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Apulian vase painting Pelike by a painter of the Tarrytown Group

Apulian vase painting Pelike by a painter of the Tarrytown Group


Apulian vase painting - Pelike by a painter of the Tarrytown Group; Eros, a woman with a harp and a youth with a fawn; circa 320/310 BC

Underworld Painter. Apulian vase ...

Painter of the Berlin Dancing Girl


This is the piece for which the famed Baltimore Painter was named. The vessel functioned as a funerary marker and Hermes is shown waiting to guide the ...

Lucanian vase painting


Example 2 – Daunian terracotta askos (flask with a spout and handle over the top

Example 5 – Trozzella, 4th century BC

Krater depicting a gigantomachy by the Underworld Painter, circa 340 BC. Berlin, Antikensammlung.

Pelike with actors preparing

Sacrifice scene on a bell krater by the Painter of the Sacrifice in the Louvre, circa 330/320 BC. Paris: Louvre. Campanian vase painting ...

South Italian ancient Greek pottery

Ilioupersis Painter

Mannerists (Greek vase painting)


Lucanian vase painting

Example 3 – Daunian luxury vase (unpainted)

The Aristonothos Krater, Capitoline Museum, Rome

Sisyphus Painter

Arthur Dale Trendall

East Greek vase painting - Rhodian Geometric oinochoe by the Bird and Zigzag Painter, 740

Euboean vase painting - Kadmos and the dragon. Front of a black-figure amphora

Loutrophoros - Image: Antikensammlung Berlin 431

Magna Graecia vase, Apulian vase, Apulian lekanis pyxis with lid, 4th century B.C. Magna Graecia vase, Apulian vase, Apulian lekanis pyxis, ...

Laconian vase painting - Laconian krater without figural paintings, first half 6th century BC,

Jar (pelike) with Odysseus and Elpenor

Etruscan vase painting [show article only]

Varrese Painter

Kerch style - Apollonia Painter - Late Classical Red-Figure "Kerch"-Style

Laconian vase painting - Amphora in the style of the Hunt Painter, with gorgoneion,

Darius Painter

Reference Map of Ancient Italy, Southern Part, with Apulia clearly visible at top

Double-decker oared ship as depicted on a spouted krater from Thebes, c.700. British Museum, 1899,0219.1 | Greek geometric period vase painting | Pinterest ...

Boeotian vase painting - Kabirian skyphos. Procession towards the sanctuary of the Kabiria. Mystai

Red figure pottery


The heel of Italy with its ancient colonies

Edinburgh Painter - Image: NAMA Thésée & taureau

Etruscan vase painting - Etruscan black-figure hydria, early 5th century BC

Boeotian vase painting - Late Geomteric hydria, circa 700/675 BC. Paris:

Apulian Askos

Boeotian vase painting - Symposion scene on a kantharos by the Boeotian Dancer Group, circa

Gnathia vases [show article only]

Chalkidian pottery - Animal on the back of a neck amphora by the Group of the


Riddles (Greek)

Late geometric neck-amphora from the Dipylon Workshop

Argive vase painting


Persian pottery flask colored flowers and birds on

Peucetian Ktater

Canosa vases

Apulian Red-Figure Pyxis - Google Search

Loutrophoros - Image: Antikensammlung Kiel 367

Phlyax play

Princeton Painter

The painter's name vase

Amasis Painter - Dionysus and two Maenads, one holding a hare. Side B from

Protogeometric style - Proto-Geometric Amphora c.975–950 BC. Athens,

Three-phase firing - A misfired red-figure vessel: insufficient reduction or too

Kerch style - Image: Judgement Paris Getty Villa 83.AE.10

Messapian trozella, Florial motif painted, 4th c BC, Prague Kinsky, NM-

Geometric art - The Dipylon Amphora, mid-8th century BC, with human figures

Warriors fighting on a late-geometric vase.

Daunisch-subgeometrischer Doppelhenkeltopf, Hetjens-Museum D%C3%BCsseldorf

Large Cypro-Archaic I 'Bichrome Ware' Amphora Ceramic, 5.8 Kg, 46.5

Hadra vase

Canosa di Puglia - A Greek pottery askos from Canosa di Puglia, depicting goddess Nike

Kerch style - Image: Maenads Eros Louvre M70

Edinburgh Painter - Possibly Aias Telamonios and Odysseus fighting over Achilles' weapons, painting by

White Slip, Grey And White, Ox, Ruins, Arizona, Vases, Bowls, Flagstaff Arizona, Mixing Bowls

Egyptian Hâdra vase, 3rd century

Askos (pottery vessel)

Double-decker oared ship as depicted on a spouted krater from Thebes, c.700. British Museum, 1899,0219.1 | Greek geometric period vase painting | Pinterest ...

Hasselmann Painter

Pilgrim flask - Egyptian Period New Kingdom | 1570–1070 B.C.

"Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then

Mycenaean pottery - Mycenaean stirrup-vase (Furumark shape 46, type 171),

Three-phase firing - A misfired black-figure vessel, with reduction satisfactory only

Gela Painter - Satyrs and maenads gathering olives, olpe, circa 500/490 BC

Oinochoe del Dipylon

Belly Amphora by the Andokides Painter (Munich 2301)

Melian pithamphora - Image: NAMA 354 Melian Heracles amphora (cropped)


Dionysos and Goddess - vaze figure from Attica, about 380 B.C. now in the Boston

Euboean lekanis vase, Ure Museum, 56.8.8, circa 550 BCE. Black

Klazomenian vase painting

Pseudo-Chalkidian vase painting - Herakles killing the Nemean Lion, front of a neck

Euboean vase painting - Two women on an orientalising jug, circa 625/600 BC

Legeza China Centre

Hans Ulrich Franck

Snub-nose painter

Ancient Greek funerary vases

Gnathia vases - Hare and vine tendril on a bell krater by the Laurel Spray Group

Amasis Painter - Lekythos attributed to the Amasis Painter showing a wedding procession. Gift of

Black-figure, white-background lekythos by the Diosphos Painter showing Achilles in a chariot dragging the corpse of Hector behind him, ca.

Mycenaean pottery - Image: Pottery from chamber tomb 10 of Dendra 1