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Every sea turtle has markings as distinct as fingerprints on their

Every sea turtle has markings as distinct as fingerprints on their


Every sea turtle has markings as distinct as fingerprints on their shells. In an attempt to save the turtles from slaughter, rescue groups are etching their ...

The facial scutes of sea turtles are unique to the individual, similar to a fingerprint, which allows us ...

Turtle-ID – How To ID A Turtle?

Marine turtles must be high on every diver's wish list of species they would love to see when traveling on a trip of a lifetime.

Our Unique Key Chains


Loggerhead turtle 2013 by Sandi Martin-h.photo

... Hammi the turtle ...

Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Know your Kuredu friends – A guide on how to identify turtles

Intraspecific aggressive interactions between loggerhead sea turtles in a natural foraging area. These fights sometimes leave turtles with physical scars, ...

The impact on its shell left no doubt as to the origin of its injury: a harpoon that could have been fatal.

Know your Kuredu friends – A guide on how to identify turtles

Baby Sea Turtles

It takes two to tango. Or three…or four…or five…

The Leatherback Sea Turtle

Cook Island Marine Reserve, Australia

Sipadan_Green_Turtle.jpg#asset:2292. The ...

An endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle was released back into the water by the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) on Tuesday morning.

No caption available …

In Quincy, An Animal Hospital Rescues A Growing Number Of Sea Turtles Stranded On Cape Cod

View Larger Image Tonao Hawksbill turtle and friend

This is a GOOD photo because it is clear, in focus, shows the plastron from above and the tortoise fills the whole frame.

turtle-identification-program-gili-islands. Once this is completed, the ...

Hathcling Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Turtle

Side by side, you can begin to see the characteristics that visibly differentiate the three sea turtle species we documented inside Golfo Dulce.

Fiche technique pour photo identification The scales on each ...

Fingerprinting. Good Image. Tortoise Identification. The identification of an individual chelonian is ...

Figure A-1. The shell of a hawksbill turtle is the traditional source for

Irene internship - Luc surgery - Marine Savers Maldives

4) A turtle's carapace, or upper shell, is flatter to help them swim while a tortoises' carapace is higher and dome-shaped.

Loggerhead sea turtles have long been victims of encroaching development, poaching and alarmingly frequent incidental take in fishing operations.

The unique pattern formed by the shells on a turtle's head

The diamondback terrapin's black spots and wavy lines cover its whitish skin, in a pattern

Photo of a Leatherback Sea Turtle Dermochelys coriacea under water showing dorsal surface. The carapace

... Leatherback Seaturtle ...

The researchers also took photographs of the natural markings on each whale shark to identify and

5. Marsa Alam, Egypt. Marsa Alam is a town in the ...

send us a hawaiian hawksbill sighting!

diamondback terrapin. The diamondback ...

5 Ways to protect sea turtles

sea turtle stranding

Box turtles

Adult Yellowbelly Sliders typically grow to lengths of 5"-8"--a few old individuals have had shells a foot in length--with males being somewhat smaller than ...


Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel: each tail has unique markings to identify them - like

Scientist Rochelle Ferris with a Green Turtle.

Let's start with turtles. Photo by @ellehaskin

A sea turtle is weighed at the New England Aquarium's Animal Care Center.

Individual, identifiable head scale patterns on a turtle © Jordan Parrett

Bringing Minds and Stories on the Same Page

Leatherback Turtle

Table of contents: When can tortoises go outside? | Is your tortoise too hot outside? | What temperature can I put my tortoise outside?

turtle in shell

5. NORTH MALE ATOLL, MALDIVES. When considering the ...


Dive the Maldives. Turtle Maldives

Leatherback Turtle. Overview In the ...

Volunteers release sea turtle on beach

Eastern box turtle

Loggerhead Turtle

Download high-res image (554KB) ...


One of the many Hawksbill turtles photographed in Seychelles waters, the box shows the critical area needed to get a usable fingerprint. Photo David Rowat.


The mesmerizing beauty of the patterns that gave the species its name.

Leatherback coming ashore on the beach

leopard tortoise

... is the Hawksbill. Hawksbill-Turtle-Cayman-Islands

Seeing a terrapin in its wild habitat is a special treat that requires visiting a saltmarsh, including any of the grassy marshes behind our barrier islands ...


Hatchlings beginning to emerge from the sand; the nest has been marked with the hatch date (A). Staff members sit with the nest until it fully emerges (B).

Typical state of a nesting female after the water temperature has reached its maximum levels: spending great deals of time on the sea floor, ...


Harbor Seal Shelby thumbnail · Harbor Seal Troy thumbnail

Know your Kuredu friends – A guide on how to identify turtles

Photos from the release.

How The Turtle Got Its Shell

A turtle off Lady Elliot Island in Queensland. Picture: Tourism and Events Queensland.

A crested coua chick at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Central Park Zoo showing off its unique

Data recording is also part of my duties along with working on the Banyan Tree Wildlife description document and more. Additionally I have been involved in ...

Download high-res image (655KB) ...

Diamondback terrapins live in and around the Chesapeake Bay's brackish tidal waters, including rivers and marshes. They vary greatly in color and pattern.


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"Every scale tells a tale!"

Sea turtles' 'lost years' mystery starts to unravel

Huge adult male Green Turtle