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A redneck trailer condo Classic Major wants t Condos

A redneck trailer condo Classic Major wants t Condos


It may not be high end, but it is certainly unique - an compact! I like the idea of taking what you got and make sometning useful out of it ...

Redneck Trailer Park...It's all about location, location, location!

Multi level trailer park.

This is what happens when you get addicted to Lego's. House Exterior Color Schemes,

Trailer Trash... I totally want to live here!

Redneck Condo- or could it be Poppa Petey-ville?

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Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels by Jane Lids Bungalow, Truck House, Bus

World Series Of Poker Starts Today

A home on wheels has a whole new meaning. Tiny Houses, Camper Caravan,

Chau Chak Wing Building from the Goods Line, looking north.

Redneck trailer camper. It's a double decker! Funny Christian Jokes, Camper Beds,

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But there's a catch …

One of the Toronto talk radio stations run by redneck, Tea Party wannabe, reactionary fundamentalist knuckle-draggers (aren't they all?) asked me to debate ...

Safari Condo offers a range of 15 models of motorhomes and 3 models of ultra light travel trailers as well as hundreds of opportunities of options and ...

Welcome to September! I happen to like this month more than others for a number of reasons. For one, it is my birthday month and I get to turn 47 years old ...

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White woman who blocked black man from entering his St. Louis apartment fired


Chau Chak Wing Building, UTS.

The Walking Dead - Season 1 [Blu-ray]


Park MGM Las Vegas

North ...

Cash connection: Prosecutors say that Manafort took his earnings from working for Ukraine's then leader


Brew Talks NBWA Next Gen 2018 -- August 7, 2018 in Austin, TX | Brewbound.com

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Make your way up to the 27th floor of The Westin Nashville for 27 Live, a free live music series each month through October.


Gretchen Rubin had an epiphany one rainy afternoon in the unlikeliest of places: a city bus. “The days are long, but the years are short,” she realized.

I'm sorry with resorting to vulgarities. But when I look at it,

Android users are be able get the show any number of ways. And for bonus points, leave us a review on those platforms or however you listen to the show.

I had never seen a NEOS Wall at a ballpark before. In fact, I had never seen a NEOS Wall, period. But it was really cool, kind of like a Nintendo Power ...

Russia's suburbs lack charm ... which may be why they're creative hotspots | Cities | The Guardian

Now I've heard different reasons for this recent influx of new residents to East Harlem, but the one that makes the most sense to me is the economics.

(looks like Kid Rock's portly brother actually) Not only is he sporting the most kickass baseball cap known to man, but he's got the Tuscaloosa waterfall to ...

Missouri Supreme Court backs sexual predator law


MGM Adds Another Fee

TI Buffet Now Open

There are many mansions around the city as the area saw huge money in the mines. The biggest mine is the copper mine just outside the city.

Kane JW Marriott

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But to me the most interesting thing about the place has always been how someone drowned in front of it during the hurricane of 1938 ...

July 4th Red, White, and BBQ

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The Buffet At TI Closed

Hicksville. by A Hess

The Wild Wild Westin

This used to be a car dealership. It's right across the street from one of the busiest malls in the Miami area:

When those who it was built for are not present

... Trailer Grand Daddy Hotel Sky Bar ...

Photo from @orhamilton on Twitter on ORHamilton at 8/3/17 at 8

Northern Territory capital, Darwin


Photo of Hotel Frederick - Boonville, MO, United States. Outside

20160623_114512_resized [160130]

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Hotel Metro's rooftop bar is called Zen on 7. It's

The Bank Nightclub To Close

The University of Michigan student union (Photo by smontgom65/iStockphoto.com)

SLS $100 Million Renovation

Being that I'm not a sequel kind of guy and it's already taken me 22 years to get as far as I have on this book, especially after someone attempted to use ...

We as residents of this community would love for it to stay intact, culturally, while improving the quality of life for all, even the newcomers.

Falsas Promesas Broken Promises, South Bronx, 1980. Photo: John Fekner

The patio area on the roof of the Kimpton Journeyman


9. Lakeland

A view of the Edmonton Tower in the Ice District on May 25, 2016.

Thus those better informed and desperately idealistic people in Moscow, for example, who go to the demonstrations and cry out something better, ...

Ming lived with owner Antoine Yates in this Harlem tower block before his inner wild animal

I don't want the same thing to happen to North Korea. I don't want this girl whom I spotted at the roller-skating ring, to vanish.


Steven's Casino's Change Sportsbooks


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Late evening, Gary drives us to the Windham Hotel, which is less than a block from the Santa Monica Pier. Gary and Stephanie, and many “Roadie” friends of ...

During the concert, Andres Cuadros and Guillermo Riera, Owners of Red Power Peru, took a moment to pose for Backstage.

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... take our old nostalgic buildings and tart them up. But at least these are not pastel like Chinatown. I think it actually might be cool having an ...

It's all right to splinter off and have people do the managing but you can't t tte -sup etsmat. - i provide our acts with the,froper services."


Photograph by Wilkosz & Way