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A Power Ranger in real life All Things Geek from Me t

A Power Ranger in real life All Things Geek from Me t



Mark your calendars for August 28 because that is now officially National Power Rangers Day. This is a new campaign from Hasbro to help celebrate the 25th ...

Power Rangers has changed hands to Hasbro so what does that mean for the franchise going forward?

After over two and a half decades, Power Rangers has given us a ton of Red Rangers. Which crimson warrior is the best?

Super Megaforce was supposed to be the greatest season of Power Rangers ever. We find out why it wasn't.

Red Ranger Peter Sudarso lays out how HyperForce is different from any other Power Rangers series and what could happen next season.

Presenting our complete ranking of all 24 completed seasons of Power Rangers !

After nearly a decade of mediocrity, we consider if Power Rangers is still worth its audience's time.

Power Rangers BOOM Comics

Power Rangers continuity makes no sense and causes no end of problems in trying to follow the franchise.

Wil revisits a 90s live-action superhero crossover that's er, not exactly a classic of the genre: TMNT meet the Power Rangers.

Pursuing Happiness at a Power Rangers Convention

The shows 25th anniversary is ready to celebrate with the franchises most popular Rangers.

Every series of Power Rangers, explained

We recently learned that Hasbro plans on making a sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers film instead of rebooting the franchise again. I found this announcement ...

How "Clash of the Red Rangers" sent the Power Rangers fandom into a frenzy and how wrong they were about it.

It's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Sexy Underwear Time! Geek Bits

After much speculation the Power Rangers season that somehow brought dinosaurs back to life is being shunted off to its own universe.


All of the Power Rangers footage unveiled so far has made one thing very clear: the new reboot film is practically a shot-for-shot remake of Mighty Morphin ...

Power Rangers, doubly so. The idea of learning real, adult life lessons from the shows we loved as kids sounds silly, but sometimes things stick with you.

The green ranger was so much sexier when he became the white ranger. And no one can tell me they didn't want to be the pink ranger when tommy became the ...




Last week, we got our first look at the Megazord in the new Power Rangers movie that's coming out next year. The fans absolutely freaked out about it...and ...

While it appeared as if a sequel to the latest reboot of Power Rangers wouldn't happen, there's good news on that end. According to Dean Israelite, ...

Power Rangers 5- Ninja Storm

Power Rangers: Ranking the Red Rangers


... secure in a plastic tub with all the other Megazords through Rangers in Space. However, adult-me sees things that kid-me didn't. Let the geeks begin!

Merry 200th strip!

I really enjoy both Power Rangers comics: Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I've really been enjoying the Shattered Grid story and can't ...

The only Power Rangers series I ever watched was the original series. I haven't seen any of the other Power Rangers series and didn't realize there were so ...

The Strange Internet Legacy of the Pink Power Ranger

Like most kids I grew out of Power Rangers after Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but unlike most it became impossible for me to watch the later seasons.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 just came out and it was pretty crazy. If you haven't read the issue yet, be warned that spoilers are ahead.

From left, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, RJ Cyler as Billy, Dacre Montgomery as

Power Rangers Ninja Steel



Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Poster

We are coming to the end of Shattered Grid, but that doesn't mean things are slowing down. If you haven't read Go Go Power Rangers #12 yet, be warned that ...

Hasbro Buys POWER RANGERS! What Happens Next? (Opinion)

'Power Rangers': Dacre Montgomery on "Potential" Sequel and His Naked Audition for 'Stranger Things'


Geek Things · 02 Super Sentai Mook Hurricaneger Power Rangers Series, Green Ranger, Comic Superheroes, Kamen


'Power Rangers's RJ Cyler on Being the Blue Ranger and Bonding With the Cast | Teen Vogue

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Former Yellow Ranger Karan Ashley explains all about a new movie set to destroy '90s nostalgia.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger Onesie Pajama

History of Power Rangers (1994-2017) - Video Game History

"Taking this stuff seriously on any level wasn't a thing. Now it's a thing." Adi Shankar Power Rangers. By Eric Francisco

If you love the Power Rangers and all that comes with that fandom, this is the event for ...

Kyle Higgins says Scott Snyder gave him the right pointers on 'Power Rangers: Shattered Grid.'

Jason David Frank Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers The Green Rangers Costume Adult T-shirt Tee, Green, Small

Power Rangers Poster. Trailer

Mostly ...

If this Zord's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'. View "Power Rangers, Behind Closed Doors" and more funny posts on Dorkly

The Energems - Unboxing, Review & Comparison + Where to find them! (Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys)

View our Power Rangers Megaforce Robo Knight Standup and other similar products for sale at great affordable prices with the opportunity to get big savings ...

All Things 90s

Power Rangers RJ Cyler

Morph back into action with only the most important (and morphinomenal) episodes from the original series.

If you've watched the Power Rangers movie, you may know that there's been something that's been desperately missing for quite some time.

Power Rangers' Gay Moment Is a Good Step, But a Small One

Can anything truly top a Power Rangers episode with a monster named Pumpkin Rapper?

Relive Your Crush on the Pink Ranger With These Power Ranger Collectibles

11 Things you never knew about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Black Ranger by Kristele on DeviantArt Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Dino, Mighty

original Power Rangers with helmets off


Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Poster. Trailer

images of all the power rangers | The Power Rangers ALL THE POWER RANGERS

POWER RANGERS MOVIE with Spider-Man & X-Men Writers : Black Nerd - YouTube

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle Reveal Screen Shots 1

Saban's Power Rangers

Jack Guzman Takes the POWER RANGERS Challenge on That Hashtag Show

Over the years awareness of the Power Rangers brand grew over the internet and it wasn't as bad as it used to but even then it was never cool to be ...

Looking at Dean Israelite's reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, it seems that is the look they were going for when creating shiny sidekick Alpha 5.

Power Rangers Movie - Power Rangers Zord Full Battle - Go Go Power Rangers Song | Naomi Scott

Confused About the New Power Rangers Movie? Here's a Handy Primer | Vanity Fair

An awesome fan art of Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Ann Hart, the original Pink Ranger. I don't know if it's safe to say this, but she's definitely a MILF!

What if the DCs Lantern Corps Were Power Rangers 2016 images

Review: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Xbox One) - Geeks Under Grace

Shift into turbo and check out these exclusive pages from Saban's Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History