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ChristineThe Phantomunfinish by anoveltyspoon The Phantom of

ChristineThe Phantomunfinish by anoveltyspoon The Phantom of


Christine+The Phantom-unfinish by anoveltyspoon Nicoletta Ceccoli, Musical Theatre, Mark Ryden

Swooned by bananaboo2.deviantart.com on @deviantART


I love POTO and I don't think he's crazy but this is funny

Phantoons of the Opera: Phantom Lite Gallery - I love Raphael's phantom lite artwork!

Erik and Christine kissing under the mistletoe .now if only I actually watched Phantom of the Opera

Erik and the Daroga

Beauty and the Beast relationship vs. Phantom of the Opera. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MASK!

Phantom of the Opera down once more / Final Lair. Drawing by Teresa DeLallo

In case you couldn't tell, Loki and Erik are currently duking it out for the position of The Artist's Favorite Fictional Antihero (for the record, ...

Phantom of the Opera Disney Style. Ok, is it just me, or is Raoul uglier than Erik?

I've pinned this before but I LOVE THIS EDIT... It's so beautiful


From my "Phantom of the Cinema" series, parodying the poster art for 80s comedy "Mannequin"

Cory Jensen's Phantom paper dolls- would be cute for my little cousin who loves Phantom