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Don39t make a mess pls Prince Lotor to my lovely Paladins LANCE

Don39t make a mess pls Prince Lotor to my lovely Paladins LANCE


Prince Lotor

I mean seriously your the prince. Then again I would totally join the Galra if it ment he would be there.--> well he it's adorable but.I don't think ...

Prince Lotor and Lance. Imagining if it's Lance that Lotor would have an obsession with instead of Allura in the reboot

Lotor no pls give lance back. lancelot (voltron) | Tumblr

prince lotor is certainly quite a beautiful creature isn't he?

Voltron / Lotor Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart, Voltron

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We got ourselves a Zuko here XD Look at this beautiful dork Voltron Ships, Form

Lotor x Reader by VampireGodesNyx on DeviantArt

Lance | Prince Lotor XD

My Little Prince Lotor x Lance (Voltron) (BoyxBoy)

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Lance. lancelot (voltron) | Tumblr

SinfulHime — Hopping on board with the Prince Lotor x Lance...<

translation: what a beautiful bird, I'll feed it to my python - child lotor

Prince Lotor

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

Keith / Lance | Prince Lotor I HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION BUT I SHIP LANCE/LOTOR (Yes its unhealthy but idc)

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some altean prince lotor for yall

Lance has had enough of your shit, Lotor (part 1) (art by parfaitperi (I think that's their username)

Kimberly Brooks discusses why Allura trusts Lotor, where the space mice are, and the character's evolution over the past five seasons.

I see this as Lotor seeing his mother Fala in his trial of marmora (in about season 7 or I don't think he's on the good side just yet in season

voltron legendary defender | vld | prince lotor

Just something I started to write to try and get me out of this weird ass funk I've been in for the last few weeks. Hopefully, I'll get my mojo back soon ...

That's the lions all roaring once Shiro was back amoung them. The OG Shiro. Its a full-throated, full-hearted concert of affirmation and not just from Black ...

Voltron Legendary Defender Lotor

로와의 쓰레기통 (@hiberrybottle) | Твиттер

Lance the Blue Paladin Knight from Voltron Legendary Defender

lance | lotor | art by buryooooo

Keith / Lance | Prince Lotor Voltron Fanart, Voltron Klance, Voltron Paladins, Voltron

Pidge acting out the other paladins with trash.

Lotor / Lance / Lancelot / Voltron / art / character design / Klance

Voltron Season 6 Finale Explained: A Major Sacrifice Changes the Landscape | Collider

I support this wholeheartedly, just make him Keith's long lost brother

Lance pls... he has a 3 year streak, get it right!

Here's more Altean Lance for you hoes.


Haggar, Lotor and the Voltron Fandom 3 seconds after Season 2 aired

Shiro is true Space Dad of the paladins

prince Lotor.

Lance Blue Paladin of Water with Blue Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

hypherrr: “Decided to veer off of the paladins for a hot second to draw Lotor!

““So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” “Oh don't worry, they'll be back.” “If that's the case, how about we get started?

Page 2 Read hipopótamo >\\\ < from the story Klance by Melizzabg (Melibg) with reads. Shiro: Keith, por que nunca me lo dijiste, te hubiera llev.

Tiny baby AHAHAHAHAAHA// Lotor is the height of Lance in fanfics // omg this reminds me if you compare levi and bert's height

gyodragon: “The 'Lotor carries Haggar to her final death like one would carry

Lance piloting his way to Earth to his home at last from Voltron Legendary Defender Form


this idea has been in my head for months and after i just had to draw it! also im sure lance's the one who braided their hair

Emperor Lotor - Character design So following this post, I've been asked if it was possible to draw the full design of “Emperor Lotor”. So here we go!

Keith“Lance ” Because some people asked me to make a Prince Keith to match with my Prince Lance! Don't know if I will do the rest of the paladins.

Lotor the evil Galra Prince from Voltron Legendary Defender

Calling Lotor "pretty" is like calling the ocean "a puddle." Doesn't even begin to describe it. < < sèxy is the right word. The Altean marks just add to it

I have my last swim meet tomorrow I'm excited Credit to ACatNamedSkai / @

SinfulHime — Hopping on board with the Prince Lotor x Lance.

plagalkey: baby ponytail lotor & short hair lotor -

Lotor / Lance / Voltron Couple, Fan Art, Prince Lotor, Anime Life,

Prince Lotor the half Galra and half Altean Prince from Voltron Legendary Defender

Prince Lotor has assembled his army...WHICH INCLUDE FEMALE GENERALS. THANK YOU!

Prince Lotor: King of the face of "Bitch does it LOOK like I give

Prince Lotor - by cherryandsisters

““My father built our empire from the bones of its enemies. The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger.

Voltron Fanart, Elf, Space, Prince Lotor, Homestuck, Child, Babies, Power Rangers, Purple

Prince Lotor

squivulous: “Sorry that I am keitor trash but I must indulge at times ”

some altean prince lotor for yall

Am I detecting angry K/A fans coming to my page to rant about their frustrations with the new series? I couldn't laugh louder!!!

I have to admit it. he's very graceful and has fabulous hair.

I couldn't find any Lotor wallpapers for my phone so I made one myself ;^)


by Dave Trumbore June 18, 2018

Keiths here to chase the bad feels away. He believes in you100% he knows you can do it

PRINCE LOTOR'S RETURN - Haggar's Endgame Battle | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory


Besides Coran she really doesn't have too much of a connection with the Altean community. I think this is as close as she can get to that.


now im not saying hunk is the best paladin….. lmao who am i kidding hunk is the best paladin


“Lotor, the Elf Prince and Allura, the Mermaid Princess”

gonna make more for the other paladins!

Just… don't question it, Lance

The Sixth Paladin Voltron The White Lion

SHIRO - The Paladins Split Up | Voltron: Legendary Defender Speculation

It would explain Bob's magic powers, and the fake versions of Zarkon, Haggar, Lotor and Morvok, and why it looks like the Paladins are stuck on those gold ...


"Guys," Kaitlyn radioed from inside her mech, "Call me crazy but, I think Lotor just decided to save us." "Paladins of Voltron.

lancelot (voltron) | Tumblr

Baby Galra Lance? Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart, Voltron Allura,

Waking up and realizing season 7 actually did all that