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EXO Xiumin. Kim Minseok, the adorable hottie.

EXO's Xiumin Reveals Cute Baby Photo

VIDEO: EXO's Xiumin dancing in a penguin costume when he was a baby is just too cute | SBS PopAsia

EXO's Xiumin Does Cute Version of Jo Sung Mo's Popular CF

Xiumin is the cute and incredible Baozi (courtesy of Luhan) and eldest member of EXO. Xiumin is the strongest member of EXO despite being one of the shorter ...


"@Its_EXO: [HQ PICT] 130604 Happy Camp - Cute Xiumin~ >,< | cr: EXOM via: ADOREXONLY pic.twitter.com/WM84EKuYmE" so cute

Facts about EXO – Xiumin

I love Xiumin! When I first saw him, I was always like: HE · Xiumin Don TPoor XiuminExo ...

Xiumin (EXO) Profile and Facts; Xiumin's Ideal Type

Xiumin at MAMA 2013


Anisha Ryad Eyyes on Twitter: "“@pannchoa: Xiumin is a cute but handsome baozi with his plushie 😊😊 http://t.co/CpvKK63ETl #exo #minseok #xiumin ...

Xiumin · EXO ...

[170119 - SMA] Xiumin EXO So Cute - YouTube

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Looking very much the cold, chic city man.


“HappyXiuminDay” And “Minseok” Trend Worldwide To Celebrate Birthday Of EXO's Xiumin. “

Xiumin/Minseok (EXO) Being Cute Moments ❥

exo, xiumin, and exo-m image

Exo xiumin <3 I just saw him acting in Gone, and I cried

Married to EXO's Xiumin


Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part VI)

xiumin, exo, and exo-m image

“Angelshu ♡ don't edit ”. Angelshu ♡ don't edit. Tagged as xiuminexop: ...


Baozi is baozi


I'm writing about BTS after EXO and this doesn't mean anything. I knew Xiumin first and I learned about BTS in early 2016. Someone said they were going to ...

Imagine yourself on the other end of that gaze.let that sink in. Find this Pin and more on EXO Xiumin ...

EXO's Xiumin Gets Nervous Filming Variety Show Without Group Members

Xiumin Exo Indonesia updated their cover photo.

Fans had photoshopped tattoos onto Xiumin to show how stunning he'd look with them too!

EXO Imagines


i. xiumin post of doom

EXO: Xiumin

XIUMIN :heartpulse:

315424_472646256096998_553416189_n. EXO-M ...

DFhR2ucXYAAh2ce.jpg. 20431610_1767518029944471_23003511756734

STAGE NAME: Xiumin BIRTH NAME: Kim Min Seok NICKNAME: Baozi BIRTHDAY: March 26, 1990. POSITION: Vocalist, Lead Dancer SUPER POWER (BADGE): Frost

That gaze, though.

Xiumin how the fudge can you look asdfghjkl cute and handsome with a idk what it

Xiumin Sticker

EXO Xiumin Funny Moments

EXO Xiumin's Ideal Type 2015

Xiumin was the next member that known with martial arts beside Tao. He has been practicing taekwondo. In EXO-M, he is the neatest, strongest, funniest and ...

Article: EXO Xiumin requests "No longer accepting fan gifts, I will only take the sentiment from your hearts from now on"

xiumin exo glasses

1st ROW = EXO-M (Tao, Kris, Chen, Luhan, Lay, Xiumin) 2nd ROW = EXO-K (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, D.O, Kai)

Xiumin's pp #cute #oppa #exo #xiumin

exo xiumin kim minseok wallpaper red lyrics dua lipa.

Bouncing Baozi on Twitter: "[PREV] 170813 #EXO #XIUMIN - #TheWarEXO Fansign (Cr: Freezingtime) So cute TT https://t.co/DpTc6ycFC9"

Xiumin <3

EXO Xiumin as Choji by Edisonlee18 ...

Watch: EXO's Xiumin Keeps Promise And Releases Dance Video From Childhood

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Xiumin - EXO Sticker

exo xiumin

That red eyeshadow is a good look on him.

Can we all in unison say Damn Xiumin? 😎 Why? 😱 Can't

AOA's Jimin and EXO's Xiumin Become a Cute Couple in MV Teaser for “Call You Bae”

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Kim Min Seok (김민석) or his stage name Xiu Min (시우민) is member Chinese-South Korean boyband EXO-M, EXO Chinese subgroup but his nationality is Korean.


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Xiumin. The EXO ...


EXO XIUMIN SEHUN TAO 2015 New men/women short-sleeved hooded shirt EXO overdose

EXO's Xiumin and Chen Are Close Enough to Be Brothers. ‹

Here's A Gateway To EXO's Xiumin Informations!

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Where This KPOP Fangirl Rants: Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part VI)

Trending: Xi manager. May 13, 2015 11:05. EXO Xiumin ...


Xiumin. BRMAXJICMAAUrLz.jpg:large

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INTEXOLTEAM 🌐 on Twitter: "180419 [UPDATE] 1077power IG with EXO CBX Xiumin A cute squirrels take a selfie https://t.co/9v7WeulZ3j @weareoneEXO ...

Possibly because he is EXO's eldest hyung, Xiumin is active in everything. While Luhan, Sehun, and Tao were taking their photos, because the striped socks ...

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EXO Seoul Concert Same Style T-Shirt Baekhyun Sehun Xiumin Hip-hop Shirt XS

EXO-M; Kris, Chen, Lu Han, Xiumin, Tao, Lay

Why is he so cute? My eyes are blessed!! ❤💗💗💗

You can't not admire this amazing look. He looks really really good with blonde hair. Orange Xiumin

Xiumin Exo cute and sexy