists, ...

In honor of that world-changing LP, we've compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time.

Queen - The Miracle album cover

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Cl... is listed (or ranked) 3

A little more clever is using elements from children's entertainment. Chick Corea used the Smurfs for his 1978 album.

Manowar: Gods Of War (is the worst best Manowar album ever)

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Terrasamba, aka “Sambaland”, but written ungrammatically (Bad samba)

david bowie the buddha of suburbia soundtrack front Ranking: Every David Bowie Album from Worst

Hipgnosis gallery talk vinyl record covers

12 A Woman A Man Walked By

#3- Father Robert White- Reverend in Rhythm

An album cover only Robert Crumb (or John Waters) could love.

Thriller is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Michael Jackson Albums

Poor Elvis doesn't get to finish his sandwich because, as he tells us on the title track, he's too busy desiring something “small and sassy,” which might ...

Retro: The covers offer a glimpse into a bygone era

Song by Song

Millie Jackson, Back to the Shit!

bowie pin ups

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