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Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman She looks so confused but

Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman She looks so confused but


Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman. She looks so confused but hopeful right here.

Elena Anaya Doctor Poison #4

June 9, 2017

"Elena Anaya, the actress who portrayed Dr. Mara a.k.a Dr. Poison in Wonder Woman is hoping to show the character's softer side in a sequel."

Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman

It is revealed that Ludendorf was just a German general who snorted god pills. He wasn't anybody important and he was stabbed in the heart by Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman final trailer introduces the villainous Doctor Poison

Doctors, The Doctor

General Erich Ludendorff and Dr. Isabel Maru

75 Years of Experimenting with Wonder Woman's Doctor Poison | Nothing But Comics

Doctor Poison/ Dr. Maru from Wonder Woman Noob FX Makeup Tutorial NO PRO.

PoisonReb1_593622c0b598d5.23852455.jpg (600×924) · Woman DoctorWonder ...

Doctor Poison II puts on her coat

Dr. Poison cosplay makeup (IG: @asmallvarietyofboxturtle)

Princess Maru (Doctor Poison) (Wonder Woman enemy) (DC Comics) throwing

Dr. Poison, on the left, is a female chemist working to create a poisonous gas so strong, it will ...

Sensation Comics 2 Doctor Posion Harry G Peter

'Wonder Woman': One Thing It's Missing

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So usually when I watch a superhero movie like Wonder Woman, I write my review of what I thought of the movie and then I write a separate post where I can ...

Wonder Woman

Doctor Cyber

Wonder Woman's 5 Biggest WTF Questions

Wonder Woman to the rescue: can Gal Gadot save the struggling DC franchise?

Wonder Woman ending

Wonder Woman movie 2017 Gal Gadot battle scene

All Photos Courtesy Warner Bros. Praise Zeus, Wonder Woman ...

When the movie first starts, we see Diana as a little girl. Right from the beginning, I could tell that Diana had a mind of her own.

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman

War and Peace in Wonder Woman

As I have said countless of times; this film doesn't run from Wonder Woman's lore, it embraces it.

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

Image: Supplied

Wonder Woman 1984: How Can Steve Trevor Still Be Alive in the Sequel? - IGN

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Wonder Woman

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20170670_WonderWomanTrevor_590d127189ba19.34789574. Nor have the Wonder Woman ...

The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia

10 Ways to be a Real Life Wonder Woman www.herviewfromhome.com

When Gal Gadot was first announced as Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman, I never had any doubts, even when the first look came out that was so ...

Every since she was created, Wonder Woman has been associated with America. Her original costume was basically the American flag, decorated with a golden ...

Wonder Woman ending

Conflict at Home and Beyond the Stars. Wonder Woman is back

Doctor Cyber (Wonder Woman enemy) (DC Comics) disfigured under her polymask. Armoured look :


The fight choreography in the movie was spectacular, sure, but where other ...

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Unfortunately, while Gadot may be flawlessness personified, the same can't be said for Wonder Woman the movie as a whole. While the fight scenes may be ...

Wonder Woman

When a terrifying health scare knocked her out, she found a surprising second act on the big screen.

Wonder Girl

... DC Comics finally gets a movie worth eating overpriced popcorn in a room full of strangers. It's as if all the world's been waiting for Wonder Woman ...

If you couldn't already tell from the title, I LOVED the new movie Wonder Woman. It was such an enjoyable experience, and I can't wait to see it again.

It has clear story

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Doctor Poison II (Wonder Woman enemy) (DC Comics) with Villainy Inc

Doctor Poison II

If you couldn't already tell from the title, I LOVED the new movie Wonder Woman. It was such an enjoyable experience, and I can't wait to see it again.

When Steve and Diana are leaving her island, Diana asks Steve if he knows how to sail, and this is probably a reference to his 2016 film The Finest Hours ...

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Wonder woman 02.jpg

'Wonder Woman' Is The Best DC Comics Movie In Years — & The Difference Could Be Its Female Star & Director. '

Doctor Poison

Ghost in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' to Cheetah in 'Wonder Woman

Not ...

Max, a 13-year-old Californian who identifies as agender, one of multiple gender identities that fall into the umbrella of 'nonbinary.

Reading Time: 10 minutes not want female Doctor Who

The performances and chemistry of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were particularly praised by critics. Wonder Woman ...

Fahey: Funny you should mention the lack of focus on the Amazons. My wife, who is only familiar with Wonder Woman from TV show reruns and the Justice League ...

Sensation Comics 2 cut throat Harry G Peter

01 30

After the success of the Wonder Girl stories, there were also stories of Diana as a toddler, known as Wonder Tot (yes, really). At first, as you'd expect, ...

In case you missed it: Jodie Whittaker was named the 13th Time Lord in Doctor Who. She's the first female to be cast after 26 seasons.

Why Wonder Woman is a masterpiece of subversive feminism | Life and style | The Guardian

Wonder woman ending


Wonder Woman (2017 film).jpg

Patty Jenkins (left) and Gal Gadot were photographed May 8 at Milk Studios in

Now, as for the supporting characters; Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, I was really hyped for her. The trailers made her look so fun and goofy, and she served her ...

Justice League spins out of the success of both Batman and Superman: The Animated Series. Hence, the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel stepping up as not ...

Wonder Woman's new author gets off to a very rough start - The Fandomentals

So far Trinity has been a solid, if not confusing comic book, to follow. Francis Manapul's depiction of the relationship between Batman, Superman and Wonder ...

This is just showing the power of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Also, she leaves the trenches proudly and it is so incredible. Gadot is Wonder Woman!